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37.The most outstanding Female Dancer[or the best female dancer]
Only one goes to BoA Queen of K-pop
she is the best among female dancer also she can sing and dance as the same time,i was thinking if someday BoA getting older who will replace/out shine like her since for now i can't find another best reaching BoA level..

some video i like her dancing
-Only one ft.Eunhyuk[live]:
-Eat you up[live]
-Eien [live]:
-Bad drive[live]:

I'm not all the time SM fan I used to be SM old school fan when H.O.T/Shinhwa/BoA/Fly to the sky/TVXQ era how sad the band i was named there were disband,left,had conflicted :(
totally admitted that SM is the best company to create great dancers beside BoA i think Yunho is the best male version another can be Eunhyuk,Kai and old school idol like Minwoo/Junjin/Jang Woohyuk are precious the best dancer..
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