I anxiously checked my phone for the thousandth time. Nothing

Logged onto Facebook. Emptier than the racks of Mango after a good sale.

Checked the little blue Skype logo. No red bubble indicating a magic little number one. 

I temporarily considered checking my mail before slamming my Mac shut in frustration. I had officially run out of mediums of communication. He was definitely not trying to get in contact.

“Everything good?” Tess asked as she glanced up at me.

“Just dandy,” I answered through clenched teeth. I was mentally going through an argument with him but apart from that, everything was fit as fiddle.

A phone beeped and I automatically glanced at my Blackberry for the little red dot before realising it was Tess’ prehistoric phone. I watched as a little smile formed and rolled my eyes.

“My god, enough with the Jake texting. Just fucking get with him already,” I said with a bit more bite than necessary.

“Its not like that!” she answered with a smile too coy to be telling the truth. My irritation grew tenfold. 

“Whatever,” I answered, tired of dwelling on whether there really was something going on or not. Instead, I checked my phone one last time before deciding that I was officially angry with him. If wannabe lover boy could text Tess, it wasn’t too much to ask of my boyfriend to do the same. “When is he leaving again?”

“Saturday,” she answered absentmindedly, her fingers busy writing a quick reply to his message.

I was too irritated to try to continue the conversation, instead considering leaving early to go wallow in peace at home. I looked up at Tess leaning on the counter, phone in hand with mint green fingertips still happily texting away and reached for my bag. 

“You know what, I’m not feeling too good, I think I’m just gonna go home,” I quickly said, slipping off the barstool to put on my flats. 

“But I thought we were gonna go grab lunch?” she asked, finally lifting her eyes to look at me.

“I’m not really that hungry, say bye to your parents for me,” I said as I moved to hug her goodbye.

“Alright, I’ll call you later to figure out what we’re doing tonight,” she said, accompanying me to the door.

“Sure love,” I answered, making my way to the gate before starting my walk to the bus stop. That was one of his advantages I guess, he taught me how to take the bus.

Sadly for the him, the walk and long ride back only served to increase my anger. I only hoped for him that he’d wait long enough that by the time we actually talked, I would have gotten over it. Or not.
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