Inspiration: Fringe

This is a collection inspired by Fringe and its characters. Let's break it down.
Olivia has a simple sort of style. Usually she wears a pant suit, and rarely wears any sort of color.
Peter always has the jackets and coats. Also sweaters and collared shirts ("MIT Drop-out")
Walter wears clothes leftover from the 80's. He has deep v-neck cardigans and dark collared shirts.
Astrid's style is mostly cute sweaters and stylish blazers.
Nina is stylish and professional, always in black and wearing gloves.
Fauxlivia likes cargo pants and cool leather jackets and boots.
Etta wears cashmere t-shirts and henley tops.
Observers wear suits and fedoras.
Brown Betty is the 40's musical story Walter told to Ella. A lot of fedoras.

In the last season, the characters wear mostly jackets, jeans and henley tops.
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Wrote three months ago
@Stay-at-home-mom yay me too! :D

Wrote three months ago
I love Fringe! ♡


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