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“Alright, do you have sunscreen?” My mom asked as we arrived into the Miami Airport terminal.
“How about closed-toe shoes?” She said examining my BCBG sandals.
“Yeah, those sneakers you packed last minute.” I had convinced my mom that it was a school trip. It took awhile to convince her, but she eventually fell for it.
“Alright, well remember to have fun. And don’t get lost!” She warned as she headed off to the exit.
Perfect. I searched inside my MJ bag for my cellphone.
‘Where are you ?’ I invited my best guy friend, Jacob, to come along. His dad worked at the airport, so he got free rides. And he was the only person that didn’t have plans for valentines. I was so stoked, now I wouldn’t have to go all alone. 
‘look to your left.’ he wrote.
I turned to the left and saw a middle-aged man in thick-rimmed glasses, smoking.
‘umm there’s this creppy guy. Where are you?’
‘wait-- I mean ur right.’ I laughed, this was such a Jacob thing. We had been friends since kindergarten, when we exchanged my PB&J sandwich for his Oreos. He was the only guy I could trust, and the only guy who seemed to care.
Soon enough I saw Jacob walking towards me, suitcase in hand.
“Jacob! You made it!” I ran to give him a hug.
“Yes, sorry about that.” he laughed.
“Ohh it’s alright, common mistake.” I laughed as we headed towards the ticket person. We dropped off our suitcases and got our tickets. Fortunately me and Jacob got seats together. Next to the window too.
“Dude I’m so stoked; my first trip without parents. And it’s so nice there, I heard the weather nice.”
“Hahah, cause it’s so different from the weather here in Florida, right?” He asked.
“Well, I bet it’s less humid and cooler there.” I pointed out.
“Point taken.” He smiled, and we headed inside.
“Welcome to American Airlines, hope you have a nice ride with us.” The flight attendant said.
And with that we got into our seats, and the plane headed off to Monaco. To start the 3-day birthday party. I couldn’t wait to see all of my polyvorian friends.
After 6 hours of what seemed like torture, we safely landed.
“Hey, Amanda where do we go now?” Jacob asked looking around.
“Good question. Umm she said something about a limo.”
And soon enough we saw a big white limo and a guy holding a sign with my name on it.
“Holy crap! Angie went all out!” I exclaimed as I ran towards the limo, Jacob following close behind.
“Welcome to Monaco !” The driver said in a thick accent! 
“Thanks!” Jacob and I said in unison.
Inside, everything you could wish for. A bar, fridge full of chocolates and food, and Tvs. Jeeze, this girl knows how to party!
“I’ve never been in a limo with all this stuff,” Jacob said as he reached into the fridge.
“Haha! I’ve never actually been in a limo before,” I admitted, “And I love how you’re already eating!”
“Well, neither have I.” Jake said, as he threw a grape towards me. Hitting the side of my face.
“Hey! No fair!” I threw a grape and he caught it.
“I’m sorry that you’re a sucky thrower.”
“I hate you.” I laughed.
“Love you too.” he smiled.
“Well how do you like the weather?” I abruptly changed the subject. For the longest time, I’ve liked him. The way he said my name. The way he called me Mandy. The way he could make me smile, even when I’ve had the hardest days. It was like a cheesy love song. Whenever he kid around saying ‘love you too’, my heart skipped a beat. Maybe, just maybe he liked me back.
“A little colder actually.” 
“Yeah… Where are such Floridians.”
After a 20 minute ride, we arrived at the hotel de Paris. The golden interior was amazing. Easily the best and classiest hotel I’ve been too. 
“Hello welcome to Hotel de Paris. Hope you have an exquisite time here. Do you have reservations?” A woman dressed head to toe in white asked as we entered the place.
“Umm. Yes, Amanda Amor. I’m here for Angie’s birthday bash.” Was I supposed to say my name? I had no idea how these hotels ran.
“Ohh yes, room 204.” She said as she handed the keys to me. That would mean one room for the both of us. 
“Thank you.” And with that we headed towards the elevator.
“Room 200, 202, 204.” I said reading off the door plates.
“After you.” Jacob said as he put the card through the slot. It blinked green. He opened it as hard as he could, almost a little too hard. It hit his face as it began to close.
“Are you alright?” I asked looking at his forehead.
“That was not supposed to happen.” he opened the door again, this time softly. Success, and we went inside. 
“You’re such a dork,” I smiled.
“Yeah, jealous?”
“Very, let me tell you.” I played along.

This was sure to be an interesting trip, I thought as I started to unpack.

- - - -

If ya read say, "Donuts." yes, very.

Umm I will be attending an amazing sleepover bday bash today. Won't be coming on till monday afternoon. 

will continue story later though. x]

mandy ♥
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