Coffee&Cakes [fall/winter edition]

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Alice’s POV

I was shaking from cold; that water from a puddle I was soaking with wasn’t adding points to my attractiveness. Byunghun started at me with pity mixed with amusement in his eyes.

My apartment was far, I didn’t have any money, and waiting for a bus seemed rather unpleasant [seemed like a torture, I would say].

Byunghun should be a gentleman and save me.

A smirked formed on his lips.
“I suggest running; it will keep you warm.”

That was way too much for me that day; 

Just too much. 
“You!” I poked him in chest. “You should learn some manners.” I poked him again; he was slowly stepping back. “I had awful day today and I’m your new colleague, whether you like it or not, and you’re going to treat me with respect.” I was constantly poking him, and it looked like some kind of attack.

His eyes widened from…fear?

“Now we’re going at your place where you give me some dry clothes and make me warm tea, understand?!”

He nodded bewildered.

Another shiver of cold shook my body.
“What are you waiting for?”
This is how I imagined it; but instead I gave him last sad look. “See you tomorrow.” I said without any emotion and turned back to walk back home.

Byunghun’s POV

Was she crying? Or just shivering?

I started at slim figure of Alice getting further; her shoulders were shaking and she really looked miserable being drenched like that.

“Alisy-ssi!” I called and caught up with her. She turned around and looked a me in surprise; she looked like scared little puppy whose owner just get rid of it.

The wave of guilt hit me; I was behaving so unpleasant to that woman despite the fact she hadn’t done anything bad to me. 

(‘And her gratitude can come in handy’ sly voice in my head prompted. )

“Alisy-ssi, you would better come with me. You can’t walk like this!” With slight blush I pointed at her wet blouse through which I could see shadow of her bra. 
She sighed. “I don’t want to bother you; besides walking like this fits this awful day perfectly.”

“But it’s already past midnight!” I smirked. “Let’s start this new day better than previous.”

Narrator’s POV

They reached Byunghun’s home very quickly; shivering Alice was almost running and she rushed the young boy to lead her there as fast as he could.

Before letting her go inside, Byunghun peeked checking if his parents were back from the meeting with friends. 

“Wait here.” The boy left Alice in tiny corridor and sneaked further inside; the fact that the lights were off didn’t mean his parents – especially mom – weren’t somewhere hiding to catch him bringing girl home. Or at least this is what the boy was afraid of.

After making sure that both kitchen and parent’s bedroom were empty just like the rest of the house, Byunghun walked back to the corridor where Alice was supposed to wait for him silently.

But she weren’t there.

“Alisy?” Byunghun panicked; where she could go? 
He quickly turned on lights in livingroom and rushed to look for the girl; he almost missed her when he was about to enter another room.

He couldn’t do anything else than smile at the sight of the female sitting on floor and tightly hugging radiator.
“So warm~” She almost moaned with pleasure.

Byunghyun stroked his hair. Back there outside the restaurant he was all confident suggesting Alice to come with him to his house but now being with her alone he felt way more shy.
“I guess I’ll look for something for you to change.” He suggested.

He could gave her his mom clothes but he knew his mother well; she would notice even a hairclip missing. It was safer to dig something up from own closet.

“Just call me ‘noona’.” She said smiling and grabbed pile of dry clothes from Byunghun’s hands. “Where can I change?”

The moment she asked the question, the boy heard familiar sound of his front door being opened.
“Here!” He pushed her into his room and close the door behind him. Then he jumped on sofa and turned on TV to pretend he was watching it all the time.

“We’re back~” His father announced happily; he definitely drank enough to not remember anything. “Go sleep.” Mrs. Lee pushed her husband in the direction of their bedroom.
“As you wish honey.”

“What are you doing?” She asked her son; she placed her hands on hips and impatiently banged her feet in slipper on the floor. She looked like a teacher scolding naughty pupil. [And in fact she WAS a teacher].
“Watching TV.” He responded, waving remote control to prove it.
“I see that. I just question WHAT are you watching.”

The boy followed his mother stare to the screen, and immediately felt his cheeks burning. From all types of TV programs he must turn on TV on one that at this hour presented some p.orn. He quickly turned off it.
“It was just an advertisement. “ He said.
“It’s late; you should go sleep too.”
“You’re right mom. Goodnight!”

He closed himself in his room and almost screamed at sight of Alice; he completely forgot she was there.

Changing clothes.

“Put that on, noona!” Byunghun grabbed the pullover lying on his desk and pushed it into Alice’s hands.
“It’s not like I’m naked.” She said, covering her black bra with the pullover. Byunghun blushed even more.
“What took you so long?” He hissed. 
“I could get an award for being the slowest at changing clothes.” She laughed. “I was always late for PE classes because of that. What are you doing?”

Byunghun was pressing his ear to door, carefully listening. Sounds from kitchen. Dishwasher. 

He knew his mother routine; first make sure kitchen was clean; then prepare yourself for sleep. After that he could sneak Alice outside.

“Are you living with your parents?” The girl asked. “There’s nothing bad about that, you don’t need to be ashamed of it.”
“I’m not ashamed.” He lied; he felt embarrassed in front of older foreign woman. “But my mom is close to dictator so it’s better if she won’t discover you’re here. Inviting girls after midnight is strictly forbidden here.”

She laughed and sat down. “Okay, I’ll wait silently for the right moment to leave.”

Byunghun looked closely at her; maybe she wasn’t the prettiest girl he has ever met but she was kind of sexy (‘legs 10 point out of 10’ he evaluated).

“Noona, I have an offer for you.” He said, sitting in front of her. “Since you owe me something for rescue you today…”
“I thought you did it for free.”
“There’s nothing free in this world.”
“Okay, what do you want?”

Byunghun stroked his hair nervously; this conversation seemed way easier in his head when he imagined it while they were walking to his house.

“Well…you’re a girl…and I’m a boy…and I need some…service…that only girl…”
“You’re not being serious?” Alice looked at him bewildered. “Requesting s.ex for such tiny help is a bit too much.”
Byunghun started coughing and immediately turned red. “I didn’t..mean..THAT.”
“Oh. “She sighed with relief. 

“Okay, I’ll be honest with you because this is the only way to avoid misunderstandings. “ The boy took deep breath. “I like some girl who thinks I’m immature…”
“You’re a bit.”
“…and not in her type. She likes ‘bad boys’ and ‘playboys’.”
“You mean arrogant a.ssholes who doesn’t care about girl’s feeling?”

“Anyways, I want to make her jealous because it seems like the only way she will like me!”
Alice rolled her eyes. “I guess flowers and romantic dates are not in her style? Am I that weird to like that stuff?” She said more to herself than to the blonde boy.
“I want you to come with me to the party and pretend to be my girlfriend, and to be so sexy that all the boys will be jealous.”
“And I – “ said Alice who thought pretending to be sexy would cost more than lending her dry clothes and some money at restaurant – want you to help me move furniture. Especially that d.amn heavy wardrobe.”
“And you will act as my sexy girlfriend any time I’ll need it.”
“You will walk me home after work ‘cause some customers of nearest restaurant look dangerous.”
“You will help me with shopping.”
“You will open jars for me.”
“And you will help me with English homework!”

The both looked at each other excited.
“What about being friends with benefits” – Alice smiled – “just without s.ex? I’ll be you ‘girlfriend’, and you my ‘boyfriend’ anytime one of use would need help of each other?”
Byunghun smiled too. “Agreed.”

Alice got up, ready to leave.

“Byunghun, all ‘girlfriend’ request are for ‘free’. For tutoring you English you must pay.”

It took me ages to figure out how to start some closer interaction between my characters, but here it is:)
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