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quidditch game: hufflepuff vs. slytherin
let's see if those slytherins can redeem themselves after their last game
* draco catches the snitch, slytherins win
hufflepuff's seeker fell off of his broom and is badly injured: most non-slytherins suspect foul play from draco
* party in the slytherin common room after the game
[surprisingly, draco is nowhere to be found]

scent - marc jacobs
mood - unsure
hair - three braids braided into a messy side braid
nails - navy [same as shoes]
lips - sheer orangey-pink gloss
music - friends, lovers, or nothing // john mayer
food - 
where - quidditch pitch
with - 

With the two teams neck and neck, and no sign of the snitch, I was beginning to wonder if this game would ever end. Then again, it didn't seem as though either Draco or Levi was really looking for the tiny winged ball. Instead, they seemed to be too busy staring each other down. I hoped that that wasn't about me, but I couldn't help but blush. I had planned my outfit carefully- yellow sweater for hufflepuff, green tank for slytherin, navy sandals for ravenclaw, and pink underwear [not that anyone could see it] for my own house. The only thing that I hadn't planned on, was the weather, not that I usually based my outfit on such trivial things. Living in England as a girl who adored summer clothing was not an easy thing- today especially. It was a day that could only be described in the words of one of my muggle friends- positively nipply.

I was broken from my silent, mindless rambling as Levi turned his broom sharply, Draco following suit, and flying quickly towards a particularly dense bit of fog.

Almost as suddenly, the crowd was on its feet, trying to catch a glimpse of the two boys as they raced for what we could only assume was the snitch. But we had no such luck, as the fog was simply too thick. I shook slightly, either from the excitement or the cold, as I waited for them to emerge.

And then, finally, I saw Draco's unmistakable, pale hand clasping the snitch as he began to exit the cloud of fog. But everyone else's attention was elsewhere, watching in horror as Levi tumbled out of the sky, his broom nowhere to be seen. I gasped as his body hit the ground, making a grotesquely loud cracking noise. Vixen and I both cringed at the sound.

"That slimy little ferret!" Vixen shouted, clearly referring to Draco Malfoy. The non-Slytherin students quickly followed suit, screaming obscenities at the Slytherin stands, as well as their players forming a circle on the field. But I didn't move a muscle, I was in too much shock.

Below the stands, Madame Pomfrey rushed onto the field, towards Levi's immobile- and most likely unconscious- body.


As I headed out of the already empty quidditch pitch alone- Vixen had spotted Adam and hurried off to talk with him, I was suddenly pulled back into the darkness of the stands.

"I need to talk to you," Draco whispered.

"No one's here, Malfoy, you can talk in your normal voice," I said, more than a little peeved at his performance earlier. Even in the dark, I could tell he flinched when I called him by his last name.

“What’s got you pissed off?” he asked, moving us into the [fading] light.

“That was low,” I said, “Even for you.”

“What are you talking about?” 

“Don’t pretend you didn’t knock Levi off his broomstick,” I replied.

“I didn’t,” he attempted. But from my facial expression, he could tell I didn’t believe him. “Okay, maybe I did,” he admitted, “But I just meant to nudge him out of my way so I could catch the snitch- you saw how foggy it was out there, my depth perception wasn’t too great.”

“Fine,” I sighed. Then, after a few seconds of silence, I added, “Don’t you have a victory party to go to or something?”

He nodded, “But like I said, I need to talk to you.”

“About what?” I asked, sounding more annoyed and frustrated than I really was. “Sorry,” I apologized.

“No worries,” he said quickly, before, “What were you and Levi doing at Hogsmade?”

“Do I sense a little jealousy?” I asked, smiling a little.

Draco blushed, “No, I, uh… I was just curious… you were in an odd area of town- not many people hang out there.”

“Levi and I are just friends,” I assured him.

“That’s not what he’s telling people,” Draco muttered.

“Oh? And what exactly is he telling people?” I raised an eyebrow.

“That, well, that you two… you know,” he said, not looking at me.

“Are doing what you and I are doing?” I asked, catching his drift.

Draco nodded, looking up at me, scrutinizing my face for some tell tale sign that this wasn’t true.

“I just met the kid a week ago,” I said, “If he’s telling people that.. well…”

“Well what?” Draco asked hopefully.

“It’s not true,” I promised, “But even if it was, what would it matter to you?”

“Oh,” Draco whispered, looking away.

“Avery?” I heard Vixen’s voice call. She sounded about ten feet away at the most.

“Hide!” I urged Draco in a whisper. He did, receding into the shadows just in time.

“Avery. What are you still doing here?” Vixen asked.

“Oh, uh, just getting some fresh air,” I said quickly. Too quickly.

“Uh-huh,” Vixen nodded doubtfully, “Well I can tell that you’re uh, a little cold.”

I looked down at my chest and blushed. Had Draco seen that? He must have. There’s no way he could have missed that.

“Oh!” I whispered, crossing my arms in front of myself as I blushed. I could have sworn I heard a snicker coming from the shadows.

“Whatever,” Vixen said, “There’s a party in the Gryffindor common room. No particular reason, we just decided to throw a party.”

And with that, she led me towards the castle, leaving Draco alone on the quidditch pitch.

* once again, no comments on what happened with avery and draco, unless you’re not in character

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Wrote 6 years ago
ooh, love this soo much!
the colors are so springy and cute.

Wrote 6 years ago
this is so pretty!!!

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
:O Levi! Oh lordie.
But he seems to really like you, hmm



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