hi guys, it's chloe! march is such an awesome month because.... spring is here! yay, bye bye snow! anyway, here are a few fun facts about this month;
&. the birthstone for march is aquamarine
&. march 22nd is world water day 
&. the zodiac signs for the month are pisces and aries
&. the flower for the month is a daffodil 
&. it's women's history month
&. in the uk, march is national bed month
&. according to the early roman calendar, march was the first month of the year
&. march starts on the same day of the week as november, every year
&. today (march 14) is national pi day and also save a spider day 
&. also on this day in history, albert einstien was born (1879)
&. it is the first month of spring
&. tomorrow (march 15th) will.i.am will celebrate his birthday
&. coca cola was invented in march of 1886

that's it! until next time ♡
xo chloe || @cetdancer 

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