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  • ModCloth Nifty Nerd Eyes on the Prize Journal Set
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    An approaching literary competition has your mind racing with innovative ideas, so you jot them all down in this adorable set of mini journals! Spark your creativity by taking notes in these three booklets, each showcasing 40 lined pages nestled within a paperback print of colorful, retro eyeglasses. Thanks to the inspiring outlet these colorful notepads provide, your visionary writing submission is sure to be deemed the crystal-clear winner! Nifty Nerd Eyes on the Prize Journal Set in Multi.
  • Eau De Nerd
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    Who'd have thought that chromosomes could smell so great? Offering a crisp scent for XX's and XY's, these geek-worthy sprays focus less on a heavy, perfumey aromas and more on simple clean essences. Made in the USA and Canada. XX - for her: a clean, refreshing, uplifting scent with notes of jasmine and carnations XY - for him: a subtle yet rich woodsy scent with floral notes and a touch a mint. Made from: plastic, glass, cardboard, fragrance. Measurements: 2 ounces; bottle 2.2"L x 2.2"W x 4.4" H.
  • Nerds Rainbow Candy 6.8 oz
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    Find product information, ratings and reviews for a Nerds Rainbow Candy 6.8 oz.
  • Decor Craft Inc. Nifty Nerd, Scholastic Tech Me Away Pouch Set
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    When you have to take supplies to a meeting, pack your provisions into one of these retro tech-inspired zipper pouches by Decor Craft Inc.! These four little bags - shaped like a protractor, a circuit board, a floppy disk, and a paper covered with math equations - add a bit of sass to your workspace. After your presentation, your coworkers will compliment both your confidence and your cute cases! Nifty Nerd, Scholastic, Collegiate Tech Me Away Pouch Set by Decor Craft Inc. in Multi for Graduation occasions.
  • Quirky Doctor it Up Highlighter Set by ModCloth
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    When your writing needs some TLC, reach for these adorable pill-shaped highlighters and scrawl your prescription of changes in the margin! This set of ten highlighters - with a pair of each of the five hues - fits perfectly into its pop-top bottle container, adding colorful whimsy to your desk. Whether youre performing syntax surgery or tone therapy, these colored highlighters will be just what the doctor ordered!
  • ModCloth Quirky Shortcut Loose Bottle Opener
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    Save your guests from parched palates by uncapping each fizzy soda and fresh brew with this clever bottle opener! Reminiscent of the code needed to open a new canvas or document, this handy metal key minimizes the effort needed to serve up a round of refreshments. Youre the server with the jaw-dropping speed, when you command the bar with this after-work celebration essential! Quirky, Nifty Nerd Shortcut Loose Bottle Opener in Multi.
  • The Periodic Throw Pillow
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    Periodic table of the elements pillow with a pun! This throw pillow will make a great gift for all the nerds--er,students and scientists on your list.
  • nerd
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  • I'm a gamer so deal with it.
    More info Retro Novelty Nerd Geek Gamer Colorful 2-Tone Pixel Glasses: Clothing
  • Uniquely Geek Geek apron
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    Show your inner kitchen geek in the Geek apron Click here to shop the Uniquely Geek range Fabric. Handwash recommended.
  • Minecraft Steve Head
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    When people ask who you're supposed to be, be sure to tell them Hello my name is Steve! This Minecraft Steve Head is a great way to amaze (or confuse) your friend! Steve head mask. 12x12x12 block. 8-bit art style. Square eye holes. Box slightly elevated when on head.
  • River Island Boys green geek socks
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    Boys green geek socks.
  • Aged Metal @ Symbol
    The ultimate cyber geek decor, this large distressed metal @ symbol is the perfect gift for the Internet aficionado in your life! This can be used as living room decor or place it on your desk at work.
  • COMME DES F*CKDOWN Diamond WASTED Meow WASTED YOUTH Parental Advisory COCAINE CAVIAR Geek AIN'T NO WIFEY Disobey HOMIES 1994 Bad Hair Day CHANNEL ZERO Beanie Hats in Black Grey Red White by Shop4USB
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    Shop at for COMME DES F*CKDOWN Diamond WASTED Meow WASTED YOUTH Parental Advisory COCAINE & CAVIAR Geek AIN'T NO WIFEY Disobey HOMIES 1994 Bad Hair Day CHANNEL ZERO Beanie Hats in Black Grey Red White by Shop4USB (1994 (Black)) : Sports & Outdoors.
  • Seven Tips for Picking Your College Classes Freshman Year
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    Is it more important to fulfill core requirements or cultivate new interests? Learn how to create a stimulating and smart curriculum.
  • Mario Coin Cube Inspired Soap for Geeks, Gamers, Kids
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    Are you or do you know someone who loves the super mario bros game? This soap is inspired by the coin cubes found in all the wonderful super mario games. Created in a cube shape with the well known question mark on each of the 6 sides of the cube. Made with a special paper designed to dissolve in water. This paper will begin to dissolve after 6 or 7 uses. Made with a natural shea butter soap that is free of harmful detergents such as SLS. This remarkable soap is scented in orange and weighs approximately 6oz. Your soap will be made when you order it. Please allow up to 14 business days for your order to ship. If you need your order rushed, please don't hesitate to contact us with the request. Ask us about bulk order discounts!
  • Nifty Nerd Solve Some Time Clock
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    When doing lengthy math problems, you can save some time with a calculator. This wall clock, on the other hand, will make you 'solve' time - each hour is represented by a different mathematical equation! Quiz your friends by reading the time as the square root of 64 hours and 198 divided by 66 minutes, instead of just 8:15. This clock's classic, chalkboard-black hue and white scribbles add character without subtracting functionality. If you're a math whiz, or just appreciate the nature of numbers, you'll get some good brain exercise out of this clock.
  • ModCloth Nifty Nerd, Travel, Scholastic As Easy as Pi Pencil Pouch
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    What do you plus this clever cotton pouch equal? One smart-looking gal! Its neutral, mushroom-brown hue plays perfectly into your carefully calculated office decor of striped spiral notebooks and bright book covers. Stitched along the top in sunny yellow, this zippered, woven accessory is printed with white mathematical equations to keep your mind sharp. Rely on this thought-provoking bag to stash your colored pencils, favorite pens, and quirky erasers! Nifty Nerd, Travel, Scholastic, Collegiate As Easy as Pi Pencil Pouch in Black.
  • ModCloth Scholastic Style is Elemental Magnet Set
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    While you wait for that pot of H2O to simmer, learn a thing or two with help from this chemistry-inspired magnet set! Make up a memory song as you stir up carbonated cocktails or bond with friends by quizzing each other on notable noble gasses. You never know when the quiz night host might cook up a question about the symbol for Mercury or the atomic number of Neptunium so hang this colorful, customizable chart in your kitchen or office, and let the learning begin! Scholastic, Collegiate Style is Elemental Magnet Set in Multi for Graduation occasions.
  • Kikkerland Nifty Nerd
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    Your latest success in the lab deserves a celebration, so your colleagues wonder why youre reaching for a petite chemistry textbook on your shelf! Expecting you to expound on valence electrons and noble gases, they observe curiously as you open its fabric-wrapped cover. Then, with a burst of laughter that resembles a chemical reaction, they realize this clever tome was concealing a stainless steel flask at its core! Etched with the molecular diagram of C8H8O3 - the vanillin thats behind your favorite cocktails - this novel companion by Kikkerland is a sweet way to tout your smart sense of humor.
  • G.W. Schleidt SH333 Galileo Thermometer 18", Multicolor
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    G.W. Schleidt SH333 Galileo Thermometer 18", Multicolor. The G.W. Schleidt Galileo Thermometer was originally invented 400 years ago by Galileo Galilei, a pioneer of modern physics and astronomy. The clear glass cylinder contains spheres with numerical tags suspended in a special liquid. Spheres of different weights rise or fall according to the temperature of the liquid. The lowest floating sphere in the upper part of the cylinder reveals the current temperature. This 18-inch thermometer with multi-colored floating spheres registers temperatures from 60 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Chemistry
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  • Tech Teacher's Pet Tablet Case in Pug
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    Paws-itively everyones favorite techie, you keep your tablet approachable by wrapping it inside this welcoming pug-printed case! Zipping your gleaming gadget into a photorealistic dog sleeve is one surefire way to ensure fellow teachers, students, and coffee-shop neighbors feel comfortable approaching you with confounding questions, when they're not sending you compliments. Dont be ruff on your tech toys, give them the unconditional love of an adoring animal case!
  • Fatboy - Beanbag Original
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    Fatboy Original Beanbag – the pioneer among all beanbags Jukka Setälä from Finland created the Fatboy Original Beanbag in 1988, as the beanbag of the 21st century! The fatboy “original” represents a new, colourful and practical alternative to common beanbags and is particularly easy to clean. Depending on the colour, the Fatboy “original” adjusts to the ambiance of your living room or bedroom. The beanbag can be used in many ways: As Loungemöbel , in student digs, as relaxing possibility in your office, as “comforting” pillow for your kids or even as bed for unexpected guests. The size of 140 x 180 cm allows you to simply let yourself fall and sink into it. The high-quality filling consists of EPS globules and not of non-shredded polystyrene waste that are often used in cheap beanbags. That is why the beanbag can be shaped as you like it and adapts to your sitting or lying position. The cover of the fatboy “original” beanbag consists of a special coated nylon material and is therefore easy to clean – a wet cloth and the beanbag looks as if it was new in only an instant. Not only a beanbag – there is much more to see from the Fatboy world! By the way: The Fatboy beanbag is also available in further editions: As Fatboy Stonewashed , Fatboy Junior for children, Fatboy Outdoor Beanbag or even as Fatboy dog’s lounger. Unbeatable with all of the other fatboy products, like the Krukski Stool, the Fatboy Hammock or the exchangeable Jacket.
  • Tecnolumen - Book Light Pendant Lamp
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    Reading makes us brighter: The Tecnolumen Book Light is a pendant lamp, which looks like a book where the light shines through. Vincenz Warnke is responsible for the creative and charming design of the Book Light. The illuminant is fixed in the middle of the Tecnolumen Book Light and it shines through the half-transparent pages. It isn’t less impressing in the daylight, since a book hanging from the ceiling isn’t usual. Whether as gift for bookworms or humorous lamp for the own home – curious glimpses are granted. Tecnolumen produces the Book Light pendant lamp of plastic, which only starts to appear transparent when it is switched on. The Book Light is also available as table lamp.
  • The Anatomy of a Mermaid and Other Cryptids
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    I've always sort of wondered how mermaid anatomy works. I figured it would be similar to human biology, just because of the resemblance of our upper bo
  • Kikkerland Best Seller Armed With Technology Tea Infuser
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    Preparing a cup of perfectly steeped tea is always within reach when youve got this high-tech companion in your kitchen! Designed with a set of curving hinged arms that cling to the rim of your mug, this radiant robot makes sure the flavor is flowing through petite perforations on both sides of its futuristic metal frame. Add a bit of your favorite loose leaf blend by giving its antennas a twist! When the initial phase is complete, return your state-of-the-art assistant to its coordinating silver tray, where it can dry without causing a messy meltdown. Technically speaking, theres nothing sweeter than a tea party with this inventive accessory from Kikkerland!
  • Women's Speck 'SmartShell' Snap-On MacBook Pro Laptop Case
    Add a splash of color to your 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop with a protective, shatterproof, two-piece snap-on case with vent slots for heat disbursement and anti-tilt rubberized feet for stability. Brand: Speck. Style Name: Speck 'SmartShell' Snap-On MacBook Pro Laptop Case (13 Inch). Style Number: 804754.
  • Sherlock's Study -- Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle -- Sherlock Holmes -- 8oz jar
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    Part of our Book Lovers' Series, this candle is a completely original scent! Inspired by Sherlock Holmes and perfect for fans of Arthur Conan Doyle. It is cozy and sweetly rich. Curl up with a book while burning this candle and imagine yourself on Baker Street with the great sleuth. You can practically hear his violin playing while he works out his latest case! Scents: Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood and fresh rain. Materials: Glass jar, soy wax, wick, dye chips and fragrance oil. Size: 8 ounces of wax, weighs about 1 lb. Jars are 4" tall and 3" in diameter. Each candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches; color and appearance may vary slightly from photo. Use: Soy Wax burns nice and clean and is eco-friendly! You'll be able to rinse out the jar and either recycle or reuse it. Burn time approximately 65 hours. Discount: Use discount codes to save money on orders with multiple items. Only one coupon code per order. CANDLE2PACK ($1 OFF) CANDLE3PACK ($2 OFF) CANDLE4PACK ($3 OFF) CANDLE6PACK ($5 OFF) CANDLE10PACK ($10 OFF) CANDLE24PACK ($25 OFF) Gifts: If your purchase is a gift, no problem! We always wrap items nicely in tissue paper and never include the price.
  • ModCloth Owls Owl Did You Sleep? Pillow Sham Set
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    Youre sure to feel wise and energized after waking up on these owl-printed pillow shams - ModCloth exclusives. These soft, cream-colored cases are printed with a detailed black sketch of an owls face, complete with watchful yellow eyes. Whether your morning plans involve birdwatching or studying, this smart set will make sure youre rested and ready to go about your day! Owls, Critters, Woodland Creature Owl Did You Sleep? Pillow Sham Set in White.
  • Bed Head Creative Genius Sculpting Liquid 8 oz.
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    You don't need the IQ of Einstein to be a genius. Your prowess is more for creating spectacular hair, anyway, which obviously his was out of control. Use Creative Genius® from Bed Head®Measurements: Capacity: 8 oz.
  • ModCloth Quirky, Statement, Scholastic You Know the Rules Bracelet
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    When it comes to intelligently outfitting yourself, of course you know the rules - because you make them! Measure your outfits success with this yellow ruler bracelet, constructed of a glossy plastic face on a silver metal backing. Worn with a cuffed-sleeve blazer, a breezy blouse, tailored shorts, smart ankle boots, this arm accessory is both cleverly cute! Quirky, Statement, Scholastic, Collegiate You Know the Rules Bracelet in Yellow.
  • ModCloth Scholastic Style is Elemental Shower Curtain
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    While you stand under some H2O, learn a thing or two with help from this printed shower curtain! Make up a memory song as you stir up suds and study the large-size print of the periodic table decorating your clear curtain. Theres nothing the matter with a bit of smart decorating, and you never know when your next trivia night will raise the question what is the symbol for Mercury? - so hang this handy chart in your mod bathroom, and let the learning begin! Scholastic, Collegiate Style is Elemental Shower Curtain in Multi.
  • Imagination Paperweight
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    "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein Smarten up your thinking spot with a sophisticated, 100% solid lead-free pewter paperweight embellished with some of Albert Einstein's wisest words. Made in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Nerdy Baby's Coloring Book for Very Young Scientists: Tiffany Ard: 9780983804109: Books
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    Nerdy Baby's Coloring Book for Very Young Scientists [Tiffany Ard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A romp through the fields of science! Color your way from Atom to Zoological oddity, read funny and informative definitions
  • FILLES A PAPA 'Books' t-shirt
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    Pink and black cotton 'Books' t-shirt from Filles A Papa featuring a round neck, panelled short sleeves, a straight hem and a black 'You Ned to Read Better Books' slogan to the front.
  • Scrabble
    Get rid of your mobile word game apps and play the original game of Scrabble with family and friends. Scrabble is the classic board game from Parker Brothers that combines spelling skills, vocabulary and strategy for hours of across-the-board fun. This set includes everything you need to play, including the game board, letter tiles, score sheets and instructions. It's a great way to spend some time with your family and it also makes a stand-out gift. Scrabble is fun to play with 2 to 4 people, age 8 and up. Make it a game night!
  • 1970s Style Laptop Large Notebook
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    "1970s Style Laptop" Jot down your day to day memos, musings or anything you want in this chunky note book (or 1970s style laptop, if you will.) 96 pages (48 blank and 48 lined) with a dark card front cover se
  • SHOCK DOCTOR Adult Ultra Braces Mouthguard
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    Buy SHOCK DOCTOR Adult Ultra Braces Mouthguard - The SHOCK DOCTOR® adult Ultra Braces mouthguard offers a triple layer of high-impact protection to cover both upper and lower teeth. The remoldable Gel-Fit™ bite surface features a flexible outer shell and an internal shock-absorbing core; special ortho channels fit around brace brackets and adapt to changes in tooth position as the braces are adjusted. A quick-release tether and fitting instructions are included.
  • House Doctor Lunchbox 5 Sterne Hellblau
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    Lunchbox, Stiftequartier oder Vorratsdose? Mit diesen Metallboxen im Retro-Look von House Doctor ist vieles m�glich. Das Design, die Verarbeitung und die originellen Kofferverschl�sse haben sich 5 Sterne verdient.
  • Knock Knock 'Genius' Gel Pen
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    Proclaim your brain with a boldly colored, classic gel pen that boasts a coolly understated 'Genius'. 6 1/2". Uses 0.6mm gel ink. By Knock Knock; imported.
  • Chamberlain Blue Ocean 37 1/2" High Illuminated Globe
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    Add an educational touch to an office, children's room or classroom with this blue ocean illuminated National Geographic globe. The walnut finish wood base presents a classic Earth globe look. Thousands of place names are highlighted with raised reliefs of topographic features. Tap the globe to activate 10 bright LED lights that add a new dimension to this fascinating globe. Illuminated National Geographic globe on stand. Aged brass-tone meridian mount. Walnut finish wood base. 10-light LED array. Takes four AA batteries (not included). 37 1/2" overall height. 16" globe diameter.
  • Mark's Mini collection series / Electric guitar
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    Get ready to have fun with tis construction game introducing: NanoBlock ! Created by geniuses in Japan, NanoBlock are Micro Building Blocks. Mark's : 1st modern stationary brand in Japan. Cool but comfortable. With Japanese creative spirit, MARK's aims to be the world leader in Design stationery. Exclusive design and convenient functionality, both meeting Japanese quality standards. MARK's philosophy dictates that we make life more comfortable with cool products characterized by these features. In detail: Type : Construction game. Colour : Multicolored. Material : ABS. Dimensions : H 18 x L 10,5 x P 1,3 cm.
  • Hoptimist - Bimble
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    The pair Bimble & Bumble is the basic pillar of the Hoptimists series by Gustav Ehrenreich. The happy design classics still spread as much good spirit as in 1969 – that is the reason why they have been re-edited meanwhile. As the name already reveals, Hoptimists ensure good mood by hopping. Bimble is Bumble’s brother and it delights with wakeful glimpses and acts cleverly. The design of the Bimble comes from the year 1968, but nothing changed regarding the happy principle since then: When Bimble is pulled down or pushed, it floats to the sides and up and downwards. Bimble simply spreads well-being and happiness – something hard to leave, once known. The Hoptimists ensured themselves a place all over the world in the 1970ies with this simple, but genius construction. And they still prove that the idea doesn’t age: The Bumble and Bimble figures are a great decoration idea in children’s rooms or on top of baby cots. The small ones will be delighted by the hopping Bumble, but also grownups will smile by the charm of the Hoptimists-series’ figure. Bimble is available in different colours.
  • new Nintendo_ds solid red NDSL nds DS lite console EXclusive protable handheld video game player system Console
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    brand new Nintendo_ds solid red NDSL nds DS lite console EXclusive protable handheld video game player system Console 1Weights 218g 2Size width 1330 length 739 height 215mm 3Battery Lithium ion battery delivering six to 10 hours of play on a fourhour charge depending on use 4Languages English Japanese Spanish Francais Geman Italian
  • Noughts And Crosses Ornamental Game
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    Buy Noughts And Crosses Ornamental Game from our Home Accessories range today from ASDA Direct.
  • Schylling 'Space Invaders' Carabiner Game
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    Fend off the incoming alien hordes with a full-function game in a compact package for fun on the go. Color(s): none. Brand: SCHYLLING. Style Name: Schylling 'Space Invaders' Carabiner Game. Style Number: 742227.
  • Video Game Wall Art | Video Game Wall Decor
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    Shop for a huge selection of video game Wall Art. Shop video game wall decals, stickers, posters, canvas art, framed prints & more.
  • Sims 2 Box Set Prima Official Game Guide
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    Sims 2 Box Set: Prima Official Game Guide [Prima Games] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Titles: This box set will include Sims 2, Sims 2 University, Sims 2 Nightlife, Sims 2 Open for Business
  • Winterfell -- Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle -- 8oz jar
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    Part of our Book Lovers' Series, this candle is a completely original scent! It's fresh, earthy and cozy at the same time; not hard to imagine yourself in front of the fire in a castle! Scents: Scotch pine and firewood. Materials: Glass jar, soy wax, cotton wick, dye chips and fragrance oil. Size: 8 fluid ounces of wax, weighs about 1 lb. Jars are 4" tall and 3" in diameter. Each candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches; color and appearance may vary slightly from photo. Use: Soy Wax burns nice and clean and is eco-friendly! You'll be able to clean out the jar and either recycle or reuse it. Burn time approximately 65 hours. Shipping: Current processing time BEFORE YOUR ORDER SHIPS is 2-3 business days. International orders take 2-3 weeks to arrive after shipping date. You will receive a tracking notification once your item has been shipped. For further details and to CALCULATE SHIPPING COSTS please click the "Shipping & Policies" tab. Three-Pack International Orders: (Best rate-per-candle) Etsy's "With Another Item" shipping calculator works well for the most part and we have the correct rates calculated, except for the three-pack international order. These items ship for $22 USD to Canada and $29 USD to Everywhere Else (instead of the $28 and $39 the calculator will charge you). We will refund you shipping overcharges if you buy exactly 3 candles. Gifts: If your purchase is a gift, no problem! We always wrap items nicely in tissue paper and never include the price.
  • Uniquely Geek Geek mug
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    Indulge your inner geek with this fantastic mug Click here to shop the Uniquely Geek range Earthenware. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe. Not oven safe.
  • The Moustache Club Moustache mug
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    Tash-tastically moustache guide mug! Click here to shop Moustache club range Earthenware. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe. Not oven safe.
  • Mockingjay -- Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle -- Hunger Games -- 8oz jar
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    Part of our Book Lovers' Series, this candle is a completely original scent! Inspired by Katniss Everdeen and perfect for fans of the Hunger Games series. This is a warm, woodsy scent and equally awesome during the summer and winter months. Scents: Scotch pine and cinnamon! Materials: Glass jar, soy wax, wick, dye chips and fragrance oil. Size: 8 ounces of wax, weighs about 1 lb. Use: Soy Wax burns nice and clean! You'll be able to rinse out the jar and either recycle or reuse it. Burn time approximately 70hrs. Discount: Order candles in bulk for a discount! Save money on shipping, too. Separate listings are up for two, three, and four-packs. Gifts: If your purchase is a gift, no problem! We always wrap items nicely in tissue paper and never include the price.
  • Fruits Bananagrams by ModCloth
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    Anyone who has played this ap-peeling game knows just how fun it is, but in case youre scratching your head in a fruitless attempt to figure out what its all about, allow us to explain! Not for monkeying around, Bananagrams calls upon your smarts to cart you successfully through an individual crossword-puzzle-making race! Vertically and horizontally weaving words together, youll try to beat your fellow players to the all-letters-used finish. Its a raucously wonderful time had by all, and since the games letter-laden tiles come in a vibrant yellow, zippered carrying case, this great game is perfecting for grabbing just before you split from your house and head to a party or picnic!
  • Adventure Time Beemo Beanie
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    Buy Adventure Time Beemo Beanie online from If you love Jake and Finn's loyal friend, 'Beemo' the living games console, then take him everywhere with you thanks to this awesome Officially Licensed beanie.…
  • Red Paper Cups (25 pc)
    SOLD OUT: More info : Red Paper Cups (25 pc) : Childrens Party Cups : Toys & Games
  • Gift Guide Book Lover
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    Since the weather outside is frightful, 'tis the season to dive into a good book. It's easy to shop for the book lover in your life, especially when there are so many unique and crafty ways for you to celebrate their book love.
  • THQ sends the Queen a Golden Wii
    More info
    Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS news, reviews, previews and features with a European slant. With regular free-to-enter competitions and a great boards community.
  • Slide Pure Table lamp
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    Pure is the fun little teddy bear inspired by the first all-Italian manufactured toy designed by Lab81, in line with the internationally confirmed toy movement design principles. Today, Slide is proud to introduce it in this lamp version. Created from polyethylene with the rotational mould technique, Pure is available in several flashy colours. Pure reviews virtual world characters to provide the perfect accessory for fans of cartoons and video-games. A fun alternative to light up your home and give that cool touch of exuberance to domestic environments. In detail: Type : Table lamp - Ambient lamp - Decoration. Colour : White. Material : Polyethylene. Dimensions : H 45 cm x W 37 cm x D 25 cm. Characteristics : Indoor use (IP 20) - Energy Saving Bulb (not included) : 1x15W max E27 - L cable : 150 cm with switch - Supplied with EU plug : EU to UK plug adapter included.
  • Jazwares Adventure Time Beemo 8" Plush Jazwares Adventure Time Beemo 8" Plush: Toys & Games
  • Trademark Games Star Projector Light Project On The Walls And Ceiling
    SOLD OUT: More info Trademark Games Star Projector Light - Project On The Walls And Ceiling: Toys & Games
  • Tamagotchi Connection V 5- Familitichi Tama House
    SOLD OUT: More info : Tamagotchi Connection V 5- Familitichi - Tama House : Electronic Pets : Toys & Games
  • Mudpuppy Sweet Patterns Wooden Magnetic Uppercase Letters
    SOLD OUT: More info : Mudpuppy Sweet Patterns Wooden Magnetic Uppercase Letters : Mudpuppy Magnetic Letters : Toys & Games
  • Classic Wooden Yo-yo : Classic Wooden Yo-yo : Yo Yos : Toys & Games
  • Funko POP Disney Jack Skellington Vinyl Figure Funko POP Disney: Jack Skellington Vinyl Figure: Funko Pop!: Toys & Games
  • TOPSHOP Geeky Duck Lipbalm
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    Novelty Flavoured Lipbalm
  • J!NX
    SOLD OUT: More info
    J!NX is a clothing brand heavily influenced by gaming and geeky interests. You are required to visit if you are into gadgets, gaming, computers, robots (really big ones), ninjas, eskimos, stuff with blinking lights, and/or pretty much anything technical. We ingest a healthy dose of all these things on a daily basis.
  • Special Edition 3D Pod Racer Goggles Arriving With Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace 3D
    More info
    Look 3D has created a pair of custom Star Wars 3D Pod Racer glasses to help you feel just like Anakin Skywalker while you watch the 3D version of the Star Wars : Phantom Menace film
  • Kate Spade 'Idiom' Pencil Set
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Kate Spade 'Idiom' Pencil Set
  • ASOS Wand Rubbers Set of 5
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Wa nd Rubbers. Star shaped toppers to turn your pencil into a wand. Make your mistakes disappear.
  • Designs - Tervis Insulated Tumblers - Mugs - Water Bottles - Gifts
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    Planets wrap – This educational design shows all the planets of our solar system. The perfect gift for your star pupil!
  • WILDFOX Weird Clean Black Oversized T-shirt with print
    SOLD OUT: More info
    We love the trendy print tops with cheeky slogans by Wildfox! Black T-shirt in laid-back oversize fit made of a comfy cotton blend with round neck and white "WEIRD" writing on the front, which glows in the dark. A fantastic tee for cool girls! 50% polyester, 50% cotton. True to size. Machine wash cold. Oversized cut.
  • Stationery Set
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    Multi piece stationery set containing 3 pencils, 1 ruler, 3 erasers, 3 sharpeners and 1 ball pen. We have a great range of stationery suitable for home, school and office use, including paper, pens, pencils, highlighters and equipment to cover all your writing, filing, posting and mailing needs - all at amazing value. Call in to your local store today to see the full stationery selection.
  • Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Tunic
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    Find great fashion clothing exclusively at Delias. Our great assortments of teen clothing and girls clothing means you will find everything to suit your look.
  • Paper Passion Perfume
    More info
    Book lover? Of course you are! Express your fondness for thumbing through pages by spritzing on a little Paper Passion Perfume ($98). Gimmicks aside (the bottle comes nestled inside the pages of a book), the
  • Black Mr. Lazy Lazy mans grooming kit
    SOLD OUT: More info
    This black Mr. Lazy lazy mans grooming kit from Baylis & Harding is an essential for keeping clean in style. A generous lather of the soap or shower gel is all you need to scrub up perfectly, while a soft massage of the aftershave balm into your skin helps relieve irritation after shaving.
  • thick canvas tote bag - I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie - book bag purse gift for her
    SOLD OUT: More info
    perfect tote for the book lover! (don't forget your book club friends!) featured in the June 2012 issue of Cincinnati Magazine! Canvas Tote Bag. 100% Cotton Natural Canvas with Woven Handles. Printed with the image shown above ("I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie") Measures 14-3/4" x 14" x 4" Makes a great gift for Brides, Bridesmaids, Mommies, Mommies-to-Be, Teachers, Students, Kids, and anyone with a little attitude! Canvas tote is great for use as a book bag, purse, grocery tote, diaper bag, beach bag, toy bag, and more! Great bag to reuse to help the environment! Own a shop and are interested in purchasing these wholesale? Drop me a note and I can send you wholesale pricing details! Meaghan
  • Autism Weird Small Mug
    SOLD OUT: More info
    We all need to do our part to help raise autism awareness. Autistic spectrum disorders are affecting 1 in every 150 children. Stop the public stares with this fun design!
  • Ulster Weavers Coffee Eye Test Linen Tea Towel
    SOLD OUT: More info
    A Roderick Field design. 100% linen tea towel. Machine washable.
  • Quirky Body of Work Print Set by ModCloth
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Your abode reflects your creative self, just like the many other art forms you employ for self-expression. Turn your home into an installation piece with this pseudoscience-inspired print set byCavallini Co.! Embellish your dwelling with this trio of vintage-influenced posters, which are loaded with old-timey info on on the mind and body. Get reflective with the assistance of a color-coded phrenology chart, or predict your future path with a handy palmistry guide. Along with your robot-themed bathroom decor and kitsch-adorned kitchen, these quirky prints will feel right at home in your unique space!
  • Anna Lou of London Limited Edition Leather Bow Bracelet
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Make a statement with the Anna Lou of London Leather Bow Bracelet. Fastening securely with a silver-tone buckle, this eyecatching neon bow bracelet is made from the finest quality leather to ensure that it stands the test of time. With a contrasting centre and decorative stitching, this cool and quirky accessory boasts a discreet, embossed Anna Lou logo for subtle brand identity. - L.M. Anna Lou of London Leather Bow Bracelet. Real Leather. Cute bow design. Buckle fasten. Contrasting centre. Decorative stitching. Silver-tone hardware. Discreet, embossed Anna Lou logo. Brand: Anna Lou of London. Colour: Neon Green. Material: Leather.
  • Graduation Mugs
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Fast dispatch to the UK on most orders. Personalised graduation coffee mugs, Steins, Travel Mugs and more from - Choose your favourite graduation mug from thousands of available designs.
  • Personal Assistant Organizer
    SOLD OUT: More info
    If you're feeling overwhelmed with all of your business cards, scribbled notes, and mental lists, don't worry! This handy organizer is here to help. Inside this cadet blue and periwinkle cover is a place to keep all of your, as the notepad states, ""endless crap."" Six tabbed accordion files can hold anything that you deem ""total crap"" or the ""same old crap,"" per the sticker labels provided. Put that seemingly never-ending list into perspective by neatly checking off completed tasks with the included notepad and black ink pen. Once you're done taking care of business, just close this organizer from Knock Knock up, bind it with the elastic band, and toss it in your tote. It's more affordable than a living, breathing assistant, and probably more fun, too!
  • 2 Pocket Folder Assorted | Mardel
    More info
    Organize your papers, homework, and more with the classic 2 Pocket Folder. Order either of these 5 fun colors of 2 Pocket Folders for your supplies.
  • Teacher's Apple Pie Jar Candle
    Give your favorite teacher a sweet gift they can enjoy again and again! Our Teacher’s Apple Pie Jar Candle is printed with the thoughtful quote, "Teachers light the way for brighter futures". 18-Oz. Cobblestone Candle Co. Jar candle. Mottled paraffin wax blend. Features a sweet apple and cinnamon scent. Burns approximately 100-130 hours. Poured in the USA.
  • Space Explorer Iron On Patch
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Did you always want to be an astronaut? Do you like outer space? Are you aware that you live in 'space'? Then you're a Space Explorer!! Snag this patch and show the world that you have a need to search the universe for whatever's out there! Iron-on backing. Measures 3 1/4" tall x 2 5/8" wide Julie Pinzur
  • Gifts for Music Teachers
    More info
    Tea bag music composers. What a wonderful gift these would make. How about giving them to your child's music teacher?
  • Explorer Hanging Map
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Click here to view Explorer Hanging Map
  • Space Explorer Cookie Cutter Set
    A set of 3 amusing Space Explorer cookie cutters made of high quality stainless steel with silicone edges for more comfort. Baking fun for all the family.
  • Preorder: Zombie Human Organ Lunchbox
    More info
    Preorder: Zombie Human Organ Lunchbox

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