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  • Monkey Business Hug Doug ladle holder
    Hug Doug is a very valuable friend: it can keep one end of your ladle up, preventing it from touching the kitchen countertop. Or it can hook the ladle to the pot so that it doesn't slide in.
  • Brandani Cloud hors d'oeuvre tray with 4 forks
    Lovely hors d'oeuvre tray in white porcelain. It comes with 4 forks and a bamboo support.
  • Monkey Business Umbrella tea infuser
    There's nothing like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day. Just fill the umbrella with tea mixture and dip it in hot water, to create your favorite brew. It might not keep you dry, but it will surely warm your heart!
  • Koziol Luigi spoon gondola
    Row, row, row your_. gondola! Whether soup, sauce or stew is cooking, Luigi's Latin charm guarantees that every meal is a stirring occasion. And when the work's done, Luigi and his gondola will paddle happily around the dishwasher, too.
  • Jauku Design Cup coasters
    A set including 6 cup coasters, each with a different moustache according to the character it pictures! Albert Einstein, Theodore Roosvelt, Frida Kahlo, Hercule Poirot, Salvador Dali or Charlie Chaplin - have fun in picking the character that most resembles you or your friends. A perfect gift idea - ironic and original.
  • A di Alessi Cico egg cup
    Cico is another example of Stefano Giovannoni's more figurative, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic narrative approach. This funny egg cup by Alessi is made from thermoplastic resin and comes in several colour options.
  • Koziol Kasimir Mini grater
    Mini Kasimir is simply the greatest of graters: the kitchen grind is just his thing, and he's happy to be on hand for all manner of cooking and baking projects. His compact quills are ideal for adding those finishing, zesty touches such as fresh ginger or orange and lemon peel - or for shaving bittersweet chocolate onto desserts. Mini Kasimir stands bow-legged on all fours, guaranteeing a solid base and a speedy job. Last but not least, his smooth, non-stick surface is easy to keep sparkling clean.
  • Seletti Wears Toiletpaper Rospo bowl
    This bowl by Seletti Wears Toiletpaper is designed by artist Maurizio Cattelan and is perfect to serve ice cream, fruit salads or any other kind of food. Made from enamelled metal, it represents a toad. Use it from breakfast to dinner for a playful effect. You can also mix and match it with other bowls of the same collection. Find them all online!
  • A di Alessi Duck kitchen timer
    Duck Timer, the electronic timer designed by Eero Aarnio, takes the form of a curious, long-necked duck. The playful and functional language, along with a form reminiscent of the animal kingdom, places Duck Timer squarely in line with one of Aarnio's most popular approaches to design. This timer is an object for the kitchen, used in a way that recalls the way a traditional, mechanical timer is used. The time is set by rotating the central dial: clockwise sets the minutes, counterclockwise for the seconds. The typical sound of the alarm has been replaced with a funny duck quack.
  • PIT-POP Disc intersection coloured plate 25cm
    These majolica plates are made in Deruta, world-famous for its traditional production of art ceramics. The making, glazing and decoration of the plates - including small flaws - is handcrafted, blending traditional lathe turning skills and digital technologies. The image is applied through digital decal. The plates are food-friendly and always made with first-class materials, glazes and lead-free colours, in compliance with EU legislation.
  • Brandani Frog cutting board with fork
    A frog-shaped cutting board made from bamboo, with a 1.5-cm- thick green border. This cutting board by Brandani comes with a fork with a greenn stainless steel blade. Hand washing recommended.
  • Brandani Ghost salt & pepper set
    A funny salt & pepper set in white porcelain, sitting on a bamboo base.
  • A di Alessi Lilliput salt & pepper set
    A magnet allows the containers to be positioned firmly on the base, but they can also be attached to the steel stem, creating playful new configurations typical of Stefano Giovannoni's designs. It is directly influenced by the spirit of the F.F.F. (Family Follows Fiction) metaproject, which from the 1990s onwards explored the object creation process followed by children and primitive cultures.
  • Pusher Rudolph reindeer nutcracker
    Rudolph is a cute nutcracker in the shape of reindeer. Place your nut, lower the reindeer's tail and the nut will crack in a thousand pieces!
  • Alessi 2 Mgdt coffee cups
    This set includes 2 coffee cups with saucers, made from glossy 18/10 stainless steel and glass. The handle is made from blue PA.
  • Koziol 6 Rio mixed tea spoons
    Take one small spoon of Rio... The elegantly designed Rio with its rounded edges is the perfect companion when spooning slow food. For eggs, yoghurt, fruit salad, ice cream and much, much more. Plus it's the ideal accessory for every lunchbox. If coffee or tea is on the menu, Rio will instantly get into the flow of things.
  • A di Alessi Girotondo pen pot
    The cartoon men created by the King-Kong (Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini) team are a symbol and icon of mirror polished design based on the use of affective codes, so much so that they are one of its most oft-cited examples. The Girotondo pen pot by Alessi is made from stainless steel.
  • Serax Smiley cutting board
    This funny cutting board is perfect to chop, dice and serve your delicious recipes.
  • Koziol Tree salt & pepper set
    Daddy, why don't birds fall off the trees when they sleep?. Because we only wake them when we need salt and pepper. Then they come flying in and sprinkle whatever you want. Always at your beak and call: the natural decoration for every ecologically diverse dining table, 100% fair and recyclable. A modern re-interpretation of traditional salt and pepper shakers, this shaker with magnetic catch ensures accurate dispensing. Washing by hand recommended. Packaged as gift.
  • Monkey Business Yolkfish egg separator
    The Yolkfish is a gulping goldfish that is capable of separating eggs. Simply by squeezing the fish and gently bringing its lips to the top of the yolk, it quickly swallows it up as its mouth is released. It carries the separated part in its belly over to another bowl, so that it can be dropped out again with a small push._ Look_here_the video of the product.
  • Koziol The Herby Brothers chopping knife
    The Herbie Brothers will seesaw their way chop-chop through fresh herbs, peppers, dried tomatoes... A frolicking, fun tool for every kitchen. High grade, stainless steel blade. It preserves aromas. _Ñ¢Ñ__Ñ¢Ñ__Ñ¢Ñ__Ñ¢Ñ__Ñ¢Ñ__Ñ¢Ñ_
  • A di Alessi Mini Girotondo basket H 4.6 cm
    This round basket is made from 18/10 stainless steel, with a laser cut decoration and a coloured inner part. The cartoon men created by the King-Kong (Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini) team are a symbol and icon of mirror polished design based on the use of affective codes, so much so that they are one of its most oft-cited examples. Dishwasher safe.
  • Livellara Birdie tea infuser
    The Birdie infuser comes with the lid. By swinging Birdie upside-down you will not only brew your tea, but also have Birdie rest on the drip tray. Dishwasher safe. Available in several colour options.
  • Koziol Tree salt & pepper set
    A contemporary take on classic salt and pepper sets, this tree is a 100% recyclable shaker with a magnetic locking system. Hand wash recommended.
  • Doiy Cooking Block
    Cooking and playing are now synonymous thanks to Cooking Block, a set of 3 utensils consisting of a ladle, a spatula and a pasta drainer you can easily stack together imitating the old Lego blocks you played with when you were a child. Any dish in mind to build? The support can be fixed to the wall using double-sided tape or nails.
  • Peter Ibruegger Studio Poirot moustache mug
    With these designer moustache mugs by Peter Ibruegger, sipping your tea or coffee has never been so much fun! Each mug features a different design - choose the one that better suits your mood between cheeky Poirot and mysterious Chaplin. All mugs by Peter Ibruegger have a set of moustache per side.
  • A di Alessi Kitchen Timer
    Timer in ABS, with mechanical movement. Available in the colours that Michael Graves has selected for his Alessi designs.
  • Brandani Two Stars hors d'oeuvre tray
    This hors d'oeuvre tray includes two white porcelain stars sitting on a bamboo base.
  • A di Alessi Anna Stop 2 stopper
    With the success of the Anna G. icon, it was almost inevitable that she would create her own family of objects for the table, kitchen and office, all with the same smiling face. Anna Stop 2 is a resin stopper by Alessi available in several colour options.
  • Peter Ibruegger Studio Poirot moustache espresso cup
    With these designer moustache coffee cups by Peter Ibruegger, sipping your coffee has never been so much fun! Each cup features a different design - choose the one that better suits your mood between cheeky Poirot and mysterious Chaplin. All cups by Peter Ibruegger have a set of moustache per side.

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