A Frenchman's Princess

Name : : Elodie Delaney de Foulta
Age : : 14
Grade : : { 9th Grade }
Birthplace : : Versailles, France
Hometown : : Monte Carlo, France
Date of Birth : : May 16
Origins : : 5O% French Chic, 2O% Brazilian Bombshell, 3O% Spanish Sass
Appearance : : { Adriana Lima } Couture Queen dipped in elegance and showered in grace. Elodie attracts attention wherever she may happen to appear. Though who could blame them, with is sultry blend of French and Latina blood coursing through her jewel embedded veins. Olive, blemish free skin layers over her delicate 5'6 frame, glowing brightly in the sun. Thick, wavy, dark mohaghany tresses flow down her back in a bronze waterfall, tumbling down her back and bypassing her noticeable D cups. Her luscious locks frame her delicate heart shaped face, contrasting to her lightly tanned skin. Amazing, hazel eyes embroider her attractive face, sparking like a sea of amber diamonds. Thick, longer than falsies, crystal infused eyelashes surround them and lightly touch her cheek. Just above them are her shapely, thin eyebrow always arched in question. A tiny ski slope nose slides down her face, leading to her voluptuous beauties. Soft, peachy oh so kissable lips tempt men to her, swiped with a coat of dark red Yves Saint Laurent. Think you can compare? Think again doll.
Accent : : A sexy, sultry voice tinkling like a thousand tiny bells. Her accent is both unique and attractive. It emanates from her rouge lips in a light, mint scented whisper. One word and you're hopelessly under her spell.
Personality : : Recognize that oh so sexy Latina tearing up bombshell avenue? Of course you do, she's the couture queen, Elodie de Foulta. See her coming your way, the crowd parting as if it were the Red sea? With her long strides and oh so perfect complexion? Yes, that's her. Hide you scars and wipe your tears for you are in the presence of a queen. Though you can't help but stare, she ah-viously can't give you the time of day. Surrounded by a sea of Prada and Givenchy, you won't stand a chance. Bow down or bow out, for the queen will tear you apart. Does she have feels? But of course, but you just can't see them under her crystal and porcelain mask.
Flaws : : Elodie has major abandonment issues and tends to keep her friends close. Since her past consisted of those she loved leaving her behind, you better believe that once she's got a hold of you, you are never slipping away until she wants you to do so.
Style : : sexy. leather. cutting edge. pastel. color blocked. original. effortless. floral. matching. never clashing.
Biography : : The waves rippled effortlessly, gleaming in black diamonds under the midnight Versailles moon. The palace shadowed city was serene and quiet as the 12 am dust settled. While the city was clothed in Chanel nightgowns and dusty night, all the citizens rested. Except for one very important family. Maybe you've heard of them? The de Foulta's. A silk wrapped, pink aced baby girl nestled in her mothers arms, dark, striking eyes wandering the room. Her name, you may ask? Elodie, or amongst her friend's E. Her sweet, soft expression melted all's heart, the princess of Versailles. It wasn't soon after her birth, that the de Foulta's moved to Monte Carlo. Leaving behind the rich palace for the vibrant, elegant social scene. Elodie was brought up in Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, crystal tiara's and matching pastel outfits. Like how some ladies are crowed miss universe, Elodie was already pronounce the moment she opened her eyes. Her childhood was full of ballerina twirls and camera clicks. At a very young age, she was devoted to ballet. Countless hours were spent in her studio, decked out in her light pink leotard, practicing positions. She skilled, of course, committing turn after perfect turn. She was taught by the professionals and her very own mother. Melinda de Foulta, world famous ballerina? Ring a bell? Though her heart was attached to ballet, she worked on countless other things, one being modeling/pageantry. Surprised? Don't be. With her exotic, sensual beauty, by the ripe, elegant age of 13, she successfully lined her walls with crystal tiara and rose satin sashes. With every accomplishment, he status boosted . Laced with elegance and framed with beauty, there is no doubt in couture hell that she won't rise to the occasion.
Family : :
Melinda Clarissa de Foulta ; Mother ; 39 ; Professional Ballerina ; Jessica Alba
Georgio Raphael de Foulta ; Father ; 47 ; Executive Manager of Givenchy ; Chris Pine
Sutton Bliss de Foulta ; Sister ; 19 ; Student ; Leighton Meester
Secret : : What could E possibly have to hide? A chipped nail, a bad photo or two? No darling much worse. You see, Elodie is know for her renowned parties that include alcohol, drugs and what not. All the features that make parties fun. But to keep up with her inventory, she has to do something right? She regularly offers "favors" to local dealers to keep on top. Shh, it's a secret.
Credit : :
Activeness : : 9/1O
Roleplay Sample : :
I clutch a small, cream envelope in my crystal manicured hands. On the back there was a maroon stamp that read "Constance Billard." I bite my Yves Saint Laurent molded lips slightly, brushing the sharp flap slightly. Taking a small breath, I flip the flap up and grab hold of the white folded letter inside. "Congratulations, you have been accepted into Constance Billard's Freshman class." It reads. A wide grin paints my face as I call to my maid. "Ingrid." I call, waiting at the foot of the stairs. She emerges, duster in hand, reply in a quiet " Yes miss Elodie." I hand her the letter and start up the stair, talking over my shoulder. "Prepare my private jet. Constance awaits." I say, an undertone of excitement shining through.

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Wrote three years ago
ℓucky you, Gossip Girℓ ℓikes Eℓodie's attitude, you've been accepted and your character wiℓℓ roℓepℓay in the top cℓique the it girℓs with the queen of constance biℓℓard Deℓancey, Be carefuℓ one sℓick move and your out of the top cℓique. Check out the bℓog for gossip Girℓ's reaction on Eℓodie -XOXO SHAY


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