Fun with Friends 88: Oscar de la Renta Dress


Wrote two years ago
@lindacaricofe Fun with Friends is a blast, you will love it !

Wrote two years ago
Wowowowowww, you have been doing this for a year !
I totally love's so neat to see how everyone sees the fashion....I can't wait to find time to go through your collections @tacciani and @lashandanista ..
Collections is a wonderful way to keep beautiful sets around to be seen ( to click like on too ) and enjoyed, always....2 thumbs up big time to both of you

Wrote two years ago
Aww @lindacaricofe @cathy1965 .... I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this! I've loved doing this FwF challenge since @snippins and I started it nearly a year ago!! I LOOOOOVE going back through the collections and seeing how everyone has grown... so much fun! :)

Wrote two years ago
@lashandanista Well you do RAWK my dear!!!!! And this is a FUN group to play in!!!! LOL!!! We're having FUN WITH FRIENDS....duh!!! Smoooches sweetie!!!!

Wrote two years ago
I'm so glad you are playing too @lindacaricofe !!!!

Wrote two years ago
@lindacaricofe i am so happy you like our group!!!! you all are cracking me with your comments!!! @sherry7411 @cathy1965!!!

Wrote two years ago
@lindacaricofe YAYAYAYAY I'm so glad you're here playing with us!! @tacciani and @lashandanista RAWK this group!!!!! I love this group of girls so much and a big group hug!!!!!!

Wrote two years ago
Loving this too..and loving sweet darling @lindacaricofe

Wrote two years ago
Love this collection!!! Hugs @lindacaricofe ♥

Wrote two years ago
Not only that, but, while viewing this collection a second time, I realized it is people I follow too....hugs to @cathy1965 @shape-shifter @elske88 @leegal57 @jackie22 @sheryl-lee @lois-boyce-flack @thru-these-eyes @justjules2332 @girlyideas @sherry7411 @natasha-gayden and @tracireuer @queenranya and @jnp587 , I love all of you teeeheheheeee....I am behind on saying hello, so, we will all have a group hug, right here on @lashandanista and @tacciani 's collection...YAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAY

Wrote two years ago
I think this is one of the neatest ideas ever...I get to see how everyone sees the dress...and I get to " like " each's better than a contets, no 2 totaly rock....this idea...wowowowoww, it's the best..thank oyu so much for letting me play " fun with friends "... @tammylo-12 and I even picked the same handbag...what are the odds..and some of us even thought of the dress as a picnic theme.LOVE this game


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