Fruits And Leaves Teapot, Teacup, And Copper Teake Plate
  • Epoca Inc. Primula Flowering Tea Set w/ Pot
    Primula Flowering Tea Set includes a 40-Ounce Glass Teapot, 6 Flowering teas and a Loose Tea Variety Pack. The tea pot is made of handblown, borosillicate glass, ideal for preparing flowering tea. Primula Flowering Teas are hand sewn by artisans in China. The finest AA Grade green tea leaves are wrapped around all natural flowers to create an encapsulated pod. Simply place the tea pod in the bottom of the tea pot or mug. Pour boiling water over the tea pod. As the tea steeps the pod will unfurl into a colorful flower. Also included is a tea infuser for use with loose teas. Comes with a loose tea variety pack that includes White tea (the most delicate lowest caffeine level of tea), green tea (the most famous for the health properties), and Black Tea (perfect for iced tea). This unique gift set is truly for a tea lover or someone that loves to try new things. Each tea flower brews a different flower design so its enjoyable to watch. This experience is visual, aromatic and delicious. 40-ounce glass teapot, 6 flowering teas, tea infuser, and a loose-tea variety pack. Unique tea pods unfurl into exquisite flowers; hand sewn by artisans in China. Each flower can be used 3 times within a 24-hour period to make up to 15 cups of tea. Teapot made of hand-blown, borosilicate glass; stovetop-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. Loose-tea variety pack includes white tea, green tea, and black tea. Dimensions: 6.9″ x 10.2″ x 8.3″.
  • FORLIFE Curve Teapot w/ Infuser 24-oz, White
    FORLIFE Curve 24-Ounce Teapot w/ Infuser, White This CURVE Teapot, complete w/ an extra-fine 0.3-mm stainless-steel tea infuser built-in teapot and cup, is designed for simple and clean way of making your own cup of tea. The extra-fine tea infuser gives you a perfect even steep every time, and enables you to steep fine loose-leaf teas such as Rooibos tea to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea. Dimensions: 8″ x 5.25″ x 5.5″.
  • Portmeirion Serveware, Botanic Hummingbird Figural Teapot
    Tea party turned garden party. A special piece from Portmeirion, this Botanic Hummingbird teapot has it all, from butterflies to branch handle and even the triple-leaf border of Botanic Garden dinnerware. Dolomite.
  • Dansk Silhuet Teapot
    And with the quiet beauty of the watercolor-like leaves and vines, Silhuet becomes yet another modern classic by Dansk. Features: Teapot. Silhuet collection. Material: Porcelain. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Dansk® Silhuet 32-Ounce Teapot
    Your table becomes the canvas for Silhuet Dinnerware. Silhuet doubles as artwork. The quiet beauty of watercolor-like leaves and vines decorate this modern porcelain dinnerware. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Imported.
  • Sophie Conran for Portmeirion® Mulberry 2-Pint Teapot
    Designed with a nod to Japanese serenity and a wink to English eccentricity, the Sophie Conran collection is made from the highest quality pure porcelain. Delicate to the touch, yet extremely strong and highly durable, it is able to withstand pretty much anything modern life can throw at it. All the pieces in this beautiful collection are practical, multi-functional and easy to handle, stack and store. Freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.
  • Noritake® Berries & Brambles 33-Ounce Tea Pot
    The lovely pattern of berries, brambles and leaves brings a warm, earthy feel to this bone china, while the soothing light tan tone enhances this dinnerware's down-to-earth beauty. Holds 33 ounces. Tea Pot is microwave and dishwasher safe. Imported.
  • Zara Home Lemon Teapot
    Earthenware teapot decorated with raised leaves and a contrasting handle.
  • Heath Ceramics Large Teapot
    An iconic Heath piece. Designed in the 1940s to work with any of our dinnerware lines. Copper handle, hand wrapped in leather. Not only functional but also a beautiful piece to display. Pair with 2 large modern cups for a great gift. Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. Dimensions: 7-1/2" diameter. 2 Quart capacity.
  • Zara Home Secret Garden Teapot
    Porcelain teapot with a colorful floral transfer.
  • Noritake® Crestwood Platinum 38-Ounce Tea Pot
    Nothing sets a better table than white fine china accented by platinum. A stunning leaf scroll motif over the platinum trim adds just enough panache to put it in a class all its own. Perfect for those events when you want to establish an air of subtle sophistication. Hand wash.
  • Oriental Moods
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  • Wedgwood® Palladian 33-Ounce Teapot
    Derived from the illustrious designs of the 16th century architect, Andrea Palladio, this dinnerware adopts the classic features that illustrate his tall, slender, and distinguished column designs replicated all over the world. Inspired by opulent neoclassical architecture and interior design. Collection is rendered in copper and orange tones that make it contemporary and relevant to the modern stylish home. Made from fine bone china. Dishwasher safe. Imported. Each piece sold separately.
  • Vista Alegre Castelo Branco Teapot
    The Vista Alegre Castelo Branco Teapot features a striking yellow and blue combination of stylized leaves and flowers that is the ideal addition to your tabletop.
  • Salam Insulated Teapot, 6-Cup
    The classic Salam teapot was first created in 1957 by celebrated French silversmith Guy Degrenne, who was inspired by the ancient tradition of Bedouin teapots and the welcoming hospitality of sharing a freshly brewed pot. The elegant design combines a porcelain body with an insulated stainless-steel cover that helps keep tea deliciously warm. Made of white porcelain with a removable insulated 18/10 stainless-steel cover. Felt-lined steel cover helps keep tea at ideal serving temperature for over an hour—twice as long as traditional teapots. Removable aluminum strainer inside holds loose tea leaves; brew tea to your desired strength and then lift out the strainer. 6-cup cap. Hand-wash. Made in France.
  • Wedgwood Palladian Teapot 1 Ltr
    Derived from the illustrious designs of the 16th century architect, Andrea Palladio, the designs adopt the characteristic features that illustrate his tail, slender and distinguished column designs replicated all over the world. This Teapot is rendered in copper and orange tones, remainly decidedly contemporary and relevant to the modern stylish home.
  • Zara Home Iron Teapot
    Iron teapot with a raised design.
  • Alessi Fruit Basket Teapot
    Material: 18/10 Stainless steel, mirror polished. Capacity: 47.3 ounces. Dimensions: 6.89" H x 6.77" W x 5.35" D.
  • Zen Garden
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  • Tassilo von Grolman Filio Teapot
    The Filio Teapot is an advancement of the classic teapot; place your favorite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve, and watch the leaves unfold freely, as they release their aroma. The glass jug is suspended in a loosely oscillating base frame made of stainless steel, which has been formed out of one single piece and thus it doesn’t have any weld seams. Tassilo von Grolman's teapot allows the process of brewing tea to become the spectacle: the tea leaves hover in a setting of glass, metal and light and gently unfold into tea. Complete with a round handle that enhances the teapot's elegance, functionality and design are perfectly combined and due to the specific geometry of the glass hemisphere, the last leftovers stay in the jug and with them the tea crumbs. There is nothing to prevent you from enjoying your tea.
  • Villeroy & Boch Artesano Teapot with Strainer, Small
    Glass; stainless steel strainer with porcelain lid. Dishwasher safe. Imported. 17 Oz.
  • Mono Filio Teapot - 1.5L
    The traditional tea ceremony mono-style. Place your favorite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve, and watch the leaves unfold freely, as they release their aroma. High grade 18/8 stainless steel are used for the filio tea set, lid and sieve, and heat resistant borosilicate glass for the bowls.
  • Wedgwood Wild Strawberry Teapot
    Strawberries and cream is an English institution; and the succulence of wild strawberries gave inspiration to the Wild Strawberry Collection by Wedgwood. This Teapot is rendered in crisp, clean whiteware hand-decorated with finely-drawn leaves, flowers and succulent red strawberries. A lustrous rim of 22-karat gold completes the decoration of this elegant and whimsical dinnerware collection and adds just a touch of delicious opulence to any entertaining occasion.
  • Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware, Althea Nova Teapot
    A natural for casual dining, the Althea Nova teapot by Villeroy & Boch features durable porcelain planted with delicate herbs for a look that's fresh from the garden. With green trim. Porcelain.
  • Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Teapot
    5.75"W x 9.75"L x 5.75"H, 40 Oz.; Silver Plate.
  • Lenox Hannah Platinum Teapot
    Timeless and refined, the Hannah Platinum pattern is crafted of pure white bone china embossed with a subtle palmetto-leaf design and banded in platinum.
  • Vera Wang Wedgwood Gilded Leaf Teapot
    A rich and ornate pattern inspired by the warmth and beauty of nature, New York designer Vera Wang's Gilded Leaf Collection features beautiful fine bone china that invokes themes of nature and spring. This Teapot is decorated with a delicate laurel branch and leaf motif in gold and platinum; bringing gilded sophistication to your dinner table.
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  • Mono Filio Glass Teapot with Integrated Warmer - 1.5L
    The traditional tea ceremony mono-style. Place your favorite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve, and watch the leaves unfold freely, as they release their aroma. High grade 18/8 stainless steel are used for the filio tea set, lid and sieve, and heat resistant borosilicate glass for the bowls.