wednesday 13; Elle Magazine party at The Plaza, it’s going to be packed with celebrities and media. Paramore and B.O.B are performing.
Stupid story and over week late... Next one should be better. I had this in my drafts though. u.u 
Sid moved around the party with her drink she was nursing to make it last. She knew there would be a lot of people there so only a drink or two to be had then colas, it was the best way to cover for that little secret help she took. She felt relaxed as she moved around the room then she came over to Bastian who was talking to a model, her frame tensed a moment. He turned and gave her that crooked smile of his, brightening her mood again. Stepping over to his side,"Hey.."

Bastian pressed a kiss to her head as his arm went around her waist, introducing the girl to Sid.

Slowly nods, putting out her hand, "Nice to meet you." Was there distaste in the girl's face as she shook Sid's hand or was she imagining it? Hoping it wasn't or a moment she was ruining because Bastian was her boyfriend even if they hadn't said it. The relationship was implied and everyone else thought so. She felt it most of the time as well.

Conversation was terse and Sid couldn't quite recall what she had said to the girl, only that her glass was empty when they walked away when previously quite fresh. Her mind was racing too much to make any sense. She remembered one foot in front of the other, making her limbs listen and trying not to turn her ankle again.

"Sidonie, are you feeling ok? You look a bit flushed.." There was concern in his tone as they came back to the bar.

She set the glass down on the bartop and leaned against it a moment, smiling at him, "I'm fine.." That was the answer he wanted to hear as she watched his face relax, it was far from the truth but she'd deal. 

He reached out to brush her long bangs back from her face, "The concert will be starting soon."

Sid put on a smile and nodded, "Then we'd better head over there. Come on. Stop worrying so much." She seen more in his eyes but he still put his arm around her waist to walk over towards the stage where people were gathering.
She leaned against him, closing her eyes a moment, it was going to be fine...
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