Foscarini Blob Table Lamp
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  • Foscarini - Rituals XL Table Lamp
    Table lamp looking like paper The Rituals lamp series, which has been made by the architects and designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Foscarini bribes with its plasticity. The lamps move playfully in the slim path between occident and orient. The challenge was to realize the weightlessness of Washi paper of oriental lanterns in a group of glass lamps. A creation with only succeeded because of the experience of Foscarini and the skills of the glassblowers of Murano. Design & production The whole Rituals lamps series includes pendant lamps and table lamps. The Rituals table lamps spend diffuse light. The collection offers three diffusor shapes out of mouth blown glass with a blowing technique, in which glass is blown until it has its final form, without turning it inside of a mould (called “a fermo”). The stripes effect is reached by negative-decorations, which repeat on the glass surface. Afterwards the glass is filed by hand and submerged in acids in order to reach a plaster effect. Soft light for the living room Rituals XL creates a very intimal, moody illumination. Every lamp fulfils another function and is made for a different basement. The Rituals lamps are able to create moody light compositions available in different sizes. The Rituals collection by Foscarini includes. Pendant lamps and table lamps in different shapes and sizes.
  • Foscarini - Poly Gregg Table Lamp
    Pebble lamps The duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba was inspired by the natural shape of pebbles when they designed the Gregg table lamp from Foscarini. The Gregg lamp appears with a soft and organic silhouette, just like the water sanded stones. Diffuse light New shapes are seen, depending on the angle the lamp is watched from. The polyethylene, asymmetric table lamp has a decent design, which spreads soft and diffuse light with the white satined diffuser. For the garden, to be hanged & installed on the floor Gregg is a collection of lamps, which is also available made of weightless, shock-resistant and weatherproof polyethylene to brighten the garden, as outdoor edition. Moreover the design is available in different sizes, made of glass for the living room and as pendant lamp or sculptural floor lamp. The Gregg table lamp fits into different interiors available in different sizes and with a natural, decent design - spreading moody light.
  • Foscarini - Twiggy Gooseneck Lamp
    The Twiggy light by the designer Marc Sadler is elegant, unusual and at the same time weightless and vivid. With its design and its functional properties it wonderfully adapts to every ambiance. The naturalness of its shape, its extremely delicate line and its pronounced furnishing function make it easy to use the Twiggy light in order to define a room. This is also being supported by the light, which is focussed downwards and reflected towards the ceiling. The regulation of the posts length also changes the height of the diffuser and this makes it possible to use Twiggy in many diverse contexts. The minimum setting is suitable for smaller ambiances, while the maximum setting is perfect for large public rooms. The Twiggy goose-neck lamp by Foscarini is also available in the colours yellow and red. Furthermore, the Twiggy lamp can be ordered as a table or wall lamp, as a reading lamp, a table or suspension lamp.
  • Foscarini - Gregg Table Lamp
    Pebble Light The Gregg lamp by Foscarini is the result of natural inspiration and intense research. The design by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba reminds us of large, water welded pebbles. The Gregg table lamp nearly works without base, so that the shape of the lamp’s body is completely emphasized. This is how the Gregg table lamp can also be used as floor lamp. Diffuse Light The Foscarini produced Gregg table lamp is dimmable and fills every living and bedroom with pleasant, diffuse light. For the Garden,to Hang & to Stand Gregg is a lighting series which also has an outdoor version made from light, shock proof and wheather proof polyethylene for the illumination of the garden. The light is also available in various sizes for the living area as Pendant or sculptural standard lamp. The Gregg lamp by Foscarini is available in three different sizes and with its natural and discreet design it fits into various interiors to provide for atmospheric light moments.
  • Foscarini - Doll Table Lamp
    Designs by Ionna Vaitrin act friendly and charming. After the successful Binic table lamp, another icon emerged in cooperation with the lamps specialist Foscarini : The Doll table lamp. It was inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi dolls – the French designer made a bribing, simple table lamp with cosy, nearly childish charm. The large, round diffuser of the Doll table lamp is responsible for this impression. It sits on a slim, cylinder-like frame, which reminds of oil lamps of a nostalgic kind. This is how the Foscarini Doll is pleasant wherever a warm ambience is desired. The diffusor of the Doll table lamp consists of mouth-blown glass. The socket out of polycarbonate and ABS is available in different colours (ivory, green, grey and red).
  • Foscarini - Binic table lamp
    Binic is a small table lamp with a vivid design and available in six different colours. The lamp from the Foscarini house was designed by the French designer Ionna Vautrin. Binic imparts empathy and it convinces with an independent character. As a gift idea or for the personal use Binic is affordable and versatile: A real “Take-Away” product or “Love at first sigh”, like the young designer Ionna Vautrin would say. Binic is small but full of strong personality. With its pleasant, poetic and a little caricature-looking form it attracts all attention irresistibly. Binic projects a soft light that acts like a private lighthouse: Angularly downwards. The light does not shine directly from the illuminant, but it is damped by a board. Binic possesses an aluminium foot and a polycarbonate shade. The upper round volume with a glossy surface and a satined cone base seems to be gravity resistant. Despite this, Binic is completely stable because the weight difference is only a visual effect. The designer Ionna Vautrin designed a range of six colours to offer a wider dimension to the lamp like this. White, green, red, orange, petrol, grey: A wide colour tone range for a design product, to be integrated in every furnishing style but overall, this was made to suit every personality that chose Binic. Ionna Vautrin was inspired by her origin region, the Bretagne, its sea and her sea travelling for Binic. The main inspiration for the small lamp was given by the wind bags from the boats. The word “Binic” itself is the designation for a lighthouse at the coast in the Bretagne.
  • Foscarini - Lumiere Grande Table Lamp
    Big table lamp The union of the quality of the blown glass shade with the technical hint of the tripod aluminium base is a balanced combination of classic and modern elements. This is the reason why the Lumiere lamp by Rodolfo Dordoni has an unmistakable personality, which emphasizes its soft and diffuse light quality. Moody light Lumiere by Foscarini is a table lamp with diffuser of blown glass, which is coloured outside and white inside. Thereby the Lumiere lamp spreads semi diffuse, downwards directed light, which encourages atmospheric mood. The table lamp is available with a transparent cable with On / Off switch and as dimmable edition, which is why the light’s intensity is adjustable continuously. The accurate profile is the reason why Lumiere by Rodolfo Dordoni is the ideal accent in hotel lobbies, lounges, bars and also bedrooms or wherever moody light is desired. Colours The Lumiere Grande lamp by Foscarini is available with shades of different colours (white, warm white, cherry, turquoise) and bases in hand-polished or lacquered aluminium in a small and a big edition.
  • Foscarini - Lumiere 05 Table Lamp
    Small Table Lamp Sophisticated, elegant and select – those are the properties that the table lamp Lumiere 05 by Foscarini is transmitting to its environment. At the same time it is keeping its decent shapes that perfectly suit diverse styles and tastes. Light to create Atmosphere The quality of the blown glass, which the shade is made of, and the technical touch of the special three-legged aluminium base are united in a balanced composition of classical and modern style. By this, the Lumiere 05 is getting its distinct character, which underlines its soft and rich light. Through its autocratic profile, Lumiere is ideal as an accentuation for hotel lobbies, lounges, offices, but also for bedrooms and other locations where the ambiance is to be accentuated in a sophisticated way. Lumiere 05 by Foscarini is a table lamp with a diffuser made of blown glass, which is coloured on the outside and white on the inside. The Lumiere 05 piccola light is compatible to a 1x60W E14 bulb or an energy-saving 1x42W E14 bulb. For 120 V this is a 1x60W E12 candelabra type G16,5 frosted bulb. For the larger version “grande” Foscarini recommends the use of 3x40W E14 or 3x28W E 14 bulbs. For 120 V this is the 3x40W E12 candelabra type G16,5 frosted bulb. Farben The Lumiere 05 table lamp piccolo by Foscarini is available in the colours aluminium / grey and aluminium / amber. The light can also be ordered with a black chromed frame and dimmer. Lumiere 05 is also available in all variants as a larger version “grande”.
  • Foscarini - Kurage Table Lamp
    Delicate Light made of Washi Paper The table lamp of the Italian and Japanese designer team Luca Nichetto and Nendo is named Kurage, which is the Japanese word for 'Jellyfish'. With the soft, voluminous lampshade and four slim legs, the lamp actually resembles the graceful sea creature and embodies its elegance perfectly. Table Lamp for Diffused Light The shade is made of Japanese washi paper that is made from the fibres of the mulberry tree. This creates a uniform light distribution, which ensures a smooth, warm atmosphere. In addition, one smooth and one rough side give the lampshade an interesting surface structure. The lamp’s cord is coated with paper fibres, on the one hand to secure the inner cable and on the other hand to support the delicate design. Natural ash wood legs round off the delicate appearance of the light and give an elegant easiness with Asian charm. With love to detail, the designers created a light object that both expresses lightness as well as elegance and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere with a diffuse light.
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Fork Maxi Table Lamp
    Diesel Collection Fork Maxi Table Lamp
  • Cozy Nest
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  • Foscarini - Anisha Table Lamp
    The table lamp Anisha by Foscarini is more than a simple lamp – it thrones on tables and shelves as if it was an artwork. The design unifies contrasts and balances them. This makes Anisha the representative for emptiness and fullness. Its filigree, fine design acts imposing and solid at the same time. There are LED’s integrated in the upper edge of the lamp, they spread the light to the inside. This ensures a magic, decent light play. The exceptional, dynamic design of the lamp was coined by the designer Giulio Lacchetti, he made it possible to include LED lights into the O-shape frame of the lamp. Moreover there is a Touch-Dimmer integrated in the lamp: It enables a step-less regulation of the light’s intensity. Foscarini offers Anisha in a decent white and an expressive red edition.
  • Foscarini - Yoko Table Lamp
    With Yoko, Foscarini presents a table lamp which breaks with our usual consciousness: The lamp’s body is in the lower part of the unusual design object. Already the name reveals what Yoko is about: It consists of two similar, but not equal syllables, as well as the dialogue between two different volumes that cut and complete each other. The soft, nature inspired tones with a core of white light make up such an ambience with the lamp. The Foscarini Yoko breaks the archetype of a classic table lamp by means of placing the light body in the base instead of the top. Covering it with a shining bubble. Yoko was developed in order to create spontaneous emotions as a precise connection of two weightless shapes, a new kind of poetry and technology in one. Transparent shadows and reflexes make up a shiny living atmosphere. To reach this effect, Foscarini manufactures the Yoko out of PMMA plastic with “Blow-Moulding” technology. Materials and production allow that the Foscarini Yoko table lamp appears weightless and stable, airy and present, artistic and functional at the same time.
  • Foscarini - Birdie Piccola Table Lamp
    This edition of the table lamp Birdie by Foscarini emerged out of the intention of also enabling its spontaneous, natural and friendly appearance in smaller rooms. It feels home on smaller chests of drawers, a console or a desk. With its compact dimensions, the Birdie Piccola keeps the form and function of the larger models: The soft stand similar to a small tree, the diffuse, like a classic lamp’s shade and the switch which reminds us of a branch that offers a resting place to birds. The base of the Birdie Piccola is made out of lacquered steel, while the diffuser consists of dyed thorough polycarbonate. The table lamp is available in different colours.
  • Foscarini - Rituals Table Lamp
    The Rituals lamp series, which has been made by the architects and designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Foscarini bribes with its plasticity. The lamps move playfully in the slim path between occident and orient. The challenge was to realize the weightlessness of Washi paper of oriental lanterns in a group of glass lamps. A creation with only succeeded because of the experience of Foscarini and the skills of the glassblowers of Murano. The whole Rituals lamps series includes pendant lamps and table lamps. The Rituals table lamps spend diffuse light. The collection offers three diffusor shapes out of mouth blown glass with a blowing technique, in which glass is blown until it has its final form, without turning it inside of a mould (called “a fermo”). The stripes effect is reached by negative-decorations, which repeat on the glass surface. Afterwards the glass is filed by hand and submerged in acids in order to reach a plaster effect. The lamps are available in two socket editions with G9 (with dimmer) or E27. Rituals creates a very intimal, moody illumination. Every lamp fulfils another function and is made for a different basement. The lowest edition serves as table lamp, the highest as floor lamp, and the smallest as bedside table lamp. The bow-effect on the surface of the Foscarini Rituals table lamp makes up contrastive bright-dark effects on the plaster like corpus. Since the lamp’s body is held by three slim metal feet, it is a very expressive element the lamp seems to float on.
  • Foscarini Yoko Table Lamp
    The Foscarini Yoko Table Lamp is not quite as delicate as it may appear. The perfectly formed iridescent bubble that is Yoko’s Nordic nature-inspired shade is fabricated from PMMA, a lightweight, shatter-resistant alternative to glass. And the base, which actually houses the energy efficient fluorescent light source, is constructed from a sturdy polycarbonate. Enduring elegance.
  • Foscarini - Behive Table Lamp
    Nature was one of the inspiration sources for Behive by Werner Aisslinger and Foscarini. A table lamp that reminds of a hive, just as its name reveals, emerged. The bellied, sensitive and simultaneously elegant volume of Behive is created by an overlapping of rings whose diameter becomes wider to the top continuously – beginning at the smallest base which seems to float on the lamp. Thanks to the special form and the inclination of the rings, the light source from Behive isn't directly viewable. This makes a part of the attraction and fascination of the table lamp which is emotion, object and decoration at the same time with its soft light effects. Magical and suggestive when it is switched on, Behive becomes a poetic sculpture when it is switched off. This reveals its real double nature: The white of the light corpus is darkened and shadow comes out of light. Behive is a lamp that creates emotions on a fascinating way being perfectly suitable to emboss a special ambience or private areas in different places – whether on a piece of furniture, a table or the floor. The Behive table lamp possesses a dimmer and is made out of ABS-plastic and polycarbonate by Foscarini. The needed illuminant E27 socket is not included in the delivery package. Also in our blog: IMM Cologne: Aisslinger is the A&W-Designer of the year 2014
  • Foscarini Lumiere 05 Grande Table Lamp
    Design by Roldolfo Dordoni, 1990.By Foscarini.The elegant gradation of tones in the new selection of colors (white, cherry, ivory and turquoise), the new glossy finish in the blown glass and the black-chrome finish for the characteristic tripod, transform one of the most important pieces in the Foscarini collection into a practically new model, demonstrating its surprising freshness. The refined elegance of Lumiere's personality is thus further enhanced, making it an even better choice for rooms in any style and taste. Shown in black chrome with a turquoise shade.
  • Foscarini Lumiere 25Th Anniversary Table Lamp
    Lumiere 25th Anniversary Table Lamp
  • Foscarini - Caboche Table Lamp
    The Caboche series by Foscarini already ensures great enthusiasm with the pendant lamp and embodies a unique, exceptional design. Enlarge the usage possibilities with the table lamp. The designers Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto had a simple pearls bracelet as example for the design of the Caboche lamps. They created a unique design that ensures an impressive light game, inspired by the structure and form of the piece of jewelry. The poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) spheres on the glass shade reflect the light and let the lamp shine crystal-like, while te direct light of the Foscrini lamp shines upwards and not downwards. The characteristic arch form is also displayed in the socket. Equipped with three supports, the Caboche table lamp possesses a safe stand. Foscarini offers the Caboche lamp in different colours.
  • Foscarini - Magneto Table Lamp
    The Magneto table lamp by Foscarini connects the flexibility of a working lamp with a strong, subtle character, y a genius simple principle; it can spread accurate light as well as indirect room-light. The function of the Magneto table clock s thereby simple and genius at the same time: By the naming magnet, the height, the angle and the direction of the lamp’s body is adjustable. Therefore the tube with the magnet is simply brought into the desired position. The adjustment possibilities of the Giulio Iacchetti designed table lamp is step-less and nearby unlimited. The compact LED lamp corpus of the Foscarini Magneto spreads an accurate and intense light when it is directed downwards, for example to read or work. If the lamp’s body is turned upwards, a room-filling, indirect light emerges. This is how different light demands are fulfilled. Simply adjust the Foscarini Magneto table lamp at its handle. Besides the Magneto table lamp, Foscarini also offers a floor edition of this lamp. The table lamp is available in red and grey.
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Glas Table Lamp
    Design by Diesel, 2009.By Foscarini.Glas takes the familiar image of industrial lamps used in warehouses and factories worldwide. A reinvented icon in the light of a new contemporary lifestyle, transformed into a precious and personal entity, transported into a timeless dimension. By day, by night, Glas is a lamp with a double life. When it is off, the superficial chrome-colored vacuum metallic finish reflects the surrounding environment and objects like a mirror. When it is on, it emits a warm beam, with a retro feel, which is both directed and diffused. This characteristic underlines the passage from the technical nature of metal to the artisan craftsmanship of glass.The Glas table lamp when placed on a table or desk, oriented with a counterweight, transforms a home or public environment into a creative laboratory, a fascinating workshop of new trends.
  • Foscarini Yoko Table Lamp
    Yoko Table Lamp
  • Foscarini Behive Table Lamp
    As suggested by its name, the curvaceous form of the Foscarini Behive Table Lamp is a minimalist interpretation of a beehive, in this case made of gradating rings that diffuse light without revealing the inner source. The surrounding table surface effectively becomes a functional part of the lamp, reflecting and diffusing light upwards. Designed by Werner Aisslinger.
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Duii Mini Table or Wall Lamp
    Design by Diesel, 2013By Foscarini. The Duii Mini Table Lamp was created for the more playful and non-conventional spirit. Its unique form recalls the shape of retro car headlights, a hard hat or the Mohican-style shaved head of the Diesel brand. An articulating arm, held together with wing screws, supports the rounded body, creating a style that is both elegant and technological. Available in yellow or grey. Shown in yellow. Switch located on cord.
  • Foscarini Rituals 2 Table Lamp
    Echoing the voluptuous contours and textural consistency of Japanese rice paper lanterns, the Foscarini Rituals 2 Table Lamp gracefully replicates those time-tested artisanal qualities using hand-blown glass. The striated ridges are achieved through a special grinding process, while a subsequent acid bath immersion results in the plush plaster-like aesthetic. The considered approach creates a celestial chiaroscuro effect, resulting in warm, soft illumination.
  • Foscarini Poly Gregg Table Lamp
    Nature inspired and intensive research created the Foscarini Poly Gregg Table Lamp. The shade is composed of luminous polyethylene, with a soft shape reminiscent of a large water-polished pebble or the egg of some mythological creature, a symbol of creation and re-birth. Available in three sizes. Designed by Ludovica e Roberto Palomba.
  • Foscarini Birdie Metal Table Lamp
    Design by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, 2014.By Foscarini.The slim stem recalls the trunk of a tree, its shade is a reinterpretation of the classic reading lamp, while the branch, as if ready for a "birdie" to alight, beckons your touch, turning it on or off. These three elements spontaneously coalesce to give life to this friendly lamp, one that combines a smooth and familiar structure with tangible character. Now offered in two bold metallic finishes, Birdie is sure to fit naturally in any modern space, and accompany everyday life with a pleasantly stylish presence.Birdie features an opaline injection-molded polycarbonate internal diffuser, and a metalized injection-molded polycarbonate external diffuser. Die cast zinc alloy base and steel rod, both liquid coated. In the large version and in the small version with touch dimmer, the sensor is located on the tip of the rod arm and allows the gradual adjustment of the luminous intensity; electronic transformer on the transparent cable. In the small version without dimmer, the on/off switch is located on the transparent cable.Shown in copper.
  • Foscarini Magneto Table Lamp
    Magneto Table Lamp

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