A friend is someone who gives you a bit of ground when land is what you need;
Or a piece of heaven if you dream that fouls.
Friend is more than an outstretched hand, is an open mind, heart throbbing, wide back ...
It is he who gives and does not expect to return, because the act of sharing already meets;
It's who has felt or will someday feel the same as you;
It is he who understands your desire to fly and soar;
It is enraged to see his error, though I know that perfection does not exist;
It is the sun that dries her tears and flesh that sweetens your smile.
It's who has no selfishness;
Friend is one who touches his wound, vibrates with their victories,
or make jokes to alleviate the problem.
Friend is who actually loves you, period.
It whoever tried and did;
It's who smiles without finding apparent reason,
to find what you did not even know he wanted.
Is that what you hear on the phone with the same attention
when looking into the eyes.
Friend is who hears and speaks to the look.
Has the right word and look express pain or joy.
It's the moon, the brightest star, the light that renews every moment.
Friend is one that says "I love you" without risk of being misunderstood.
True, reason, dream or feeling.
And friend is forever, even if not always exist.

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