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aria cohen;;

"Is this chair new?" Liam said spinning around on my computer chair."It feels new. I like it."

"I'm glad." I said with a laugh before going back to frowning as i read over the email from Brody. He had already made Yale's Lacrosse team and apparently got an a on his paper on politics.

"Aria why aren't you playing attention? What are you reading anyway?" he asked trying to come over.

"Nothing , Why aren't you hanging out with Scott? You no what i said about letting him off his lead. No good comes from this."

"Let me see." Liam said.

"€œAria"Grace knocked on my door, causing Liam to stop playing attention to me. "€œAria are you in there?" she asked through the door.

"Yes" i replied. 

"€œIs there a half naked boy in there as well?" She asked sticking her head in , her hand covering her eyes. Why everyone in this house assumed i was always having sex with Liam , I will never understand. 

"He'€™s not any form of naked." I replied closing the laptop causing Liam frown and mouth not fair.€ Grace eventually removed her hand from her face. Did she think i was lying.

 "I thought he wasn’t meant to be here." Grace commented mildly, pushing the door open and leaning against the frame, "€œBut umm we'€™re all meant to be studying together. Or something."

"And hello to you Grace." Liam said looking over at Grace before going back to swirling around on the chair. 

 "So again we are all meant to be studying together." Grace repeated looking over at Liam before shaking her head and giving me what i like to classify as 'your boyfriend needs serious psychiatric assessment'.

 "Oh yeah , That's today isn't it"

She nodded, "€œYep today. Tuesday the 18th of September, 2012" she added. 

"€œAre you guys actually going to study?"€ Liam stopped swirling again to look at Grace head cocked. 

 "We should." Grace shrugged. That sounded like i have absolutely no plans to study.

 "€œAre you going to?" He asked knowingly.

"€œAria I don't like your boyfriend." She whined turning to face me. 

"Nawww ,but he is so likeable." I said causing Liam to grin triumphantly. Grace rolled her eyes sticking her tongue out at him. 

 "Aria as your friend i am going to point out that you have no chance at studying while you are in your room with Liam." Grace said ignoring the whole likeable part and moving back to studying. 

 "That isn't true." Liam said sounding offended slightly. "Aria can study completely fine in my presence."

 "No , You will either end up having Aria and Liam time or you will some how end up breaking the window." Grace dead panned. I looked over at Liam shrugging "She does kinda have a point."

€œ"I always have a point." Grace said triumphantly. 1 point to Grace, no points to Liam, "None for you." Grace said to Liam. I looked at her eyebrow raised , she was losing it. I blamed her late night teen wolf binges.

 "€œI don't think I want to stick around here with her being crazy anyway." Liam sniffed standing up from the chair and kissing my cheek before leaving.

 "€œI win, I win.":Grace did a little victory dance , looked more like a penguin shuffling before landing on my bed.

 "So, studying?" I asked me knowingly. "€œI don'€™t really want to study" Grace told me, using puppy eyes and all, "€œI just wanted you all to myself, away from that evil boyfriend of you."

"Of course you did , I am pretty amazing." I said playing a long flipping my hair slightly. "So what should we do since you don't want to study?"

 "No idea but mind isn't up for studying." Grace said simpley. I knew i really should study but no one in the house is in the same course as me.

 "Are you up for some revenge. Or basically terrorising Liam and Scott?"

"Ohhhh always"€ She nodded enthusiastically, swinging her legs backwards and forwards, "€œIt's like they're little terrors of terror and they need to be terrorised in return."

"Is that so?"€ I said looking over at Grace curiously.

 "Yep."€ She said popping the p, "Like what I imagine my little brothers would be like if I had any,"€She said cocking her head to the side, "€œThough you know hopefully the same DNA that made me couldn'€™t make someone who is as much of a puppy potato as Scott."

"€œSpecial circumstances created Scott." I nodded solemnly in agreement. How Scott's mum managed to raise him i will never know.

 "Cosmic Joke."She muttered, before jumping to her feet and clapping her hand. Maybe she is on a sugar high or just regular high, "€œSo terrorism of the puppy twins. Anything in mind exactly?" She asked curiously.

"Hmmm well i did steal their nerf guns for an ocassion like this." I said going to my closet and pulling them out. "And those would work if it was only Scott but unfortunately Liam is a genius in disguise.

 "I think you are being a little biased there Aria." Grace sing songed at me smirking a little bit "Just because your dating doesn't make him smart."

 "I know that . It just means he has excellent taste." I said throwing her a gun which luckily she caught "But i mean in general Liam is actually smart and not usually as accident prone." I said before adding "That only seems to happen when he is here." I said with a shrug "Weird."

 "So if he is to smart for that. Which to be honest i am skeptical about. Why did you throw me this"

 "Because we are easily smarter than them."

"€œWell I could have told you that." Grace told me in a duh tone rolling her eyes, "€œI just haven€'t had one of these things in forever."

 "€œIt'€™s not that hard," I told her this time i got to roll my eyes "€œYou point and shoot."

"€œOh," She said batting her eyelashes before quickly pointing at me and shooting, "€œLike that?" She asked once of the bullets hit my arm.

"€œNo like this." I laughed shooting her more than once. What did she expect , i had two older brothers , a boyfriend who loved these and potato who knew how to work one. Ofcourse i went all in.

 "€œThat's mean." She said pouting as i finished up."€œShouldn'€™t we be saving these for those pesky boys though."

"€œIt never hurts to practice." I nodded wisely.

"You could have practised on someone else" Grace mumbled shooting me an annoyed look. "I could have but you need to be prepared. The boys are unusually good shots." I said with a frown. Even Scott was pretty useful with a nerf gun. 

 "I though you said you stole these of them." Grace said tilting her said slightly. I nodded "Yeah but these are just Liam's i don't venture into to Scott's room." I said scrunching my nose up. I did try once and ended up with a nasty bruise and something stuck on my shoe.

She shuddered at the thought, Exactly the reaction people should have to Scott's room. "€œAre you trying to talk me into this or out of this?" She asked.

"I'm just saying"€ I shrugged helplessly.

 "€œRight, so is there anymore to this plan?" She asked her, pacing by my desk. Well Grace pacing which look funny. "€œIs there even a plan."

"€œOf course there's a plan." I said annoyed.

 "Oh yea?"She cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms across her chest. Looking like a parent chiding a me. "€œWhat exactly is this plan."

 "€œIf you don'€™t want to you don'€™t have to." I pouted.. 

 "No I want to" She rushed out, like people did when the wanted to cheer you up, "But seriously do we have a plan?" She asked, "€œOr are we just rushing in and shooting."€ She asked pulling a silly pose with the gun. I tried not to laugh but she looked ridiculous 

"No no , I do have a plan." I said "We just need a distraction." I said scrunching my face up. 

 "Aren't you the distraction?" Grace asked , "I mean couldn't you go in be all coupley with Liam and then bam we attack." 

"Sounds good but where would i hide the gun?"

"€œDown your shirt?" She asked innocently, trying to keep a straight face. I glared at her causing her to giggle like a lunatic "€œAlright, alright silly plan" She said holding up her hands, "€œDon't you have an idea?"

"€œIf I did would I be asking you?" I said bluntly.

 "€œDo I have to think of everything?" € She flung her hands over eyes , I assumed dramatically but all she really remind me off was one those weeping angels. Maybe i shouldn't blink around her.

"So far you’re thought of nothing." I pointed out

"€œOkay okay fine" She said rolling her eyes at me again. "€œIn a handbag? I could hold it? Ohh ohh, I'€™ve got it." Her eyes lighting up, "You could use a hollow book."

"Because I just have a hollow book lying around." I rolled my eyes. What did she think i was?

 "You might not" She shrugged with a grin "But i do."

"Well yay." I said with a grin "But why exactly do you have a hollowed out book?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

 "It's were i hide my drugs." She dead panned. "That's nice." I said nodding.

 "That isn't true." "I figured as much , Do you think i could fit a gun in it though?"

"€œI could defiantly fit a gun in there." She nodded,I frowned why the hell was she putting gun's in a hollow book. "€œI mean not that I know from experience." She said in a rush.

"€œOf course not." I said not believing her , Note to self tell Liam not to break any of Grace's stuff since apparently she is all gangsta and has a gun.

"€œOh hush you."She laughed, "Just let me get it and check." She rushing to her room.

 "€œSee." she held out the book proudly.

"Encyclopaedia of dolls?" I asked skeptically looking at the cover. 

 "€œIt's just the paper leaf thingy."€ She scoffed, removing it to show the plain black book underneath."The point is does it fit?" she asked opening it and holding it out to me. 

I placed the gun in the reverently and we both let out a cheer as it fit. "€œIt fits." Grace cried excitedly bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"So now to the boys dorm." I said with a shuddered. "Have you ever been there?" I asked Grace. 

 "I've been to men's dorms but no not Liam's or Scott's." she said "How bad is it?"

 "Well it's meant to be better now because they won some dorm competition." I said "And what boy's room have you been in because you have been single...forever."

"A boys," She shrugged trying to avoid the question. Psht like that would happen.

"Which boy?" I asked quzzically. Maybe that was why she was being weird . She got some.

 "Thomas's€™ dorm even. The one he shares with Karl." She continued on. Not interesting at all.

"You could have just said that." I pointed out. "I did." she shrugged her shoulders heading for the door again. "Come on are we going or what?" Grace asked heading out the door.€ 

"Coming." I said picking up the book looking over it. I guess you learn something new everyday.

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