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This is very similar to a scavenger hunt but I wanted to make it a little more interesting. You will make a full collection with 99 items. It could take you a day, or a week. It doesn’t matter because there are no losers!
But how could that be? Read on!
{ R U L E S }
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name the collection foreveryoungnetwork challenge and tag @foreveryoungnetwork in the collection comments. the items must be in order and this set should be the first thing in your collection.
this challenge will end Saturday, August 25 (subject to change)
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that’s all. good luck everyone!

2 foods you eat that is red
1 thing you see at the park
2 things you used as a child
2 things to wear to a costume party
1 beverage to drink during winter season
2 things to do when you’re old enough
1 activity you always do during summer vacation
3 things or places everyone must see
2 things you would die without
1 thing you do on a typical saturday night
3 things you’d rather do on a saturday night
1 thing you absolutely hate
1 thing you absolutely love
1 thing you absolutely want
3 people you must meet before you die
3 places you want to be right now
1 thing you should be doing right now
2 hairstyles you’d like to try yourself
3 artists/bands you’d marry if polygamy were legal
1 movie you can watch over and over again
1 movie you saw recently
1 movie you wished you’d never seen
2 people you want to be your best friends
1 person you would be sworn enemies against
3 animals (real or fake) you want as a pet
1 person you would marry
1 person you would jump bones with
1 person you would throw in a ditch
3 things to smile about
3 reasons why life is good
1 disney princess you would be
2 other disney character in your fairytale movie
1 thing that symbolizes your fairytale (princess & the frog, snow white & apple, belle & mirror)
1 dress you’d wear throughout the movie
1 dress you’d wear to the ball / wedding / etc.
1 dress you’d wear if you were a goddess
2 things you’d be the goddess of
2 people who’d be your immortal parents
1 person you’d cast a spell over to make your lover
3 scents/smells you really loves
2 scents/smells you’d rather disappear
1 scent/smell you wear the most
6 random things that represent you
1 celebrity who looks like someone you know
1 celebrity you’d like to be confused for
1 celebrity you possibly look like (even if you have to squint really hard)
6 celebrities you want to be related to (by blood not marriage)
3 shows or cartoons you could never miss (even reruns of old shows)
3 old shows or cartoons you miss watching
1 store you shop at often (doesn’t have to be for clothes)
2 restaurant you can’t get enough of
3 random things to finish off this challenge

this is from @foreveryoungnetwork
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