I feel myself as the 3 girls from the Friends in different times of the month actually :) For example, when I am in times before my period I feel like Rachel ( modern-sexy-stylish) , as long as my period I feel like Phoebe ( grunge-weirdo-retro) and finally before my ovulation I feel like Monica ( domestic-former obese- detail maniac). However, these all 3 girls/3 moods/3 styles make myself me:) Like the 1 shoe in 3 different positions. 
Besides, 3 gentlemen of the Friends are also the men of my style, too. I mean, my dream guy should be a Ross ( smart- a city guy-an idealist ), a Chandler ( funny-friendly-casual) and a Joey ( sexy-sportive-strong). 
So, that's why I am still watching them and still enjoying their style & friendship.
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