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serena tsukino 
nicknames; s, meatball head, ri 
age; 16 
sailor form; sailor moon 
never without; pink nail polish, a crush
likes; her friends, pink, luna, tuxedo mask, rabbits, singing at the top of her lungs 
dislikes; her little brother, uniforms, rae (sometimes), being jealous, tests, failing, darien 
serena is a bit of a space case sometimes. she's a goof-off and a slacker, and she's failing most of her classes. which is why it might surprise you a little bit to learn that serena is usually off saving the world. she doesn't always get enough sleep, and she rarely turns in homework, but she's kind of awesome anyways. she's boy-crazy, but she's also a caring friend. when she was 14, serena stumbled upon a cat named luna, who, as it turned out, could talk. as a young and easily influenced girl, serena followed the cat's advice and used her latent powers to become sailor moon. at first, she was a scaredy-cat, and she almost died in her first encounter, but she was saved by a mysterious and handsome stranger, tuxedo mask. since then, she's been wondering just who he is - because whoever he is, he might be her prince charming in disguise. 
model; diana farkhullina


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