Sunshine Starlight [선샤인 별빛] ♥ :


‘Promise me you'll never forget me because if I thought you would I'd never leave.' - Winnie the Pooh
(Just realized I used this quote before :L lol never mind)


A Flashback. . . 

And for the nth time Natsume asked the questions: "Why?" And "When was it again?" Even though he knew the girls were going to answer the same thing, he has asked these same questions for the last sixty minutes.
Sunshine Starlight was to debut in Japan in a week, and today was their goodbye stage for 'Starlight Moonlight'. All the girls were excited as they chattered in the dressing room about what they'll do in Japan, making their stylists annoyed since they can't stay still (though they too were excited about going to Japan with the members). In two days time they would depart from Korea.

 With a sigh, Mia replied, calmly, “Two days from now, and it's because Sunshine Starlight are going to debut in Japan.”
Natsume sat closer Mia. He embraced Mia in his arms as his rested his head on her shoulder and said, “But I'll miss you too much!”
Luna walked over to Strawberry to do her make-up, who was munching on some berries.
“Stop moving Strawberry! I haven't even started to put your make-up on...." Luna glanced at the couple.
“Come on guys! We're on!" JM announced. Everyone in the room started to panic since the members weren't even fully finished getting reading.
“Aigoo~~ JM eonni! Stop joking!" C nudged JM a little.
“We still have around 45 minutes left! So stop panicking." Kyri told them and looked at JM, who was laughing at how everyone rushed to finish getting ready.

Departure day arrived and the girls were about to enter security check when a familiar voice had shouted for Barbie. They all looked back.

“Oppa!” The two hugged, “What are you doing here?”

“Seeing you off.” AJ pecked Barbie’s cheek.

“Aigoo~” SooHyun smiled at the sight of the adorable couple. He along with Big Bang and the rest of Mystery5 had come to see the girls off. All but one member.

Mia felt something tug in her heart. Did Natsume not want to see her off?

End of flashback. . .


A sigh escaped Mia’s breath as she looked outside the window that viewed the city of Seoul.

“What’s wrong?” asked Blossom, who was sat next to Mia the whole flight. She had noticed that something was bothering Mia, but the girl wouldn’t say what it was to her eonni.

“I’m fine.” smiled Mia.

She wasn’t. Although she had fun in Japan, all through the days there had been only one thought that kept lingering in her mind: Natsume. She had missed sneaking off from practise to see each other; all his texts and calls at random times of the day; her taking off her wig and Natsume putting on one for dates. Her heart ached at the fact that he had not sent her off at the airport nor replied to her texts and calls.

Mia pondered some reasons why he didn’t and narrowed it down to one of three things: He’s cheating on her, he was too busy with his schedule, or . . . has he forgotten about her? How was that possible? She was only gone for 3 weeks, 6 days, 13 hours and 30 minutes. That is impossible unless he was in an accident. . .

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