September 17th

Dayton knew that the party had just started, and she knew that everyone from the school was there, everyone. Even some freshmen. She could already smell vodka, and it seemed to be getting louder every minute. So far, no Julius. Who she really didn't want to see until this whole meet the parents thing blew over. 
"Lost?" said a voice. Dayton turned around.
It was a boy, who had a slight french accent. He looked really - pretty. Like in that boy pretty way. The kind that Dayton hated.
"Um, no. I'm good." said Dayton looking to side, trying her best to give this guy a hint she wanted him to leave. She was about to turn around and find Scar or Liz or Clem or Syd, but he spoke.
"Are you new here?" he asked, ignoring her hints.
"Yeah." Dayton was about to try and leave again, but no luck.
"What grade?"
"Junior." Dayton said unintrested. "I have to go. I'm meeting someone here."
"Oh, i'm Russel. I'm a sophmore. Pleasure to meet you. And you are?" he said smiling, again ignoring her hints.
"Dayton. Tickled pink to meet you to." she said sarcastically. She could tell the guy was foreign, but was he deaf? Or retarded?
"Can I get you a drink?" he asked.
Now that Dayton thought about it, she had heard of this guy. Last week some sophmores got in a catfight over him. He was appearently dating both of them. 
"No, I'm allergic to vodka." she said dryly, and then walked off.
Right before she did, she saw Russel's face, which looked like he was pissed beyond belief. Dayton smirked in victory. She could get used to snubbing guys that desrved it. She pushed herself around the maze of people (most of which she didn't know), and gave up. She found a group of seniors who were sitting on the grass nibling weed brownies. She asked to join in, and they accepted (probably because they were high, or they actaully thought she was an ok person).
She took an insanely small piece, talked with them about random things, laughing and jibbering for about fourty five minutes, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She hoped it wasn't that Russel guy or whatever.
It was Julius.
"Oh, hey." she said smiling at him.
"Didn't mean to interrupt." he said smiling back. She waved goodbye to her stoner buddies (they had exchanged phone numbers) and walked with Julius.
"God, aren't you cold? You're wearing a tank top."
"Nah. It's fine. I've lived in Alaska." Dayton said shrugging. Julius ignored Dayton's comment and took off his blue plaid shirt (and revealed a plan gray shirt) and draped it over Dayton. Dayton blushed. 
"Um, thanks." she said awkwardly.
She was glad she found Scar at that moment.
"Hey, i'm gonna go talk to Scar. I really need to talk to her. I'll text you so we can meet up later." said Dayton.
Julius frowned, but then smiled again. 
"Okay." he pecked Dayton on the cheek than dissapeared into the crowd. Dayton looked for Scar again, but it seemed like she had dissapeared. And so had Julius. Unfortounately, the only person she could find was Russel, talking to his friends. She turned away and tried to find her stoner "buddies", but they were gone too. Dayton sighed in frustration, and whipped out her Iphone and sent a text to Julius:

leaving. have a bad headache, i really should get home. i'll see you tomorrow at three at your parents house :].

She managed to find her dad's car where she parked it, and then took out her phone to find a text from Julius:

aw, okay. see you tomorrow!

She sighed. Well, this was kind of a disaster. She drove home thinking about tomorrow: how she should act, talk, and what she should wear. She parked her car in the drive way, and was about to open the door.
"Oh, look. It's little miss bitchh." said a voice.
Knowing her luck, it was Russel.
"Oh, look, it's little mister french as*hole."
"Clever." said Rusell.
"You live here?" Dayton asked, hoping the awnser was no.
Dayton was going to ask why he was there, but he continued speaking.
"I was just trying to be nice to you, no need to be such a bitchh."
Dayton rolled her eyes. She flipped Rusell off, which made him even more mad, and then she walked into her house, and went to bed.
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Wrote 6 years ago
I have every intention of it.
- Dayton

Wrote 6 years ago
ruussseeelllll, stay far far away from him -Liz


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PG-13 Polyvorers

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