Hey it's Gabbie with another tip for you! Here is some funny and clever comebacks for you:)

*someone randomly insulting you*
you: oh hey, can I ignore you some other time?
*a sl.ut insults you*
you: did it hurt? you know, when you fell from the sl.ut tree and banged every guy on the way down.
you: there's no 'I' in sl.ut, but there is a 'U'.

*a guy calls you ugly*
you: i guess the reason your di.ck is so small is because you shoved 3/4 of it in your personality.

*you ask your mom for something and she says 'do you think i'm made of money?*
you: isn't that what 'mom' stands for?

*a girl posts a picture and the caption says 'i'm ugggllyyyy*
you: I agree.

*anyone insults you*
you: your mom's chest hair.
you: here, let me toss the imaginary f*ck I gave. go fetch!

*someone calls you mean*
you: I'll try being nicer if you try being smarter.

*someone you don't like tries talking to you*
you: do I look like a people person?

*someone asks how they look*
you: whatever look you were going for, you missed..

 *person insults you*
you: what 5x0
person: zero
you: thats the amount of f*cks i just gave

credits to @thetipsquad


*remember dont be too mean about it if you're not being serious. (: Lots of love my darlings!
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