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  • Foscarini Le Soleil Suspension Light - 10UL - White / 181007 - Halogen / 200 in Cable / KIT DEC B - Offset Cable Supports
    Suspended architecture that recalls the outline of the Guggenheim Museum in New York: this is the first impression of Le Soleil suspension lamp, a luminous sphere made up of irregular bands that act like reflective surfaces inside and like a diffuser outs
  • Foscarini Nuage Wall or Ceiling Light
    Inspired by 1960s Optical Art, Nuage is an optical effect on the wall, a graphic grille which changes according to your perspective, a three dimensional picture that lights the room and the mind. The modules that make up Nuage with their irregular, organ
  • Foscarini Planet Large Pendant Light
    Design by Changedesign, 2011.By Foscarini. The Planet Large Pendant Light is the result of Foscarini's ongoing exploration of materials and their desire to create a fabric shade without a frame. The inspiration for the light comes from a study on "smart clothing" for astronauts, commissioned by NASA. Planet joins three pieces of high-tech fabric, onto which an external embroidery is applied. The embroidery acts as both a decoration and the main support for the shade. Depending on the color, the embroidery can change the entire personality of the light. Includes 193" stainless steel cable and transparent electrical cord. Canopy includes metal bracket and glossy white cover. Embroidery available in white or red. Shown with red.
  • Foscarini Aplomb Multi Light Round Suspension Light - 10 UL - White / ROSONE01 10 - Round White Canopy / 7 X 195007L2S - 7 Pendants / LED / 78 In Cable
    A technical solution that couples function with design harmony: The multiple light ceiling canopy of Foscarini makes it possible to create compositions up to 9 Aplomb suspension lamps to create cascades of light of high emotional impact, particularly suit
  • Foscarini Plass Medium Pendant Light
    Design by Luca Nichetto, 2014.By Foscarini.The Plass Medium Pendant Light interprets the artisan tradition of glass-making by using contemporary processes and materials. Constructed from rotation-molded transparent polycarbonate, Plass preserves the irregularities and imperfections of handmade glass. With its colorful profile and pleasant light diffusion, Plass is perfect for modern living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen spaces.Offered in blue or grey. Includes two lamp sockets to provide the perfect amount of ambient illumination. Available with 78" or 200" suspension cable options. Canopy ships in chrome.
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  • Foscarini O-Space Suspension Light
    What is O-Space? A luminous, sensual spaceship, a jewel case containing an invisible light source or a form that can be set in any furnishing or life style? The value of this suspension lamp is that it is a universal symbol, a container that everyone can
  • Foscarini Wave Linear Suspension Light
    This is not a hanging lamp or floating decorative element, it is not a lighting rail and yet it is all these put together and more. A new idea for illuminating and furnishing spaces, creative material that every designer can put together differently and i
  • Foscarini Tress Stilo Floor Lamp
    Design by Marc Sadler, 2011.By Foscarini. Elongated, thin and slender, tress stilo like an exclamation mark or a tribal object has a strong and suave graphic design. In contrast to the highly technological innovation that went into its development. Tress stilo’s shape recalls an artisanal, hand-made object. The elongated silhouette is ideal to personalize the corner of a room, the space between a sofa and an armchair or any other setting where a compact, yet visually strong lamp is required. Available in black and white finishes.
  • Foscarini Tropico Ellipse Suspension Light - 179074 16 U - Ice / KIT DEC B - Offset Cable Supports / None
    The rings onto which the lozenge-shaped elements that form Tropico are hooked are inspired by the earths parallels. By this concept the name of this newly-conceived suspension lamp is inspired. Employing the decorative features of chandeliers with cut gla
    • Skitsch Fire Kit Table Lamp
    • Dark - Spacewalker Junior Table Lamp
    • Dalu Table Lamp by Artemide
    • Artemide Eclisse Table Lamp
  • Foscarini Tress Stilo Suspension Lamp
    Design by Marc Sadler, 2011.By Foscarini. Elongated, thin and slender, Tress Stilo resembles an exclamation mark or a tribal object, and has a strong and suave graphic design. In contrast to the highly technological innovation that went into its development, Tress stilo's shape recalls an artisan, hand-made object. The elongated silhouette is ideal to personalize the corner of a room, the space between a sofa and an armchair or any other setting where a compact, yet visually strong lamp is required. The Tress Stilo Suspension's versatility is further enhanced by the selection of two different colors - black or white. Offered with 78 or 200" of suspension cable.
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  • Foscarini Caboche Large Chandelier - 16UL - Clear / 138017 - Halogen / 200 in Cable
    Resulting from the desire to create a precious and charming lamp like a pearl bracelet, accommodated with a focus on light weight and transparency thanks to the use of PMMA, Caboche established itself from the onset as one of Foscarini s best-selling prod
  • Foscarini Chouchin 1 Suspension Light
    Chouchin is a family of suspended lamps that takes its name from traditional Japanese paper and bamboo lanterns used as light and bright signs outside restaurants and bars, or as lucky charms outside homes. Their typical shapes have been reinterpreted in
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Glas Table Lamp
    Design by Diesel, 2009.By Foscarini.Glas takes the familiar image of industrial lamps used in warehouses and factories worldwide. A reinvented icon in the light of a new contemporary lifestyle, transformed into a precious and personal entity, transported into a timeless dimension. By day, by night, Glas is a lamp with a double life. When it is off, the superficial chrome-colored vacuum metallic finish reflects the surrounding environment and objects like a mirror. When it is on, it emits a warm beam, with a retro feel, which is both directed and diffused. This characteristic underlines the passage from the technical nature of metal to the artisan craftsmanship of glass.The Glas table lamp when placed on a table or desk, oriented with a counterweight, transforms a home or public environment into a creative laboratory, a fascinating workshop of new trends.
  • Foscarini Aplomb Mini Pendant
    Born from the desire to use rough concrete, typical of large modern buildings, to create a light object in slender, refined forms, the lamp Aplomb Has Been hugely successful ever since its inception. A special concrete formula which can be poured into sle
  • Foscarini Tropico Sphera Suspension Lamp
    Design by Giulio Iacchetti, 2008.Tropico has a decidedly sculptural presence, although it remains easy to interpret. It produces an all embracing, atmospheric light, thanks to the inner cylinder that filters and spreads the luminous fluorescent flow. The finishes available give two strongly contrasting effects: the ice version lets the light through, while the ivory version — which underlines the material and decorative effect of the element — recalls the almost ethnic vision of an oriental lantern. The personality can be further emphasized by inserting one of the optional color filters, with a choice of a cool violet tone or a warm orange tone. UL listed.Tropico requires assembly. Please contact us if you have any questions about the assembly instructions prior to ordering.
  • Foscarini Rituals 3 Table Lamp
    One, two, three lanterns that are lightweight yet brimming with seductive texture. Three different yet concurrently complementary shapes, balancing between the east and the west. A family of lamps that sheds its relaxing light in the most diverse settings
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  • Foscarini Chouchin Mini 1 Pendant For Multipoint Canopy
    Design by Ionna Vautrin, 2011.By Foscarini.This Chouchin Mini 1 Pendant is intended for use with Foscarini's Round or Linear Multipoint Canopy System. Not for individual sale. Chouchin is a family of suspended lamps that takes its name from traditional Japanese paper and bamboo lanterns. Their typical shape has been reinterpreted in a pure contemporary style, using an age-old material: blown glass that has been painted to make it completely opaque and glossy. The result combines a warm colouring, textured and precious, with a luminous collar that projects an intense, direct beam of downlight illumination. To Order: See "You May Also Consider" section below for available configurations.
  • Foscarini Gregg Suspension Light
    Design by Roberto and Ludovica Palomba, 2007.By Foscarini.An organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference. The Gregg suspension is shaped as a free-blown glass which is available in three different sizes. Offered with 78 or 200" of suspension cable. Available with halogen lamping. UL listed.
  • Foscarini Spokes 2 Suspension Light
    The hanging lamp Spokes was inspired by images of antique oriental lanterns and less exotic aviaries. The designers observed the spokes of a bicycle wheel and this is what gave the lamp its name. The result is soft shapes and a lightweight lamp which hold
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  • Foscarini Lumiere 25th Table Lamp
    It was 1990 when Foscarini, still a small company in its infancy in the panorama of contemporary design, presented a blown glass lamp, born from the encounter with the designer Rodolfo Dordoni, reread that with a new spirit of the classical type of the ta
  • Foscarini Lumiere 05 Grande Table Lamp
    Design by Roldolfo Dordoni, 1990.By Foscarini.The elegant gradation of tones in the new selection of colors (white, cherry, ivory and turquoise), the new glossy finish in the blown glass and the black-chrome finish for the characteristic tripod, transform one of the most important pieces in the Foscarini collection into a practically new model, demonstrating its surprising freshness. The refined elegance of Lumiere's personality is thus further enhanced, making it an even better choice for rooms in any style and taste. Shown in black chrome with a turquoise shade.
  • Foscarini Le Soleil Wall Sconce
    A shape consisting of overlapping bands, which are not symmetrical but instead dynamically irregular, acting as elements that reflect inwards and diffuse outwards, creating a warm and sunny effect, which is both graphic and luminous at the same time. A co
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Pylon Floor Lamp
    Design by Diesel Creative Team, 2014.By Foscarini.Inspired by the vision of an electric framework in an industrial landscape, Pylon takes its name from its metal base. Featuring an embossed textured finish, this base is juxtaposed with an ivory tinted linen shade, giving Pylon an unmistakable personality. The pure linen fabric - with a purposely uneven weft and warp, dyed and treated against fraying - is molded like a dress onto the body of the polycarbonate diffuser with hand-pleated folds which give it a 3D shape, recalling an industrial filter or part of a turbine. Characterized by its warm and soft luminosity, Pylon is perfect both in an intimate setting, such as a bedroom-lighting or living room, as well as communal areas, such as restaurants, public houses or a hotel lobbies.Pylon's frame is constructed of laser-cut steel, coated with black powder paint and an embossed-rough finish. Height adjustable using a telescopic rod, which extends by approximately 13.75 inches with external knob lock. Includes 92" cord with a dimmer switch.
  • Foscarini Stewie Floor Lamp - 237003 50 UL - Ivory / Ivory
    The Stewie lamp is a sensation on the domestic scene, a surprising and appealing character, which is both warm, relaxing and friendly, starting with the light it sheds. Indeed, the beam of light is cast downwards, creating a particular atmosphere within t
  • Foscarini Tress Grande Suspension Lamp
    Design by Marc Sadler, 2008.By Foscarini.The Tress Grande Suspension Lamp from Foscarini is a web of threads and resin that acts as the decor, structure and diffuser all at the same time. Available in five colors: black, white, crimson, grey, and indigo. Tress is made of composite material on a lacquered fiberglass base.Tress Grande Suspension provides ambient and decorative illumination ideal for modern living rooms and dining rooms.Offered with 78 or 200" of suspension cable. Dimmable. Shown in indigo.
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