FRED & FRIENDS Trash bag
  • simplehuman Trash Can, Deluxe Mini Semi-Round 10L
    Take trash out of the picture and replace it with this clean, gleaming trash can from simplehuman. Sized for smaller spaces, this can is strong and sturdy with a steel pedal and solid, stainless steel construction. 10-year warranty. Brushed.
  • Simplehuman 20-Liter Trash & Recycling Bin
    Warranty Information. Stainless steel. Imported. 6.7" X 8.7" x 15.2" Fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel finish. Color-coded plastic bins make it easy to sort trash and recycling. Lift-off lid for easy disposal and cleaning. Manufacturer's limited 5-year warranty.
  • simplehuman Trash Can, 4.5L Mini Round
    You take care of the trash and simplehuman's step can will take care of itself with a fingerprint-proof finish that smudges simply don't stick to. The compact size of this trash can lets you stow it away out of sight and the removable plastic bucket and pedal design give you easy access to tidy up. 5-year warranty.
  • simplehuman Brushed Stainless Steel Dual Recycler Trash Can, 20 Liter Slim Fingerprint Proof
    Sort it out. It's easy to recycle with this stainless steel trash can, which features a dual-bucket construction with one side entirely devoted to your recyclables-simply look for the blue indicator to make separating quick & easy. The brushed design is fingerprint-proof for a totally sophisticated approach to taking on trash.
  • simplehuman Trash Can, 30L Round Retro
    Truly out of sight, out of mind with a fingerprint-proof finish, slim hinged-design that puts the trash can right up against the wall and supreme air suspension for virtually silent opening and closing. The bag tuck feature lets you deal with excess edges of trash bags for an appearance so tidy no one will ever know you store trash in there. 10-year warranty. RED.