Clue: Use colours, flour colours!! ... with that I think that i said all ... Make a set where u include colours for this Spring...Limitations: with hijab, not 3/4 slevees, no skinny jeans, i mean; Hijab aproppiate... Use ur imagination and dont put model's photographs...Ok sweetiees....Have fun and Good Luck!! :D
Ahhh... The winners: 5 WINNERS: 1st and 2nd a set for the creator as a prize, 3rd; 10 faves, and 4th and 5th 5 faves. Kissseeees for all.... mwwwaaah .. Luv you!! :D

Created by simsima. Created in Beauty,Glam,Chic..but with hijab. 31 sets from 17 members. Ended 7 years ago.