Fun and unique, have a peek

The sets in this collectiuon will be sets found while wandering around Polyvore.
Sets that made me giggle, smile or just say, teeheee, that's neat
  • Book me on
    "OMG !!!! Mish Mash bebe, I LOVE mish mash sets...this is a cool entry for The Book Me contest, set is by @zedra2up YEAH BEBE Book me a mish mash, wooooeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" — @linda-caricofe
  • I'm Going to the Steampunk Gala!
    "I LOVE this Poly's imagination, she is @emjule , so WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW" — @linda-caricofe
  • Rock Chick!
    "This shows up so fabulous as a thumb nail, click on it, and she looks right at you, eye to eye, so way you @kurious I say this is a solid 10, the best !" — @linda-caricofe
  • happy
    "I know, it's a fashion set, but, it's so cheerful and fun too...I love this set, makes me smile, how about you...set is by @sandevapetq SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Truth - Curio Shop Challenge
    "That cool Poly @ruby-flip-flops has done it again, teeeeheehehehee, I LOVE this set ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
    "open a book and enter many fabulous set by such a wise Poly ♥♥♥ she is @ nocturnalmother , SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Book of Trust
    "To the point, and let's face it, a world without books, impossible...fab set by @likepolyfathion SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Book Bookmark
    "so cool, teeeeheheehehehee, oh my, @beet-1 you are awesome, book me, ya, fabulous book me set...was top sets too, congrats to you :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Playing with Polyvore - Thank you
    "because we really do play here, love this Valentine by @runners to Polyvore, sweet treat ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Thank You For The Colors
    "@ragnh-mjos your imagination is amazing !!!!!" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cook Books
    "This is adorable, it's be @summersunshinesk7 it reminds me of Rachael Ray's Cooking Show set
    on TV , book me bebe ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Science of Food Know-It-All Alton Brown and I Mean That In The Nicest Way!
    "The Galactical Doughnut Brigade group had a neat contest a few months ago, this was an entry by @bb60477 , so totally fab set, SALUTE ! Book me bebe ♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Journey.... Book Me Contest Feb/14
    "by @runners tell ya what, this set is a hoot and so totally cool...may the owl live forever and may we never die ♥♥♥ I love big books and I cannot lie" — @linda-caricofe
  • Happy Valentine's Day Ladybugs In Our Shoe's
    "because it's so adorable and cute, and it's by @lillibunneh for that cool Poly @incogneato ♥♥♥ Hugs to both of you :-)" — @linda-caricofe
    "it is true, a dog, a cat, all animals give such love...set is bu my wonderful Poly pal, @ louisevegasgirl hugs to you and a hoot hoot to the owl too, teheehee" — @linda-caricofe
  • It's either me or everyone else...
    "I totally love this sure to click on it to enjoy how it was created...Poly artist is @annaboo , wildly creative, SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #1531
    "She's a favorite Poly for so many of us, she's @indy , her sets are always so unique, LOVE this set ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Calling the Brigadier
    "The AWESOMENESS of The Doughnut Brigade, as @blue2mato shows the coolness of it's universe, SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • 7
    "One look at this and you giggle, no kidding, teeheheeee...LOVE this set by @anasvetlucavoinstyle MEOW !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Dear Amy
    "One word, ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poly artist is @vervetandhowler ♥♥♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Night-Night everyone in Sleepytime Land
    "oh my, I LOVE sets like this, makes me smile, makes me happy...Poly artist is @vonshelman ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Create, Dream and Imagine
    "I totally love love love this set by @luv2create4u !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Newfies!
    "Just married, so adorable, makes me smile..set is by @runners" — @linda-caricofe
  • flyx
    "You never know what you will see on Polyvore. Although this was created 2 years ago by, it was found again, thanks to @mollygrant ...way far out cool set" — @linda-caricofe
  • Clean Slate Contest 2014
    "WHOOT WHOOT, Who let the dogs out, teehehehehehe , LOVE this set, makes me happy..set is by @runners, YAYAYAAYAYAYAYAY" — @linda-caricofe
  • What's In The Tea Leaves for Me?
    "I love this is unusual and also has information about reading tea leaves in the comments section. 2 thumbs up to @arabicacup ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Best
    "that Poly @ragnh-mjos creates the neatest sets, 2 thumb sup to this, LOVE it !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Love is All ...
    "so much fun, by a Poly that is one of the most wonderful Polys to know, @gua-pa TREAT :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Jungle
    "This is the kind of set one needs to click on to appreciate. Now, come on, click it and be amazed...set is by @tijana-bgd SALUTE !!!!!" — @linda-caricofe
  • American Gothic Reindeer
    "I am trying to sign off Polyvore to get some breakfast, and yet , I am still giggling, look at this set by @smylin , OH MY, teeeeheheeheee, masterpiece , LOVE this teheeheheheeee" — @linda-caricofe
  • Into The Fryer
    "teeheheheheheeheee, can't help it, this set is so wow, LOVE it....set is by @smylin U R so cool , TREAT !" — @linda-caricofe
  • FANTASY......
    "this has got to be the cutest fashion set in the whole wide world, teeheeheheh..LOVE the Poly too, she's @louisevegasgirl" — @linda-caricofe
  • 3 Animals
    "The kind of set you click on to see up close...way cool and unique...@hronn 2 thumbs up :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Food Family
    "so totally cute...all food, no kidding, click and enjoy the view, it will make you smile, and want a piece of pumpkin pie too, teehehehe, set is by @pepitarita" — @linda-caricofe
  • Art Freak
    "so way cool...pop art to the max bebe, set is by @musicfriend1 FAR OUT bebe, way cool :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • DJ School
    "The world of Polyvore, the place where you never know what you will see, teehehehe..way cool set by @gailwind, so totally way cool" — @linda-caricofe
  • Happy Holidays from Nemo
    "that Poly @luckied99 always makes me smile...this set, made me smile asa I saw it at a time I really needed that smile too...thank you my Poly, you totally rock :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • The 3 little Wolves
    "How cute it this !!!! Set is by @leotajane. Sweet delight to see" — @linda-caricofe
  • Zelma and Neil: a match made in........
    "@ajkc is pleased to announce, Zelma has found a boyfriend !!!!!! Dolls bebe, that's right, click and be amazed at the details of how she created this pair, SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • be the good
    "What more can one want...LOVE this set by @didesi" — @linda-caricofe
  • Bedtime Story
    "Every set this Poly creates is magical, she is @silverlining07" — @linda-caricofe
  • Lust / Must
    "Cool set, love this to the max...2 thumbs up to @carolineingrid" — @linda-caricofe
  • Unbenannt #155
    "I absolutely adore this set, makes me smile...@tjuli-interior your imagination is wonderful" — @linda-caricofe
  • Selena, Taylor, Demi, and Miley: Band of Sisters
    "@chey-love this set is so cool, so are you :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #587
    "what's behind that red door bebe, TOTALLY WAY out wow set by @ladypiraterose SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cat Eye Glasses
    "Don't miss this Poly's page, you will find the most unusual fabulous things, check her out, @vintageeyeglasses you totally rock :-)" — @linda-caricofe
    "Come see this Polys page and you will be smiling..way fab sets by @sisterlisak, fantastic imagination, SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Who Will Get My Message In The Bottle!
    "That frog holding the bottle, tehehehehe..this entire set is a wonderful treat to enjoy, it's a solid 10, the best by @littlemisssunshine3 LOVE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • A not-so-little birdie told me ...
    "Oh my, LOVE LOVE this set, the concept , the items in the set, and the presentation...WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!! @annaboo , SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Portrait
    "Life is too short not to giggle, and this set, oh my, 2 thumbs up to @pepitarita U R cool :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Sem título #544
    "I love unusual unique sets, look at this fab set by @cmb51, I feel like tossing in a coin and making a wish :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • the fairy's shower
    "WOWOWOWWOW, such a unique set, how cool is this set by @soofiia" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cat Eye Glasses
    "If you enjoy the unusual , the unique and the fantastic...come to @vintageeyeglasses page and be amazed" — @linda-caricofe
  • Coffee On The Trail
    "how cool is this set, way cool...set is by @angiem" — @linda-caricofe
  • Fishbowl
    "This is so way cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set is by @elske88 , groovy bebe :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Jolly Good Show!
    "teeheheheeee, I love fun, love this set by @alynncameron" — @linda-caricofe
  • Golden Snug
    "want to smile, enjoy this bookmark set by @incogneato , it makes me so happy, how about you :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Skinny Cow’s Exotic WoCavé™
    "way cool, wild bebe MOOOOOO, teeheheee set is by that cool Poly @gagacouture" — @linda-caricofe
  • Friends,Sea,Sun,Beach,Cocktails......
    "Beach PAR TAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooeeeee, we are going to have some fun, at @anapuzar beach party , yayayayayayayayay" — @linda-caricofe
  • Clowns
    "teeheeee, this Poly is not felling well, so, to forget how bad she feels, she created this cool set, that makes me giggle so much I can hardly type, @ajkc" — @linda-caricofe
  • Lunch Being Served - BLT
    "So way cool it makes me stare, teeheee, these dolls are awesome, by @ajkc" — @linda-caricofe
  • Millefiore Menagerie
    "I think this is such a neat idea for a set...2 thumbs up to @kateolive" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cut out: Postsecret cheese to mouse reincarnation
    "this is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! set is by @ellathrasha" — @linda-caricofe
  • Shiny Happy People
    "I love things that make me smile, don't you :-)
    Set is by @tacciani she's a Poly that makes me smile everytime I visit her sets" — @linda-caricofe
  • Life is Just a Bowl of Berries
    "This is the sweetest fashion set ever, by a really sweet Poly too, she is @gilleyqwyn" — @linda-caricofe
  • Miss Muffet was not impressed ...
    "oh my goodness, this at this adorable Little Miss Muffet...that @shamarie is so talented, this set, makes me smile...hey you that's looking, bet you are smling too :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Not Your Average Girl
    "the dearest of the dearest set by @ajkc" — @linda-caricofe
  • To The Rescue
    "the superhero, yayayayayayaayay, to the rescue for the Polyvore Galleries Orange Crush Contest by the fab Poly @halebugg" — @linda-caricofe
  • Coffee Happy
    "Yepper, coffee does make me happy :-)
    Fun set by @heartfinds" — @linda-caricofe
  • Le Allegre Canare
    "Art at it's best, when it is unique and makes you this set by a Poly I adore, that Poly is the wonderful @fairy-world" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wambli Hannah Hoch
    "such a neat set, click on this and move your mouse to see all of the wonderful tiny things added to the house...awesome set by the awesome Poly @wambliwakan" — @linda-caricofe
  • sorry... that is my cat...
    "This set is so is unique, the layout is perfect...the idea, most this set by @soofiia" — @linda-caricofe
    "Here's a Poly that really is so much fun, she is @bb60477 , she is so totally cool...Poly love ya my friend :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • "The Scaredy Cat" ~ For All Cat Lovers
    "There's just something totally cool about cats, @victorianheaven agrees, bet you do too :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #802
    "this is so sweet...especially the a Poly that is a sweet treat herself, she's @loulynne" — @linda-caricofe
  • klee dream
    "I feel as though I am really looking at the man and dog in reality....I LOVE this set...set is by @jennifer" — @linda-caricofe
  • Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest
    "So totally cool, it's a must see set, love this set by @traceygraves" — @linda-caricofe
  • I swear, there used to be a guy in that boat...
    "The title, the thought, and then the beauty of the totally cool, by a very talented Poly, @alynncameron" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #1275
    "how cool is this ! neato set by that neato Poly pal @indy" — @linda-caricofe
  • Dirty Little Secret
    "wowowwowow, like cool poster art, by @kathy-martenson-sanko" — @linda-caricofe
  • Hmmm, I Always Thought It Was A Left At The Fork To Get To Grandma's House
    "teeheheee, look at the wolf's eyes, @donnamae-harkness the title of this set and the totally cool" — @linda-caricofe
  • Inter-active Art
    "how cool is this, the teapot is pouring into the cup as the lady views the gallery..I LOVE this kind of set...set is by @sweetdee55" — @linda-caricofe
  • Geen titel #2012
    "Yeah, unique and cool..a fab approach to the stripes and checks look...2 thumbs up to @ lizmuller" — @linda-caricofe
  • Dodo
    "teheeheheeee, it's stuff like this that makes Polyvore so totally fun...set is by @leigharev" — @linda-caricofe
    "How cool is this set ? Way cool, teeeeeeheheheheeeee..set maker is @myersna" — @linda-caricofe
  • Something Tells Me...
    "yeah, my husband goes crazy over my addiction to Polyvore...I tell him, hey, better than watchign TV, teehehehehee and it's free..set is by @sedenney12" — @linda-caricofe
  • garden
    "This is so cool, this set maker creates her sets on tee shirts, her sets are a must see, set maker is dramatyze@" — @linda-caricofe
  • Dog Day Afternoon
    "How adorable is this !!!!! Set is by @leegal57" — @linda-caricofe
  • Going to the Auto Show
    "before going to an auto show, @pinkfrosting2 created this totally cool set" — @linda-caricofe
  • Time Will Tell
    "clocks, what time is it anyway, set by @dleath" — @linda-caricofe
  • Kitchen Accessories by Rain Collection
    "love your kitchen? Cool set by @dleath" — @linda-caricofe
  • Chex For The Clowns
    "I could not remember if I ever added this to a collection. It's a set I really like and was really dizzying to create, teeheee" — @linda-caricofe
  • Post Apocalyptic Vice & Donut Bot
    "This is totally awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donut robots land, teeheeee. Set created by @incogneato" — @linda-caricofe
  • Please step back,this is CSI investigation
    "No words needed, teehee, this is so cool. Set created by @anapuzar" — @linda-caricofe


Wrote one year ago
thanks for adding one of my sets, it's an honour. :) ♥

Wrote two years ago
Thanks a lot! :)

Wrote two years ago
woo woo! Thx so much Linda for choosing one of my sets to grace this set with these other talented artists! :)

Wrote two years ago
I'm so flattered you've included me here Linda! Thank you so! xo

Wrote two years ago
This is such a fabulous collection, Linda. It's an honor to be included!

Wrote two years ago
Oh what a wonderful collection!!!! Thank you so much for including my set dear !...xoxoヽ(◠‿◠✿)ノ

Wrote two years ago
What a unique collection! Thanks for the wonderful comments and for adding my set!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks for adding the Newly Weds! lol

Wrote two years ago
THANK YOU! for adding my set. What a thrill.

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set, police!

Wrote two years ago
Awesome!!Wonderful collection of uniqueness!!

Wrote two years ago
soooooooooooooooo wonderful, you have put together a wonderful collection

Wrote two years ago
I appreciate your sincere compliments my dear @lindacaricofe , we all agree that you are a great eye & heart. xox

Wrote two years ago
Linda, thanks for including my set in this fun & unique collection!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks for including me in your collection. Strange that I never got your comment.

Wrote two years ago
Thanks, sweetie, for the kindness to include my set in this collection!
I have a lot to learn with you!

Wrote two years ago
thanks Linda! I'm glad you liked my set!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for adding my set to your awesome collection!

Wrote two years ago
i am flattered and honored, so glad you added my set to this fantastic collection, thank you so much

Wrote two years ago
Thank you again my dear Linda:)))))kisses and hugs to you:)

Wrote two years ago
Linda, I smiled. giggled, and said te he, that's neat! What a wonderful collection, a great idea! Thanks for adding me! Have a happy Fourth!

Wrote two years ago
thanks darling linda! i'm proud of the one ;-)

Wrote two years ago
Very unique and wonderful collection. Thank you dear for adding my set. Hugs

Wrote two years ago
@indy, for you, I would sing a tune, teeheheeee....but, I will spare you that, and write words instead, teeheeheeee

Wrote two years ago
Thank you, dear Linda, for all your sweet words!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you @lindacaricofe for adding my set to your collection!

Wrote two years ago
So kind of you to add my set. Thanks so much :)

Wrote three years ago
@myersna I think your set is so cool that I hope it makes it to top sets, cool would that be...way cool :-)

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Thank you for adding my set to this fun collection!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much:)

Wrote three years ago
Oh my!! Thank you so much for including my set in this unique collection!! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Thank you sweetie:))))


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