If I could go on vacation with my bias... contest: http://www.polyvore.com/could_go_on_vacation_with/contest.show?id=340787

I was sitting on dark rock near beach's shore, my foot dipping in cold water. I waved to Joon - I still couldn't believe I was spending vacation with him!

He waved me back, ignoring stares from females on beach: half naked Joon looked perfect. 

"Catch it!" He shouted throwing frisbee at me and ruined everything. With my clumsiness and his babo-ism that couldn't work out.

The frisbee hit me in the middle of my forehead, making me lost balance and fell from the rock right into water.

'J. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I heard his voice; I disappeared behind the rock and he probably thought I'm drowning. Or even worse, that I'm already dead [if he were Hercules I would have been dead after meeting the frisbee].
'I'm okay!' I waved to him from behind the rock and slowly got up from water that fortunately wasn't too deep.
'You scared me.' He said poking me in my forehead. He looked very worried about me.
'You're poking the forehead you hit with frisbee.' I said.
He immediately stopped, feeling guilty.
'I think I deserve other kind of treatment.' I pouted.

Then he kissed me in forehead.
'That's better?' He asked.
'The frisbee hit me also a bit lower.' I lied. In response he kissed me on top of my nose.
'A bit lower.'

He kissed me softly on the lips. When he broke of the kiss, he smiled and pushed me back into water. 'You little liar!' He said.
I splashed water at him. 

Instead of splashing back at me, he lifted me up and walked deeper into sea, threatening to drop me there. I was screaming loudly that I can't swim, and even tighter I was holding his neck to make sure he won't drop me.

And all girls on the beach were red. Not from the sun but from the jealousy.

My little dream; go t the seaside with Joon and have fun in water:P

I just hope Joon wouldn't drown me accidentally. [I think it's high time to learn how to swim, just in case I'll spend this summer with babo-Joon near water:P]
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