Hi everyone! its Marie here, sorry i haven't been on in so long, i've been super busy with school and everything else that goes on 

anyways so friends are the sunshine in life ! it is really important to have a good friend or friend group cause they can help you through a lot! I am very thankful for he friends i have, especially my closest friends mil, Lyssa, emma and dee ! they have defently supported me more then they know it! 
so what is a good friend? good friends are hard to find, but a good friend is a person who is kind to you, doesn't act like you're stupid, doesn't talk about you behind your back, respects you, is someone who you respects, someone who understands you, someone you can laugh with and have fun with - this is alot to look for and expect from a person, and rarely will you find it all in one person, so dont be discrouaged
how can i be a good friend?? well be who you are! never talk about anyone behind their back ( unless it's a guy cause you have to talk about boys with your friends right? :) ), make sure you include people( you dont have to do this all the time, but if there's a girl at school who doesn't have any friends then make sure to be nice and maybe once in while be her partner) be who you want to find- what i mean by this is if you want to find a friend that's super nice then be super nice., 
How to keep fights out of your friend gouts?? the most important thing here is DONT gossip! if you want to say something bad about someone talk to God about it- ask him to take these bad thoughts from you, ask him to forgive you, ask him to give you wisdom and peace, youwill be amazed at how much He will help you. then when you get home talk to your mom or older sister about it(younger sisters can help sometimes too) but make sure you trust them not to tell anyone! sometimes it can be hard not to gossip if someone starts gossiping about someone else to you if this happens just kindly say "sorry i can't gossip about this person" and nicely walk away. other then not gossiping just make sure you are understanding to your friends you dont always know their whole story.
My best friend is Jesus! and you can always rely on him to be forgiving, he wont gossip about you, he will ALWAYS be there for you no matter how bad you've messed up! - always remember that

hope this helped! if you have anything to add please pm me @hipsters-tipsters-sisters :)
love you all (like sisters) 

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