Well, I've noticed that most dance tips are for HIGHSCHOOL..and I know many of you would like to know how to dress/do you hair/makeup/what shoes/ and a bunch of other stuff to do. Well I'll break it down for you. You readyy? (: Scroll on downn!
What to wear:
If the dance is FORMAL, i recommend wearing a dress or a skirt. There's a bunch of example of dresses in the set, I'll make a collection of skirts & include the link when I'm done with it, kay? (:
You don't need to go somewhere fancy and expensive to buy a dress , try: JcPenney , Macy's, Kohls, Forever 21 , Charlotte Russe , Nordstrom, Target and even WALMART. Don't be ashamed to shop these places, if you like a dress... BUY IT. and it's even better if it's cheapp(:
For Middle Schoolers, I'd recommend a dress with STRAPS. Unless you've worn strapless before & are fine with it. Also I recommend dresses 4 inches above the knee or longer. If you go any shorter, you might be called a ho.e :/

Shoes: Strappy sandals in metalics, LOW heels, mary janes.
If you have a single colored dress, I'd recommend a silver or gold strappy sandal..but black would also workk(:
Low heels...when i say LOW i mean an inch or LESS. It'll be had to dance & party in high heels.
Maryjanes can be cute & casual..especially if you're not very girly(:
For your hair, i recommend wearing it DOWN for middle school. Wavy, curly, straight, nothing too extravagant. You can always pull your bands back or do a little poofff (: That'd look cutee.

What if it's cold??:
If it's cold wear a cute & simple cardigan over, most of the time the dance would probably be held inside, especially during winter..so you could always take it off when you get inside!!!!(:
If you're legs get cold, wear shear black tights! They're ADORABLE!
Go simple..
like a nice & simple but cute bracelet, or maybe a pair of pearl or dangley earrings would be fine. I wouldnt recommend necklaces cuz mostlikely you'll be dancing with friends so it might come loose .

Should I bring a date!?
If you already have a boyfriend , bring him. If you're single, i'd recommend going with a few friends instead(: It'd just be less awkward that way. Plus you're only in Middle School so you save the asking to dances to highschool(:
If you get ready with friends, it's soo fun. Trust me, I've done it before(:
Have like 3 or 4 friends with you, get all dressed & pretty , get their opinion , take a couple of cute pictures and then head to the dance! It's really fun & then you have those pictures as memories(:
You could also do that if you HAVE a boyfriendd(: 
Just invite him over a couple hours later, and then once all of you are done..you all go to the dance together(:

*for middle school..dont buy a big prom dress for a dance. * (:
I made this tip because my next dance is in February & i CANT WAIT (:

hahaa , kayy . PM us with requests?
My next set will be "Not-so-formal dances: Middle school" 
Kay? kay(:
~Breanne (:
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