"They sold you on their way
Oh, honey, that's okay"
-Trying Your Luck, The Strokes

Georgia's back! Here's a short weird diary type intro to start it all up again, set in present time


It'd been sixty two days since you told me it was time to go home. The idea of home had been so blurred, the plane rides between cities, limping around Paris with too many blisters to count, a different bed for every week, we were tired but we were happy. A happiness we were able to share together, just the two of us and more than anything I was glad that we were able to experience that rare feeling of being content, something that neither of us had felt in a while. Experiencing every morning waking up together, every meal side by side, everything together, it all made me smile and somehow I managed to not grow sick of you, not even for a second. Hard to believe, isn't it?

But New York we were from and to New York we must return, settling back into our hometown, our worn out arms dropping the bags and suitcases onto the floor in the apartment that'd I'd have a hard time getting to know again but it was still home. Unfamiliar, forgotten but still home. Everything was how we'd left it, the refrigerator was empty, the flowers on the kitchen table were dead, petals scattered around the bottom of the vase, the floor tidy, nothing anywhere, the things we did have where they were supposed to be. The windows hadn't been opened in months, closed and kept shut. I had a difficult time imagining this place without us, I'd think about it everyday we were gone, everything so tidy and quiet, nothing touched while not even the smallest sound escaping underneath the door. 

I'd missed everyone, everything, the people, the sidewalks, the constant sirens and honking that would never cease, all outside our windows. I hadn't seen anyone close to me in months, only you and me for so long, I'd almost forgotten about how much everything here had changed. The people in the photographs growing up, finding love, having children, all while you and I were gone. Though you said it was okay, that's the way things go, we'll always be the odd ones out. We'll be forever indifferent, the misfits, the ones that never stray far from our origin. 

My friends were becoming husbands, fathers, mothers, all so fast and all in so little time. We'd gone from eighteen to thirty five in a matter of months, it was hard to fathom but it'd happened. We were adults now and just like you said, that's the way things go. 

In all those hotel rooms, all those nights we'd spent alone together I stayed up late, thinking, in the gap between reality and dreams. I thought about the night we'd met, out on the sidewalk, the street damp and soggy. It's moments like those that you look back on and begin to wonder if everything is all planned out, every move pre-destined, already set ahead. Like how the phone rings as you're just about to leave or the reason why a person like you asks me for a cigarette. 

If one moment was taken back everything would of changed, life wouldn't be the way it is now. I don't know if I'd be happy or sad, if those few seconds were removed from my timeline I'd imagine everything would shift. I wonder who my life would revolve around, who I'd think about, whose voice would live inside my head. But I realize those few seconds did happen, every horrible, pain causing, tear jerking moment before that didn't matter because it led up to you, me and that sidewalk and for that it's all been worth while. 

It's /you/ that makes me not regret even a single thing.
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