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  • Nordic Holiday lookslikewhite
    Nordic Holiday, a home decor post from the blog lookslikewhite, written by Trudy Crane on Bloglovin'.
  • Made in USA
    Editorial profile of Made in USA by Theo Wenner for Vogue Paris including all credits and more.
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  • Fresh Herbs Growing, Buying, Storing, and Enjoying
    When a recipe calls for basil and dill, do you reach for the spice rack? This summer, find out why the best cooks go to the garden instead.
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  • Julia Roberts Appears in the December 2013 Cover Story of Marie Claire
    Natural Wonder - Actress Julia Roberts is making her comeback with the December cover story of Marie Claire US. In front of Cedric Buchet's lens, Julia wea
  • Fresh Herbs Growing, Buying, Storing, and Enjoying
    When a recipe calls for basil and dill, do you reach for the spice rack? This summer, find out why the best cooks go to the garden instead.
  • Anna Selezneva In '10 Chambre' By Lachlan Bailey For Vogue Paris December 2013
    Model Anna Selezvena tarts up in this chain-rich bijoux editorial lensed by Lachlan Bailey. Ger...
  • Thursday Tip-Off Disco Vibes
    Our Thursday Tip-Off series is a weekly set of tips, suggestions, and tricks for making you a better-informed person. You're welcome. This week we're all about those glam disco vibes (but, you know, the understated, cool version, not the costume-y, Halloween version - the essence of disco, if you will). This means we are fully embracing our fur coats, chunky heels and sequin-covered everything. Find out how to get in the spirit of things below. 1. For those laid-back disco vibes, it's important to go all-out on the glam, but, as we said above, it's also important to make sure it's cool rather than kitschy. Sure, wear sequin pants, but tone them down with a casual tee. We like to look to the groupies of the mid '70s for some timeless fashion inspiration. No, they're not getting down in sequined frocks, per se, but their blending of the era's boho and disco-inspired fashion is a great place to start. Here's a good round-up from DAZED of some of the more influential groupies of the time. (Shiny platform heels and cozy furs are a mainstay, obvs.) While sequins and platforms may not be a look to wear to the office, we can't think of a better outfit to wear for a night out on the town. 2. Read up on Studio 54 and quickly become inspired to throw some opulent, glamorous parties of your own (or to just take a nap because dang, they partied hard). With visitors like Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson, the short-lived disco-infused club must have been doing something right, especially to still be as utterly fascinating in 2014 as it was in 1977. If only our own parties could be this decadent. 3. While most popular disco songs of yesteryear have ended up relegated to wedding party dance floors (seriously, does anyone want to hear Y.M.C.A. anymore, or is it just something we begrudgingly tolerate?), there are some songs from the disco era that have retained a cool, listenable quality. SPIN put together a solid list this year of some disco jams that flew under the radar, and that are still inspiring artists of today. Didn't think you could like disco? Think again! Once you've given those songs a whirl, see how many of the influences you can hear in our current party playlist. 4. By the end of disco, people hated disco! Big shock, right? Reading about the ' Disco Demolition Event,' an event that marked the true end of the disco era, is pretty entertaining, because it points to a time when people were so fed up with something in popular musical culture that they actively rebelled against it. At the event, people burned disco records, rioted, and freaked out a lot of White Sox players (because, oh yeah, this all took place at a baseball game). Reading about it all will probably make you hate disco yourself, but you never know... you might just find yourself getting the urge to make your very own disco ball. 5. Have you ever seen Xanadu? Is this required viewing in college yet? If you haven't seen Xanadu, just set aside a solid chunk of time to take in its beauty and mystique. If you don't feel like strapping yourself into some rollerskates to whiz around the living room in a bedazzled jumpsuit afterward, then maybe the glitz and glamour of the disco era just isn't for you. (You monster.) Shop Mystic Disco
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  • 'Le Soleil Noir de Marc Jacobs' Edie Campbell by David Sims for Vogue Paris December January 13.14 [Editorial] Fashion Copious
    Le Soleil Noir de Marc Jacobs Vogue Paris December/January 13.14 Photographer: David Sims Stylist: Joe McKenna Model: Edie Campbell [...]
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  • Retro Candy Blow Pop Fleece Fabric
    Buy Retro Candy Blow Pop Fleece Fabric and other Character Fabric supplies from Joann.com. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store sells all your Fabric needs.
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  • 12 Decor Gifts Any Paris-Lover Will Die For
    Paris is always a good idea — even when it comes to gift giving. If a friend just got back from a Parisian vacation, constantly makes you watch French films with subtitles, or is always channeling the chicness of French fashion, we know how you can
  • Snowflakes background vector
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