I'm so mad. I thought that the day L and I would stop talking would be a good day. I thought that when we both moved on, I would be happy. But I'm not happy. I'm mad. This Wednesday he and his girlfriend make one month together. It may sound like I'm not over him, but I am. I'm just mad that he makes me look bad in front of people I know. He may live in Utah and I in California, but I know what's going on over there. He knows my family from church and I know some of his friends, from church too. He makes himself look like a player and whatnot, but he makes me, and his current gf and ex, look bad. His ex is from their church too. And he's taken his gf to church a few times. That's what gets me mad. Ugh! I cannot wait til summer to go to Utah and tell him off! I'm itching to do so! And sometimes I feel like doing to him what he did to me, move on, get a bf, and forget about him. I mean I know he's moved on obviously and probably won't care, but it would make me feel better...
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