check it out, cam got a formspring. she stole it from meagan. *gives credits*
anyhow, here is the link:

(don't be shy, i am going to be obsessively clicking the refresh button on that link until i get some entries, bubs. ask me whatever, i promise not to bite. hehe)
anyway, i sort of like this set. i like the position of it. it isn't just standing straight ahead, like usual. and i like the dress. sort of manhattan upper east sider, yknow?
on a happy note, i got my braces off. and yes, i will continue to bring it up in every conversation i have today, thank you very much.
i would love to post a picture...but i am sort of frightened to. unlike some people, i really do not enjoy rapists. even though they are incredibly nice people and all. hehe.
i am also watching moulin rouge. third time today. <3
watch it with me. you know you want to~
and if you have never seen it, go buy it. now. don't even rent it, because i know you will love it and go buy it anyway.
THAT IS ALL. i love you putes. talk to me. click on that pretty little link at top, will you?
thanks. (:

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