Fun Games on Google Chrome Sup ya'll?! Ok so we are provided with laptops in our city and to play games we log on to Google Chrome and download them. There are some really fun games you can download My Top Ten Fave are below!

 1) Running Fred Ok oh my g! this game is so popular at our school. It's this guy running from this grim reaper in all these different levels. Sounds easy? Wrong you have to collect skullies little coins to get skills and eventually advance to the next zone. There are also a bunch of obsticals you have to dodge and it's kinda bloody and gorey but you can change that in the settings. You can play on adventure or to get better and more skullies on Survival. 

2) Empire Games ok i've downloaded a ton of these like legit two three pages worth. YOu just build a bunch of empires and concur land. There a lot of fun if you're in to the whole mid evil stuff. They have Runescape if you guys ever played that when you were younger and it brings back a ton of memories. 

3) Papa's Collection Again really popular at my school. It's a bunch of games where you run different restaurants. Really fun. 

4) Cocktail Maker Ok I know what you're thinking. But it's a super fun game. You just mix different alcohol to get a bunch of cocktails. Sounds kinda boring but its fun. Trust me I wouldn't lie. 

5) GyroBall Again Super fun and really hard. Use your mouse to navigate a ball on a course. It sounds easy but is really hard cause of the lack of control. 

6) Beer Pong haha like Cocktail maker. It's just an online game of beer pong. If you go to parties like i do it's good to better your skills. 

7) Pokemon Tower Defense If you've played tower defense it's like that except the pokemon version 

8) more of a short cut to the website but it's really fun to make online mix tapes to share with your friends. You use youtube links and links for cover art 

9) Cubic Snake Like snake if you've ever played but you cant die if you hit the walls 

10) Band Stars MAke your own virtual band and climb your way to the top! I have a TON more but those are my absolute fave. YOu can also download online versions of Video Games like assassin's creed and portal. 

It's all about personal preference. If you guys wanna know all the games I have just ask and I will. 

-Hazelnut @in-the-rye
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