You have to take some photograph for your art class and your dad has found you the perfect place for you to do it. 
That Saturday night your dad drives you to a fun fair. Nobody is there and the whole fair is empty. 
"Where is everyone?" You raise your eyebrow confused. 
"They rented it out for the photo shoot." You dad tells you.
"Who's "they"?" 
Your dad doesn't answer as he is greeted at the gate by a security guard, he shows him the pass and he allows you to go through to the parking area. 
You get out the car and follow your dad. 
"Dad! Who's the person I'm taking photos of?" You whine trying to get him to tell you. 
You follow him all the way to the bumper cars where you are met by a middle aged woman holding a clipboard. 
"Ah, you must be (y/n)." You shake her hand and she explains to you the photo brief. 
"It's going to be a fun, winter fair with 5 friends having a good time. The boys will be out in a minute." She points to a trailer saying "hair & make-up." You nod and smile then turn to your dad. 
"boys?!" You whisper. 
He just smirks at you.
You set up your camera and a few minutes later the middle aged woman comes over to you. 
"The boys are ready now." 
You turn around and standing there in their winter coats and scarfs are ONE DIRECTION!
Your eyes widen and mouth drops open then you look at you dad, he nods at you. You look back at the boys and they're all laughing at you. You blush, fit you hair then introduce yourself. 
"Hi I'm (y/n), I'll be your photographer for the day." You shake the boys hands while they introduce themselves aswell. 
You set the boys up in the bumper cars and get great pictures of them bumping into each other, laughing and looking good. 
You also get pictures of them on the Ferris wheel, the walsers, roller coasters and eating some cotton candy. 
You take your last few pictures then the boys have a 5 minute rest. 
You and your dad are looking through the photos when Liam comes over. 
"Hi, can I see?" He asks
Obviously you show him. 
"These are really good (y/n), what are they for?" 
You explain that they are for your art GCSE and he calls the middle aged woman over.
"Carol, look at these." Liam points to the camera.
Carol comes to look are your photography and praises you for how professional they look. 
"We can actually use these for your new calendar, for the winter months. What do you think Liam."
"That's exactly what I was thinking." You smiles at you. 
Carol and your dad go off to make a deal about home much you would be payed and copy right issues while you go off to get some candy floss. 
At the candy floss stand Liam comes back over to you, this time his is with Zayn and Louis. 
"It's (y/n) right?" Louis says pinching some of your candy floss making you giggle. 
"Do you like rides?" He asks.
"I love them!!" You say full of excitement.
"Well we've hired this place for the whole day, so fancy coming on the walsers?" Louis winks and Zayn flashes you a smile. 
"Yes!" You grab Louis hand and run over to the walsers. 
Just before the ride begins you dad comes over with your camera.
"SMILEEEEE!" He takes a picture of you sat in between the boys on the ride. 
Later than night when you got home you tweet the picture "best day ever!! meeting my 5 new bestfriends *attach the picture*"
 all 5 of the boys retweet it.

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