15" Buddha Fountain
  • Thos. Baker Venetian Fountain
    Enjoy a bit of Italian beauty right in your backyard with the Venetian fountain. With its moss finish and multiple glowing lights, the Venetian is sure to be a focal point anywhere it stands. This fountain is molded concrete mixed with a synthetic resin for durable outdoor use. Ships with UL listed re-circulating pump, submersible halogen bulbs, instructions and all hardware for safe installation.
  • Set of 2 Large Cast Brass Cranes Pond Spitter Fountains
    Decorate your garden pond or water feature with this pair of beautifully detailed crane birds fountain . The pair are cast in solid brass and have a verdigris green finish that will age and patina over time. Position the pair as desired to create a delightful visual look. Crane bird water fountains. Meant for use in ponds or other water features. Detailed features and natural poses. Cast in solid brass. Verdisgris green finish. Pump is included. 6-foot cord length. Tall bird is 68" high. Smaller bird is 56" high.
  • Extra Large Crane Pair Pond or Water Feature Fountain
    Majestic in beauty and size, the crane fountain is one of nature's most spectacular creations. This pond or water feature fountain is a wonderful way to add a distinctive visual accent to your garden. It features a pair of crane birds and is cast in solid brass with a verdigris finish that will age a patina over time. Fountain pump is included with this design. Crane birds fountain. Water spouts from both birds. Cast in solid brass. For use in garden ponds or other water features. Verdigris green finish. Pump and cord is included. 16-foot cord length. Tall bird is 60". Smaller bird is 52" high.
  • Tuscan Patio Floor Fountain
    This floor fountain features water cascading from two spouts cut into a low-sided bowl. Faux stone steps and a faux brick pedestal create a tiered effect. A wonderful touch indoor and out. Floor fountain. Faux stone and ceramic finish. Lightweight resin construction. Pump is included. Plugs into any standard wall outlet. One year warranty. For outdoor/indoor use. Includes two 5 watt halogen bulbs. 31 1/2" high. 19" wide. 19" deep. 5 ft cord plugs into any standard wall outlet.
  • Kenroy Home Full Bloom Fountain
    The classic, friendly terra cotta form is comfortable on the deck, porches, or patios. An adjustable water spigot and uplight provides a sensory experience day or night. Just plant your favorite flowers and add water! From the Kenroy Home fountain collection. Cast resin construction. Terracotta finish. Pump included. Outdoor use. Flowers not included. Includes one 10 watt halogen bulb. 25" high. 16" wide.
  • Taj Corner Fountain in Terracotta Finish design by Capital Garden Products
    Pretty corner fountain in a terracotta finish with a simple floral lining. Fountain Measures: Width 16" x Depth 8" x Height 28" Corner fountains make beautiful focal points in your garden or conservatory. All that's needed is an electric power point,no plumbing required. Easy to hang, no industrial fitting needed. Pump included. Long-lasting (up to 30 years) fibreglass reproduction piece.
  • Kenroy Home Canterbury Lighted Wall Fountain
    A piece of old England inspires this Gothic styled fountain modeled after the famous cathedral in Kent. Water flows from a copper spigot while three water streams fall into the lighted basin. Polished river stones included to enhance the presentation. From the Kenroy Home fountain collection. Canterbury lighted wall fountain. Cement stone finish. Cast resin construction. Pump included. Includes one 10 watt halogen bulb. 35" high. 17" wide. 10" deep.
  • Ravenna Italian Fountain
    This classically styled fountain features spouted edges and a three tiered design. Water cascades gently from one level to the next, creating a pleasant look and sound. This beautiful design offers a calming influence for your outdoor spaces. It's hollow base. Ravenna Italian style fountain. With three levels of water. Large bottom basin. Detailed with geometric pattern. Lightweight resin construction. Pump is included. 9ft cord plugs into any standard wall outlet. For outdoor/indoor use. One year warranty. 43" high. 25" wide.
  • Sphere Jugs and Column Indoor-Outdoor Fountain with Light
    This indoor/outdoor water fountain features a ribbed sphere, two large jugs and a classic column set among beautifully cascading water. This illuminated design glows with warm light from included 10 watt halogen bulbs. Polyresin construction is lightweight and easy to move before filling with water. A convenient power cord is included; simply add water, plug in and enjoy! Sphere indoor/outdoor water fountain. With three levels of water. Lights on lower three levels. Stone and ceramic finish. Can be used indoors or out. Lightweight resin construction. Includes three 10 watt halogen bulbs. Includes pump with 6-foot cord. 50" high. 20" wide. 19" deep.
  • Roussillon Three Tier Fountain with LED Light
    Water cascades serenely from pot to pot in this three-tired fountain. Spiral stonework captures overflow and a hidden pump recycles water to the top. The naturally soothing sound of running water and the sparkle of an LED illuminated catch basin make this a welcome addition to your home or garden. Roussillon three tier fountain. Resin and fiberglass construction. Includes LED lights. Plugs into any standard wall outlet. Includes 6' cord. 35" high. 20" wide. 20" deep.