So hard to choose one gift for you, one person very is very special for me, so have an amazing Brazilian song "Canção da América" that talks about friendship, so I translate for you, below.......

Happy Birthday @gailwind, all the best love you, thanks for existing, kisses Ka

and I forgot to mention all cheap here, less the blazer!!!!!! (LOL)

Translate to English of Canção da América ( Milton Nascimento)

"Friend is something to saving,
Under seven keys,
Inside the heart,
So said the song, that I heard in America
But who was singing cried to see his friend go,
But who was, the thought flew,
His singing reminded that the other,
And who flew in thought was,
A reminder that the other sang,
Friend is something to saving,
On the left side of breast
Even though the time and distance say No,
Even forgetting the song,
What matters is to hear the voice that comes from the heart,
Is what comes,
Come what may
Someday Friend, I come back, to find you.
Someday friend, we will meet."

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