aww really missing my friend who's moved to australlia ):
i just got back from horse-ridding and i was on the bestest horse ever she's called riley and she has really long hair and (oh god story mid story my dog just came and put her head in my hand on my laptop for stroking) it just covers her eyes and its so qt
i just found the teen mum side of youtube where teens blog about their pregnancys and then show off their kids and lives after.
like omg if i was pregnant at 17 or at the age of 19 with 3 kids my mum would lock me up in the house with just food and water so nobody knew let alone broadcast it to like millions on youtube.
I just wander how beauty gurus and shit on youtube can like film in public or with family in the room if my family where in the room they'd rip the shit out of me not like film it and one her dad does all the filming and stuff for her it's like OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS IS CRAZY
i don't understand it but i guess its just cos my dad wouldn't do that
i wish he would cos i'm beautiful and deserve to be on youtube
(please understand that that is sarcasm)
(and if you read all this kudos to you it turned out longer than it really should be)
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