1. Do you have a favorite fashion designer or line?
Jean Paul Gaultier
2.What would a perfect date be like for you?
Nothing perfect
3.What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Be a model
4.If you could have one thing from your Polyvore closet for free, what would it be?
own this website :D
5.Are you a wallflower or do you like to dance?
yup i love to dance, event gangnam style
6.Who are you closest to in this world and why?
idk maybe madona :D
7.If you could spend a day in a movie which would it be. Why? :)
Moulin rouge cos i love all song and costume in this movie
8.A beautiful place you go to often?
london and oxford circus 
9.What do you believe in (um you can just write whatever comes to you, i guess)
i believe in my self
10.What animal are you similar to in nature? Why do you think so?
Phoenix cos i love them. Phoenix can reborn :D
11.What food just makes you happy?
Nandos :D
thanks @jungtsdollhouse ! I finished you tag
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