barefoot blue jean night + jake owen. ( :
i saw him at my state fair last year, he's pretty darn' good. 

anyway... this is for @lacey 's perfect summer date challenge. ( :

outfit ; something really casual, but cute at the same time. ( :
my date : the perfect hunter hayes . c:
pictures ; it would be a day at the lake, w/ a bonfire. ( so boating, fishing, four wheeling, swimming, grilling out. ) (:
the date ; 
he would pick me up that morning, meeting my parents, giving my mother & I flowers, making a good first impression.. ya know? that would go really well then. 

Afterwards we'd hop in the truck with all the lakey stuff, and drive out there. ( : 

Honestly we'd just have fun together, swimming, tubing, fishing, four wheeling, etc. Just enjoying each-others company.

 For the grilling out part we'd invite some friends, and have great night dancing, singing, hanging out. 

They'd leave, and hunter and I would lay out and look at the stars together. ( very cheesy ) and he'd give me a big ole' kiss. c;

so eh that's the date . ( :

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