Frisa Vonstock (21)
Status: Model
Frisa is the dark, mysterious, Swedish beauty that nobody really knows. When you first look at her you think she's stunning, and easy to befriend, but once you try, you learn you were wrong from the start. Over the last few years, Frisa's gone through a lot, and therefore isn't ready to trust anyone. When Frisa was just sixteen, she was ra.ped by her father. He continually did it, for four more years, up until when Frisa couldn't stand it. Frisa broke. She confessed to all the horrible things she'd been through to her maid, who was like a replacement mom to her since her mother died, and they went to court. Her father was charged with, and is now serving a five year sentance. But that wasn't even the end of it. Frisa's been in and out of therapy sessions since then, hoping to get better, and rid the fear. Frisa doesn't trust guys, or anyone for that matter. In order to get to Frida, you have to dig deep, and really try, or else you'll hardly know her. Since that's the only way to get to know her, not many people try, so Frida completely isolates herself, keeping her feelings and secrets inside. After everything that had happened, Frisa decided to get away, from all of it. She packed a few bags, and ran away from her small town in Sweden. She took a flight to New York and never looked back. And now she's just been signed with EMA, who thinks that Frisa will be a delightful addition into the new group of girls that they'd hired. So far, Frisa hasn't booked anything, or attempted to make any friends, not that she wants to. But will she let someone into her life, and let all her secrets go? Or will she continue her ways, and pretend to be perfectly fine just the way she is?
Model: Frida Gustavsson

Top 3:
1. Frisa (because there are only so few girls. If there are more, I will add them to the list.)

(Coming soon. Waiting for more characters to be written.)
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