Frankie Baker; GNY

Frankie Baker
Age: 24
Likes: anything black, wedges, Ang Lee, her parents, being economically independent, her job, travelling, long hair, expensive lingerie.
Dislikes: bad literature, being called snobby, cheap alchool, self-important b.itches, fairytales
Bio: Frankie is the quite one of the group, even though she works at Vogue she loves reading books and staying in at home on a Saturday night. Although she may look snobby and stuck up nothing has ever been just handed to her. Frankie had to work hard for where she is now; her parents spent most of their money sending her to the best school.
She doesn’t have much interest in guys, and would rather be in the company of her friends. Frankie thinks that boyfriends take up too much time, and are not worth it.
Occupation: Fashion Buyer
Relationship status: dating a certain someone...
Model: Nina Agdal/Cailin Russo
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