So, today was like any other day, Glitch woke me up and treated me like a Princess (he’s the only one who knows I need to be treated like one in the morning so I don’t try to kill you when you wake me up. c:) with some breakfast in bed. So my daily routine was the same and I was cleaning out Mr Bean’s cage (I want him to come to a clean home :3) and I went out to the garage where we keep a huge garbage bin to throw out his uneaten food and when I opened the garbage bin I saw Mr Bean just chilling there.
My poor baby.♥
I cleaned him off and gave him a little bath (he’s so cute. He loves the water for some odd reason♥) because he definitely needed one but generally, you don’t really need to give rabbit’s baths. 
Anyway, after taking care of my baby boy and putting him back in his cage, I’m making sure to find out who the hell put Mr Bean in the garbage bin.
I swear to god, I will find out who did it and rip their heads off. I don’t care if we have a ghost in the house and Glitch thinks negative energy will upset it. I’m pretty sure Glitch is just imagining things anyway.

I’m pretty sure Kyle or Nathaniel did it. Iris, ehhh. Maybe. Trinity is always too busy and Glitch is too nerdy and sweet to have attempted to murder Mr. Bean. If you have any ideas on who did it, tell me.

– Lucy loves you♥
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