tuesday; 9/10

I arrived at Ashley's party with Lacey, i never come with a guy; now, when i go home, that's another story. Since lacey was already past tipsy, i dumped her in some posh guy's arms and headed straight to the bar. 
"-Tequila, please."
Soon after that, the waiter puts on the table an orange coloured glass, that looked so not like the tequila shot i ordered.
"-Dude, i asked for a tequila shot, not a fucking cocktail!"
"-We don't serve tequila. Tequila SUnrise is as close as you can get." he smiled apologetically.
"-Well, i'm gonna need 20 of these to get drunk, so you better get ready." i sighed and downed the glass in one gulp.
By 11 o' clock the party was to die for. Jax threw up on Ashley, her boyfriend had his tongue on Stephanie's throat not long after and i heard that had been an incident including Daze. I danced the whole night with a tall, blonde guy, all covered in tats, guitar player in another band. The guys from DRC were already looking funny at me, they don't usually like it when their groupies hang out with other band members. After another couple of hours i returned at the bar. The waiter smiled at me and handed me a tequila shot. Finally!
"-I thought you didn't serve this?" i smiled flirtacioulsy in return.
"-Yeah, but how many tequila sunrises you think i could make. I'm only human." he laughed. He had the cutest laugh in the world, an adorbale smile and the sweetest dimples.
"-I'm David." he extended his hand.
"-Cher. What are you doing after this?" i cut straight to the point. I was way too drunk to to have any dignity left. He laughed again and at the sound of it i found myself kissing him across the bar. He responded to my kiss, but after a few seconds he pushed me away. He was still smiling.
"-Well, aren't you an impatient little one..."
"-Impatinet and horny." i replied. Yep, noooo dignity left.
"-How about this, you give me your number, i'll call you tomorrow and when you'll be at least slightly more sober you'll decide if you want to go on a date with me."
"-But i want to go on a date with you, right now." i whispered in what was supossed to be my sexy voice. Un fortunately, that wasn't so effective when i was wasted. I finally gave in, wrote him my number on a napkin with lipstick and made him pinky promise me that he would call.
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