Carina Moretti.
Bio – Carina, or Rina as she is more commonly known amongst her friends, is Kingston High’s resident trouble maker. She loves pranks, she never does her work and tends to ignore the teacher’s but she gets away with, what with her looks and personality. A natural charmer, Rina has the teacher’s wrapped round her fingers, much to the amusement of her friends. All though she comes across as cool and cocky, deep down she’s a loyal friend and she’s actually sweet, though only her friends see the real “Rina”. But Rina’s real dark side is reserved for one person only; Nina Kate. Seeing the power Rina had, Nina set out to destroy Rina and what a fine job she did. In one calculating move, Nina destroyed everything Rina had going for her in school, turning Rina’s life from easy to hard in an instant. But now Rina’s back she is determined to bring Nina down, along with friends and her boyfriend and she doesn’t care how she does it.
Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Taken by: CrazyGiraffe♥
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