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enjoy the little things, kids.
cause then you grow up, and life doesn't get easier.
you'll have good times, 
and plenty of bad ones. 
but it's the simple things that make life go on,
so why not enjoy them?
don't let people push you down, and help others when their on the ground. even if they don't appreciate it, at least you know you did a good thing, right?
sometimes i regret giving advice and try to help people i don't know, but then i remember that if they don't say thank you or even acknowledge that you did anything to help them, at least i was trying to help, you know?
after that there's nothing i can do but hope they take it and use it and give themselves a better life. i was raised to help others in need, and be gracious and when people offered me a helping hand. so i guess its just hard for me when other people don't.
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