6 ft. Tall Olde-Worlde European Room Divider
  • 6 ft. Tall Olde-Worlde Parlor Room Divider
    Well crafted, solid and substantial, the wood panels are finished with top quality, textured faux leather, printed with a lovely triptych medallion design motif in rich, warm colors, on both sides of each panel. Great for a decorative background in the living room or a formal dining room, as well as a convenient privacy screen for temporarily hiding a work area or blocking the view from a window or doorway. Exceptional quality four panel floor screen, well crafted, solid and sturdy. Each panel is finished with high grade, textured, printed faux leather. Wonderful European tri-medallion design on front and back. The subtle, beautiful colors compliment traditional and contemporary interiors. We're proud to add this exceptional four panel decorative floor screen to our extensive collection of room dividers. Browse our entire line of faux leather room dividers, furnishings, and home décor accents.
  • 6 ft. Tall Olde-Worlde Classical Room Divider
    This beautiful room divider is designed with a unique, European style four panel design. Hand crafted wood panel frames, finished with high quality, subtly textured, faux leather, printed with distinctive old world French and Italian art motifs. Great quality that works as well in a beautifully appointed home as it does in a tasteful decorated professional office. Great for dividing space, blocking daylight from a computer monitor, or hiding a messy work area from clients or managers. Lovely four panel folding partition, crafted with sturdy kiln dried wood frames. Each panel is finished in fine quality, beautifully textured faux leather. Elegant old style continental European design on front and back sides. Compliments formal, traditional décor as well as modern, eclectic interior design. One of dozen vinyl room divider designs we offer, particularly durable and practical, built to tolerate constant use, and provide outstanding beauty.
  • 6 ft. Tall Olde-Worlde Baroque Room Divider
    A truly stunning four panel room divider, with a beautiful, unique three medallion Renaissance reproduction print, on both the front and back of each of panel. These are very sturdy folding screen, with kiln dried wood frame panels, covered in high quality textured faux leather. The design is both stunning and distinctive, as well as subtle and elegant. This faux leather room divider provides a wonderful resource for interior design professionals as well as private, individual home decorators to add some of the remarkable beauty of the colors and designs that graced the homes of continental Europe for much of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Well crafted from solid, sturdy, kiln dried wood frame panels. Each panel is finished in high grade, textured faux leather vinyl. Stunning triple medallion design motif printed on both sides of each panel. Elegant combination of color and design, subtle and beautiful. View our entire line of affordable faux leather furnishing for exceptional value in elegant home decor.
  • 6 ft. Tall Olde-Worlde Rococo Room Divider
    An outstandingly beautiful decorative accent with a fine quality rich burgundy textured faux leather finish. A well built and sturdy room divider; this screen is solid and substantial enough to use in a commercial enterprise or professional office as well as anywhere in the home. This Capaldi design is a simple, beautiful pattern, providing a lovely decorative background to a bare corner, behind a sofa, or near an entry to create a foyer. The warmth of the deep reddish tones and the unique, attractive design pattern combine to create a distinctive home décor accent we think you'll enjoy for years to come. Excellent quality, well crafted four panel floor screen; sturdy and substantial. Kiln dried wood frames covered in fine quality textured faux leather. Elegant, refined European design print on both front and back of each panel. Subtle, beautiful, burgundy colors; great for home or office interiors. See out other Euro style faux leather room dividers, furnishings, and home décor accents.
  • Jonathan Adler Walnut Desmond Screen
    A series of wooden squares boast an organic sensibility in Jonathan Adler's Desmond screen. Contemporized with brass accents, this folding accent piece lends textured personality to corners or vignettes. 46"W x 1.25"D x 81"H. Walnut veneer. Polished brass.
  • 6 ft. Tall Olde-Worlde Victorian Room Divider
    A particularly fine quality four panel decorative floor screen, solid and sturdy, built to last. Well-crafted wood frames, finished in high quality medium gauge subtly textured faux leather, with an elegant reproduction Medici design pattern rich, refined, colors. These are beautiful room dividers, great for formal and traditional home décor, distinctive eclectic interiors, as well as contemporary professional office design. Exceptional four panel floor screen; robust design crafted to last a lifetime. Each panel is wrapped in beautiful, high quality, textured faux leather vinyl. Elegant Renaissance design motif printed on front and back of each panel. Subtle, beautiful, colors compliment traditional and contemporary decor. Browse our entire collection of attractive, attractively priced faux leather furnishings.
  • Charles and Ray Eames Eames® Molded Plywood Folding Screen
    In their early experiments in molded plywood, Charles and Ray Eames were intrigued to see if they could create structures stable enough to stand. This idea soon became reality in a portable, foldable way to divide space, known as the Molded Plywood Folding Screen (1946). This original is an authentic, fully licensed product of Herman Miller, Inc. Eames is a licensed trademark of Herman Miller. Six U-shaped panels have natural face veneers and lightweight walnut inner plies. Panels were originally held together with canvas hinges and a synthetic adhesive, but today, are held together with a polypropylene mesh that's more flexible and longer lasting. Stretches up to five feet wide or folds down for compact storage. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • Currey and Company Cranbourne Folding Screen - Swedish Gray
    The unusual and unutterably interesting textures of mango wood are all the adornment that the Cranbourne Folding Screen needs. Admitting light through screened upper panels, but dividing a room as you choose for permanently customizable interior appointments, the rustic yet fine room divider has four accordion-hinged panels. Use it to achieve a traditional look in a master suite or to deepen the texture of a richly-colored accent wall. H:80" W:87" D:1".
  • 6 ft. Tall Bamboo Tree Shoji Screen - Black
    This Japanese-inspired folding Shoji Screen features a beautiful bamboo print and an elegant double cross wood frame. Shoji paper is renowned for providing privacy without blocking ambient light, and ours is fiber-reinforced for added durability. This decorative screen is perfect for partitioning a room, adding privacy, or displaying as a sophisticated art piece. Translucent Shoji paper provides privacy and diffused light. Elegant bamboo print in white ink. Durable spruce frame is lightweight and portable. Print and double cross lattice on front.
  • 6 ft. Tall Golden Vine Screen
    The 3 panel Golden Vine screen is one of a series of solid, fine furniture quality, practical and portable room dividers, that are also lovely, hand painted decorative art accessories, carefully and sturdily crafted from 100% kiln dried Birch frames, covered with birch laminates. Each panel is beautifully decorated with European style hand painted gold scroll work, on the front side only. A wonderful, elegant accent, great in both traditional and modern home decor. Solid kiln dried Birch wood panels, with engineered Birch laminate. Elegant hand applied red painted finish. Elegant, European style hand painted vine design scroll work on front of each panel. Well crafted with classic mortise and tenon joinery, for strength and durability, indoor use only.
  • 6 ft. Tall Double Sided New York Taxi Room Divider
    The iconic yellow cab, maybe the most reliable mode of transportation on the island of Manhattan. Somehow, the bright yellow Fords against black and white photographs of Times Square, create a uniquely appealing quality of pop art imagery. Distinctive decorative screen with classic urban images. Well crafted with durable poly-cotton canvas stretched onto kiln dried Spruce wood frames. Great for adding a burst of color and interest to any room. Also doubles as a lightweight, portable, and practical room divider. From a vast selection of art photo printed floor screens. We have chosen over 400 unique, distinctive art and photographic prints to decorate the front and back of these extremely practical, solidly crafted folding floor screens. Easily folded and put away when not in use; available in seconds to provide a beautiful alternative to a messy work area or privacy next to a window or doorway. Offered at exceptionally low prices, our double printed canvas room dividers may be one of the best home décor values available on the World Wide Web.
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  • Adesso Ashville Folding Screen
    Adesso Ashville Folding Screen Vertical wood rods make up most of this deco-style folding screen. Pine wood with dark walnut finish. Double hinges allow the three panels to be folded in either direction. Each panel: 17" Width. Total Screen: 52" Width, 1" Depth, 70" Height. Screen rests flat on the floor. Product Measures: 70" W x 52" W. Features:. Manufactured in: imported. Material: 100% Wood. Dimensions: 1″ x 52″ x 70″. Weight: 21lbs.
  • 7 ft. Tall Palm Beach Screen
    The 6 panel, 7 foot tall Palm Beach screen is a huge, bright, bold, decorative art accessory, as well as a substantial, hardy, effective, folding room divider. Carefully and sturdily crafted from kiln dried solid Birch frames covered by wood laminate, and decorated on the front with a hand painted sun drenched, view of palm trees and ocean just passed the pool and deck furniture. Note that no two screens are exactly alike, and the backside is finished in painted lacquer. Solid, kiln dried Birch frame covered by wood laminate. Bright, colorful, beautifully rendered hand painted palm trees and beach scene. Note design on front only, black lacquer finish on back. Well crafted using mortise and tenon joinery for strength and rigidity, indoor use only.
  • Royal Venetian Screen
    The Royal Venetian Screen brings a touch of classic elegance to any decor, creating a look of distinction in your home. The wooden screen's movable louvers can be placed either up or down, depending on the desired mood. Beautifully hand-assembled with a rich brown finish, this louver screen is perfect for dividing a room in style or simply for adding a striking decorative effect in any space. Measures 72" H x 54" W x 1" D. 30-day manufacturer's warranty. Imported.
  • 6 ft. Tall Cherry Blossom Shoji Screen Rosewood
    This handsome room divider is constructed from Scandinavian spruce and shoji rice paper adorned with a blossoming cherry tree, the age-old symbol of Japan. Renowned for its translucent glow in the sunlight, Shoji paper has been a beloved part of Japan's remarkable architecture for over a thousand years. This elegant folding screen is designed for the modern home, and is a perfect way to partition a space, add privacy, or bring a decorative accent to a room. Shoji rice paper provides privacy without blocking light. Beautiful spruce frame available in a rich rosewood finish. Cherry blossom print and wooden lattice on front. Brass hinges fold panels in both directions. Announcing our new Room Divider Stand! available in four sizes! Our stands are available in all six standard finishes and can be used with most of our three, four, five or six panel screens to allow them to stand upright freely without any bending.
  • Adesso Wilton Folding Screen
    Adesso Wilton Folding Screen. Black wood screen with white fibered paper. Rectangular wood insets add a stylish design element to each panel. KD construction. The top half attaches to the bottom half. Double hinges allow for versatile placement and the heavy textured paper panels provide privacy while allowing light through. Each panel measures 17"Width, with each paper section measuring 14" Width, 29' Height. Overall screen: 53.5" Width, 70" Height, 4" clearance between bottom of screen and floor. Product Measures: 70" H x 53.5" W Manufactured in: imported Material: 50% Wood/50% Paper.
  • 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Cherry Blossoms and Love Canvas Room Divider 4 Panel
    A pair of elegantly simple, beautiful Chinese Sumi-e style art designs, printed onto a sturdy, four panel canvas covered folding screen. The front side is a reproduction of a brush art painted cherry blossom design; the backside is a six foot tall rendering of the Chinese Hanzi character for "love". A beautiful four panel Asian style decorative room divider. Sturdy, mitered wood frames with stretched art quality canvas. Reproductions of classic Japanese Sumi-e art calligraphy designs.
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  • 6 ft. Tall Closed Mesh Design Room Divider
    This distinctive three-panel floor screen has been hand-carved in a vintage, Old World style. Each panel has been carefully painted, stained, sanded, rubbed and re-rubbed to create a distressed wood finish with the type of character usually only present antique furnishings. Wood and metal mesh three-panel folding screen. Hand-carved vintage European decorative designs. Beautiful hand-rubbed distressed wood finish. See our entire selection of eclectic room divider designs.
  • 6 ft. Tall Cherry Blossom Shoji Screen
    This stately room divider combines a classic Japanese emblem - the cherry blossom - with traditional shoji rice paper. Shoji paper, renowned for its translucent glow in the sunlight, has been a beloved part of Japan's remarkable architecture for over a thousand years. This elegant folding screen updates the design for the modern home, and is a perfect way to section a space, provide privacy, or add a decorative accent. Shoji rice paper provides privacy without blocking light. Traditional spruce frame available in a rich black finish. Cherry blossom print and wooden lattice on front. Brass hinges fold panels in either direction. Announcing our new Room Divider Stand! available in four sizes! Our stands are available in all six standard finishes and can be used with most of our three, four, five or six panel screens to allow them to stand upright freely without any bending.
  • 6 1/3 ft. Tall Ming Cathay Room Divider
    The 3 panel Ming Cathy screen is a simple, beautiful piece of fine furniture, crafted from solid, kiln dried Birchwood and birch laminate, using reinforcing horizontal cross members, classic mortise and tenon joinery, a rich, warm dark wood stain finish with a hard, clear lacquer finish. Each panel has a finely crafted Chinese geometric key design lattice, allowing light and air to pass. This is an elegant screen, that will compliment very traditional formal interiors as well as more contemporary, eclectic home decor. Fine furniture quality, kiln dried solid Birch and engineered Birch laminates. Classic mortise and tenon joinery, hardy and durable, with reinforced horizontal cross members, built to last. Dark wood stain 4 coat sealed finish, with fine hand carved Chinese key lattice panels, indoor use only.
  • Vitra - Folding Screen
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    The screen is at once a practical room-divider and an impressive sculptural object, which was designed in 1946 by Charles and Ray Eames.Segments of moulded plywood are joined together using textile tape, ensuring mobility and creating the screen's gentle wavy lines. It can be placed in various positions and folded flat for storage purposes. A practical, and mobile room-devider for a lot of different areas. More details: Design: Charles & Ray Eames, 1946. Material: Plywood with natural ash face veneer. Availability: sets of 6 or 8 pieces. Measurements: L 1350 mm (6 piece set), 1850mm (8 piece set); H 1720mm.
  • Arteriors Emory Room Screen
    The Arteriors Emory screen offers the stylish interior geometric influence. Textured with linen, the three-panel divider features circular brass stud designs for metallic modernity. 16.5"W x 1"D x 84.5"H. Brass hinged hardware.
  • Pier 1 Imports Ikat Sari Floor Screen
    Ikat is a) an app just for felines, b) a type of glasses worn by 1950s movie stars or c) a method of creating patterns in fabric by tie-dyeing the yarn before weaving, often seen in vintage Indian saris repurposed to create stunning three-panel patchwork floor screens. Hint: Pick "c." Multicolor. 17.75"W x 73.50"H. Iron, cotton, fiber. Spot clean only. Made in India.
  • 6 ft. Tall Royal Viennese Louvre Screen
    Available in white, the 3 panel Royal Viennese Louvre screen is both an attractive decorative accessory, as well as a solid, fine furniture quality, practical and portable room divider, great for dividing or defining space, hiding and unsightly area, or redirecting foot traffic. Hand crafted from solid kiln dried bentwood, arch top Birch, using classic mortise and tenon joinery, no rubberwood, no staples, built to last a lifetime. Center horizontal cross members make panels extra rigid and durable. The Venetian blind style slatted louvers can be simply operated to allow air and light to pass, or adjust flat to close the panels. Lovely sunburst designs decorate the top of each panel, adding a delicate artistic element, great accent to compliment both traditional, formal home décor, as well as the eclectic styles of today's contemporary interiors. Fine furniture quality, kiln dried solid Birch and engineered Birch laminates, with Venetian blind style slatted louver. Classic mortise and tenon joinery, hardy and durable, with center horizontal cross members, built to last. Choose off white 4 coat sealed finish, hand carved sunburst panels front side only, indoor use only.
  • Arteriors Home Stephan Screen
    This four panel classic antiqued mirror room screen has a black back and antique brass details. The "X" pattern created by the smaller mirror panels reinforces its Regency leanings. This manufacturer creates unique quality products that follow current trends and have a timeless appeal. Dimensions: 12"W x 1.5"D x 79"H (each panel)
  • Cost Plus World Market Fortress Screen
    Bring the charming look of rustic shutters into your home with our Fortress Screen. Ideal as a room divider or to bring a weathered farmhouse look to your decor, our Fortress Screen is a versatile choice that authentically complements a traditional, country, tropical or contemporary setting. We love how the wider slats let loads of light through. No assembly is required, and the three panels move easily to accommodate spaces large or small. 72" x 60"; 30 lbs.