Hey everyone. So, it's probably spring break right now and you and your friends are bored out of your minds, or you're at the mall with some friends (or by yourself) and you need something to do. Read below!
-Do a photo shoot. Bring along a camera or just use your phone.
-Pick out and outfit from a store and try it on in the dressing room.
-Climb in the window display and pose.
-Go into a fitting room and yell really loud, "Hey! We're out of toilet paper in here!"
-Go into a store all dressed up with some friends and give the appearance you are a movie star (see how many people you can convince - have some bodyguards in suits with walkie talkies).
-Go to the make-up section of stores in malls and give yourself a new look.
-Go shopping wearing your swimsuit or bikini, flippers and swim goggles then go scuba diving in the water fountain for change.
-Walk up the opposite side of the escalator.
-Play Frisbee or catch in the middle of the mall.
-Have a scavenger hunt.
-Hide in the clothes racks, and when people walk by, or browse at the racks, change your voice and say "buy me", "pick me" or something.
-Hum the Mission Impossible theme song loudly while play ninja throughout the store.
-Bring a small (and loaded) water gun to the mall and sit on the bench. Secretly shoot people and then watch for their reactions.
-People watch!
-Jump on random beds and see how long it takes for you to get screamed at by the store person.
-Bring a pillow and stuff it up your shirt until you look like you're pregnant. Watch out for people's reactions.
These are all the things my friends and I have done so far. Yes, our minds are weird and twisted. If you guys have the guts to do some of this stuff, let me know. I wanna hear about it. Have fun!
lots of love,
Jazzy (:
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