hey guys. so happy. I'm having such a relaxing weekend. 

On friday was our first football game and my marching band rocked the stadium. I was so happy we did so good on our half time show for a first game. And our football team won. It was like, 50 something to 14. hecccck yeah. 

I also got an iphone 4 for my birthday and I am instagramming everything. follow me because I follow back.

and tomorrow I am going to get my hair done. I want my hair to be kind of ombre styled like this http://www.polyvore.com/wear_lauren_conrad/thing?id=63007084
(light brown on top, blonde on the ends) but my mom said no. I mean, I'm almost eighteen. I could do that. But I am kind of scared to do that. I don't like change. But I do like change. But I don't. I argue with myself to much. ahha. AHH. Knowing me I'd chicken out on it. But I don't know.

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