Seoul Mate
OK, the story is kind of lame but I need to catch up with the story! I love this rp way too much to just leave it lol! Next chapters will be very interesting and unexpected i bet!


“But, you should have seen it! It was like watching one of those cheap dramas!” G was laughing in front of May’s laptop while her friend was sitting next to him with her arms and legs crossed and a stiff expression on her face. A week has passed since Jaeseop’s birthday and May had avoided the theme as much as possible, but unfortunately her friend and sister kept talking about the issue.

“I can imagine that!” May’s sister replied laughing from the small window on the screen “May and her scenes!” 

“She must be an actress!” G said holding his laughter “It was really weird, all the girls were confused, she was giggling ‘enjoy your party’” He said mimicking May “and then, next second she was cry-“

“Ok, it’s enough, it’s not funny at all!” His friend finally talked “My life is a mess and all you two are doing now is making fun of me! Such thoughtful people!” The girl stood up and left her office furious.

“We weren’t making fun of her, were we?” G asked to May’s sister, who simply shrugged while putting an innocent face.

I stormed out of my office without even taking my jacket or my bag; I just realized I had nothing but my phone when I was already outside the building. It’d have been really embarrassing going back after the ‘scene’ I made so I decided to cool down a little bit before facing my best friend again. 
I started to walk slowly down the street, I don’t know how but I ended outside Destiny and a terrible guilt filled my heart as I spotted a group of friends laughing as they passed by; G had been such a good friend and I was acting all sensible since Jaeseop’s birthday, it wasn’t his fault that my ‘crush’ had someone else in his heart. I took my phone and dialed G’s number.

“G? Don’t say anything, let me talk” I said after he picked up with a simple ‘hi’, I started to walk back and forth, nervous “I’m sorry for letting go my temper with you, you’re a good friend and you’re simply amazing even though you always find funny the fact my life turns into a big mess, but what I mean…” I turned around for no reason, just pressing my phone against my ear, at first I didn’t noticed it but I immediately recognized a tall man walking out of the restaurant with two other guys, I identified a blond head and a skinny body. For a quick moment I was temped to hide, walk off or simply pretend not to see them, however, I managed to keep talking as I felt how my heart shrunk “…it’s that I’ll always need you by my side, right now I need you more than ever, can you we meet outside Destiny?” I was hardly breathing, I wanted to run away but instead I forced a smile when I noticed Jaeseop waving his hand as he stepped forward.

“Hey! What a coincidence! We always meet here!” He said and I simply nodded. Eli and Kevin behind him, showed tensed expressions as they exchanged worried looks, probably perceiving my facial expression.

“Was that Jaeseop’s voice?” G inquired from the other end of the line.

“Yeah, baby. Hurry up, I’m waiting here” I hung up distractedly and looked up to the guys.

“Your boyfriend?” Eli asked and I awkwardly smiled as I shook my head vigorously.

“G” I explained biting my lip nervously, Jaeseop was staring at me so intensely that I felt like being analyzed by an X –ray machine. Probably he could sense that something was wrong with me, I was avoiding his eyes and I was anxiously looking at my phone’s screen.

“Are you feeling ok?” He asked, a rush of adrenaline travelled through my body, my heart was pounding hard against my chest, I opened my mouth to reply but everything was spinning around me and that was the last thing I could remember.

When I opened my eyes a beam of light blinded me, it took me some seconds to recover my sight. I was lying on my back and I felt something in my arm, I looked down and noticed a white blanket covering my body. 

“You damn girl will end by killing me!” G said grabbing my hand and throwing me a glare. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you but you need to stop fainting” he said seriously, even though he was smiling.

“Who brought me here?” I inquired confused, last thing I could remember was Kevin, Jaeseop and Eli standing in front of me, now I was in a hospital room with a needle in my left arm, connected to an IV like a dying human.

“I did it” G said and I sighed relieved, for a moment I held my breath thinking that Jaeseop had took me there, but fortunately it wasn’t the case, it’d have been just another reason to be considered as a ‘fragile girl’. “Along with Eli, Kevin and you-know-who” My friend completed after he saw my alleviated face.

“You just made it sound like if we were talking about Voldemort” I tried to relax, but I was way too curious to remain quiet. “But…” Luckily my best friend knew exactly what I was about to say and he briefly explained.

“They came with us and stayed here until their manager called them, they left about thirty minutes ago, all of them were worried.” G made a pause and then rubbed the back of his head, hesitating he added “Jaeseop specially, he looked really really worried about you, he asked me to call him when you’re awake.” He looked at me with pleading eyes and I understood why he was saying so.

“And you’ll do it no matter how much I oppose” I said “I know you quite well, just do it and stop looking at me like that!” I said releasing his hand fiercely. Instead of trying to calm me down, my friend simply left the room as he took the phone from his pocket.

 “Do you think May is fine?” Kevin asked Eli as both of them stood in front of the mirror to fix their hair.

“I hope so” Eli replied absentminded, “I’m worried about her, I thought Jaeseop was exaggerating, but she’s a fragile girl, I kinda feel guilty…” he said unaware of AJ’s presence, he wanted to share his thoughts with Kevin about accidentally telling May of Jaeseop’s inexistent feelings towards her 

“Guilty?” Kevin asked but in that moment both of them noticed U-KISS rapper standing behind them.

“Uh… you know… for leaving her there, there’s no news about her state yet!” Eli smoothly added, Jaeseop scowled suspiciously but fortunately for Eli he decided to believe him.

“Well, G just called” AJ said raising the hand on which he had his cellphone. “She just woke up, but they’ll stay there until she get the results of her medical exams.” Kevin sighed relieved and Eli slightly gasped pleased with the news.

“We should pay her a visit later” Kevin suggested but Eli pocked his back.

“I think we can’t today, we have to get ready for… you know our fan meeting” He said trying to send Kevin a significantly glance.


“I think it’s better and easier if Jaeseop visits her this afternoon after our schedule” Eli put an end to the conversation and walked off, leaving two confused people exchanging puzzled looks.

Later that day, after U-KISS performance, the guys decided to visit May together, or rather they took the ride to the hospital as an opportunity to interrogate AJ about the mysterious girl he was dating.
“How is she?” Dongho asked out of the blue when the van stopped in a red light. Jaeseop frowned bewildered.


“Hyung! Come on! The girl you’re dating now, how is she? Where did you meet her? How long are you two dating?” The maknae suddenly let out all his curiosity.

“Dating?” Jaeseop repeated as he vainly tried to find a comforting glance in the rest of the guys.

“Yeah, don’t play the fool, you’ve been acting weird and you told us you liked someone else and she was not May” Soohyun finally took the initiative.

“Well, yeah I like someone but we’re not dating, she doesn’t know about my feelings and I’d be thankful if you don’t mention this again” Jaeseop tried to give end to the conversation but this time Hoon talked.

“Who is the girl?” 

“No one you actually know” Jaeseop turned his head so he could see through the window. It was late and the city lights gave a beautiful spectacle.

“You really don’t like May at all?” Kiseop asked.

“No, of course I like her, she’s very nice actually" The guy replied absently as the rest of the members stared at him with interest. “But I met this other girl and I have feelings for her and… why are you so interested anyways? Jaeseop pursed his lips annoyed by the questions. Eli took a deep breath, decided to confess what he did a week ago.

“I accidentally told her you like her and I think May likes you” Everybody turned their eyes to Eli, Jaeseop glared at him with an skeptical glance.

“You… how could you?” AJ simply closed his eyes and shook his head “You guys are really awful” He said nothing else and turned his body so the members couldn’t see his face.

“I’m sorry, I thought… we thought she was the right girl, but…” Eli was apologizing.

“No, you never think! That’s the problem!” AJ raised his voice but maintain his gaze fixed on the streets outside the car. For an unknown reason his heart started to beat faster than usual and he felt strangely worried, May after all was the closest to a friend he had and now she was surely thinking he would suddenly confess his love for her, he immediately understood her behavior, she probably was avoiding him because she felt uneasy, probably the whole kiss scene was an act to show him that she had someone else and she didn’t correspond his feelings. Jaeseop made a decision in that moment; he had to talk with her and clear things up.
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Wrote 4 years ago
No! AJ! You are going to end up on my hit list -.-
Nice update :)

Wrote 4 years ago
you make me so curious!!!

Wrote 4 years ago
This is amazing :)

Wrote 4 years ago
okay now I am really curious who is that "other" girl and actually what the hell is going on? xD



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20 Korean Guys Challenge

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1. The Korean guy who was your first crush
2. The Korean guy who's your current Nº 1 obsession
3. The Korean guy you used to dislike but now love
4. The Korean guy you would like to perform on a stage with
5. The Korean guy you would like to star a drama with you
6. The Korean guy you would like to sing you a song
7. The Korean guy you would take with you for shopping
8. The Korean guy you would like to go party with
9. The Korean guy you would take with you for a long trip
10. The Korean guy you would like to go to amusement park with
11. The Korean guy you would like to teach you something
12. The Korean guy you would take to a movie premier where you’re starring
13. The Korean guy you would like to be your work-mate
14. The Korean guy you would like to have as neighbor
15. The Korean guy who’d date your sister/best friend
16. The Korean guy who would be your brother
17. The Korean guy who would be your best friend
18. The Korean guy you would like to have as boyfriend
19. The Korean guy who would break your heart
20. The Korean guy who would be your husband

1. The Korean guy who would be your classmate
2. The Korean guy you would ask for love’s advice
3. The Korean guy you’d like to take to a concert with you
4. The Korean guy whose outfits you’d like to style.
5. The Korean guy you’d like to be the best man in your wedding
6. The Korean guy you would take to visit your city
7. The Korean guy you’d like to teach something.
8. The Korean guy whose hair you love the most
9. The Korean guy you would like to study with for an upcoming exam.
10. The Korean guy with whom you would like to go to the movies
11. The Korean guy who’d comfort you if you’re crying.
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14. The Korean guy you’d play pranks to.
15. The Korean guy you’d take with you to an end of the year’s party.
16. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to make a parody of your favorite drama.
17. The Korean guy you want to sing you a lullaby
18. The Korean guy you’d like to cook for you
19. The Korean guy whose manager you would like to become.
20. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be partnered for WGM

1. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be "parent" of a baby in Hello Baby
2. The Korean guy with whom you would have liked to appear on Mnet Scandal
3. The Korean guy who surprised you with his unusual skills
4. The Korean guy whose room you would like to visit
5. The Korean guy you would invite to a slumber party.
6. The Korean guy you’d like to have as physical trainer
7. The Korean guy you’d take with you to a sport’s event.
8. The Korean guy whose clothes you would like to wear.
9. The Korean guy you’d take with you to a fashion show.
10. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be left alone in an island.
11. The Korean guy who would teach you how to drive.
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13. The Korean guy you would take to a picnic in a summer day.
14. The Korean guy you’d take to a walk during an autumn evening.
15. The Korean guy with whom you would like to go hiking in the mountains
16. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to spend your birthday day.
17. The Korean guy to whom you’d like to set up blind dates.
18. The Korean guy with whom you’d stay talking by telephone until late at night.
19. The Korean guy you’d take to a norebang with you.
20. The Korean guy you would like to fight for your love.

1. The Korean guy with whom you’d parody a girl group song.
2. The Korean guy who is the closest to your ideal type.
3. The Korean guy who has the cutest smile.
4. The Korean guy you’d like to have as roommate
5. The Korean guy whose sense of humor you love the most
6. The Korean guy whose body you admire the most
7. The Korean guy you’d take to a walk around Paris
8. The Korean guy you’d take with you to Disney
9. The Korean guy you want to see in real life the most
10. The Korean guy you think has the best fashion sense
11. The Korean guy who reminds you to your first love
12. The Korean guy you’d like to travel with around Japan
13. The Korean guy you’d like to have a romantic dinner with
14. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to appear on a CF
15. The Korean guy with you’d like to appear with in a fashion photoshoot
16. The Korean guy you like the most with blond hair
17. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be paired up for a MV
18. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to have a radio program
19. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to visit Namsan Tower
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Hi ladies! New contest!!!!!!
Submit sets with a picture of buildings, cities, shops, etc. There are tons of pics like those out there on Polyvore, but if you need more of an idea of what I mean, look in the details. Your set must have at least 1 picture. Good luck! xx
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